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With latest tax, city can have these properties

April 17, 2014

To the editor: This is the letter I sent to the Cape Coral city manager regarding the Fire Assessment: I AM OUTRAGED AT YOUR CONTINUED ADDED ASSESSMENTS and NOW A FIRE ASSESSMENT! I give up, yo......

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Apr-26-14 6:07 PM

If the City didn't buy up those vacant properties from the bubble flippers,a whole lot of taxpayers would be upset.. Its spending money wisely anytime we can get prime property cheap..

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Apr-26-14 8:01 AM

I, like thousands of others in Cape Coral, have a mortgage on my home for about $80k more than it is worth. Does that mean I should refuse to pay my taxes? I have never had a fire on my property, been in a serious car accident, or fallen into a canal. Does that mean I should refuse to pay for fire services and allow the other taxpayers to cover the cost should it happen in the future? Real estate was never intended to be a secure or fast investment; it is a long term investment with values constantly fluctuating. Instead of losing your investment on all properties, here is my advise. Put all properties on the market. The first one that sells, use the money to pay the FSA on the rest. Put the rest of the proceeds away to cover future taxes and assessments. Take the rest of the properties off the market and allow the others to continue to appreciate so you are only taking such a big loss on one, not all, which you will do if you refuse to pay.

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Apr-22-14 2:19 PM

Just wait for the assesments on sw 6'7 come in lots worth 5 to 6 thousand and the city expects these people to come up with 18 grand plus and now the fire assesment fees who in there right mind is going to throw that kind of money into a lot worth 5 grand,the city going to own alot of lots because no one is going to buy the tax liens when they know there not going to get paid and there only recourse is to take possesion of the lot and now they owe the utilites bill, don't think so and since 48% is empty lots if 30% dump them the citys budget is shot then who's going to pay HELLO TAXPAYERS

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Apr-19-14 11:22 AM

Let's look at the flip side of the letter writer's argument. If they have come here at the bottom of the market, prior to the once in a lifetime boom, they would be well off having reaped a magnificent profit in real estate holdings. In this scenario I hardly think they would have written such an LTE. It is simply a matter of bad timing. My heart goes out to them, but real estate is cyclical, and always has been. Unfortunately the author caught the high point of the wave, only to watch in horror as it crashed on the beach of a poor economy.

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Apr-19-14 7:51 AM

Perhaps, but you miss the point. “ The powers that be care not of the state of the empire over which they rule, only that they rule over it absolutely” translation= specific citizen taxpayers matter not, to continue the city only needs a taxpayer, the next sucker, the greater fool, a new mark. Ms. Prassel these indolent ad hominem trolls blame you. It is your fault, they say. You invested in our city, paid taxes, fees, assessments, lot mowing, etc. but you’re to blame. These retards fail to see if it were not for people like you we would have no growth. No growth from which they steal. Heads you lose, tails they win.

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Apr-19-14 7:38 AM

I guess the laws of physics don't apply on your vacant lot, Ma'm? Good grief.

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Apr-19-14 6:57 AM


The Public Safety Building was built with a General Obligation Bond (GO Bond), which requires a referendum. Not so with taxes and fees.

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Apr-18-14 7:25 PM

JJ Sully wrote "When you hire a city manager without the ability to manage this is what you get" EXACTLY!We are paying the price for the idiot YOU and your cohorts installed Mumbles!Finally you get it! Not!

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Apr-18-14 5:15 PM

Lookinup: I agree with almost everything you posted. It's interesting that only now, land speculators are whining about the FSA/tax. I try not to argue about the FSA. What I don't agree with, is borrowing money using future funds to secure a loan. Why go into more debt? As for this person's property being auctioned. The property itself is not auctioned. The tax lien is auctioned and must be paid back to the auction winner with interest. That situation doesn't happen very fast either.

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Apr-18-14 5:09 PM

Lolita: Nobody has to show up at a meeting to voice their opinion. I sometimes do, but I do use email to my council member or other members of council. Raydunavant: True there is nothing in the city charter that says new taxes need to be put on the ballot as a referendum. It can be done though if council wishes to do so. Example is the cost of the police headquarters a few years ago. That didn't have to be put on the ballot, but it was.

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Apr-18-14 3:39 PM

Who determines the "will of the people"? Those who never show up to be heard in person, those who spew their venom on these venues or the "special" few who try to consistently throw mud and never contribute. Oh...forgive me...we had them for 4 years, they did NADA.

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Apr-18-14 1:24 PM

Inez Prassel, did you not realize when you purchased your properties that with such an investment comes risk? Certainly you knew, before buying the properties, the water and sewer assessments were coming. Did you complain when the assessed values declined and your tax bill dropped? To blame your lack of knowledge and shortsightedness on the city and county is nothing more than an attempt to blame someone else for your mistakes and poor judgment. Go ahead, stop paying the tax. Your property will be auctioned and someone will get a good deal for $4k. Maybe it will be someone on comment board.

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Apr-18-14 1:15 PM

JJSully, there is no provision in the Charter to put tax/fee increases to a referendum.

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Apr-18-14 1:01 PM

When you hire a city manager without the ability to manage this is what you get. All he knows is to raise taxes. These cowards could not even put it on a ballot. They knew that the majority of the citizens did not want it. So here is the question, if they are suppose to represent the citizens and they do not follow the will of the majority, how can they say they represent us and not just the unions and city workers? Put it to a vote of the citizens? Not these cowards.

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Apr-18-14 10:26 AM

Da bearzzzz moved to Green Bay.... Mr Peppers was welcomed to title town with open arms.

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Apr-18-14 10:25 AM

Inez Prassel,Raydunavant,Electrician and Packer really put it in perspective. Your hope to take advantage in a real estate bubbles popped! Deal with it! Oh and Packer your gonna get your****handed to you this year by Da Bearsssss!

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Apr-18-14 10:24 AM

If your lot value had increased to, say $250K, would you still be complaining. It was your choice to invest in a speculative marketplace. Bad choice. Don't blame the City administration for your poor decisions.

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Apr-18-14 7:42 AM

In addition, you do not even live in Cape Coral! Perhaps Syrian War Bonds would be a better investment vehicle for you.

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Apr-18-14 7:37 AM

Wow - your issue is not the City and the FSA. You pay less than $100 on each of your lots except for the one with a house on it. Your problem is your investment strategy. You might consider penny stocks as lord knows you dont know real estate.

Not a single parcel can be sold for what you bought it. That's not the City's fault, it's the economy in general and the fact that you jumped on the 2005 "flipping" greed train. Too bad for you it derailed. Though the guy who made $60k in 5 months in 2005 on the lot you spoke of in your letter appreciates your "investment".

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Apr-18-14 6:39 AM

You paid 160,000 for a lot in Cape Coral that is now worth 5000.? Really? Inez the problem is not the City.... It is your lack of ability to make a sound business decision.

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Apr-17-14 8:56 PM

Yes and wonderful timing making them due three days after federal taxes are due. Brilliant!

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