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Taxpayers aren’t going to forget

April 3, 2014

To the editor: The City of Cape Coral Council made a point out of getting the “NOTICE” (the fire tax) out to all in a timely manner. My "fire tax”cost me $126 for my modest home....

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Apr-06-14 12:53 PM

Haninginthere@ your guess at who I am is as bad as your comments on the issues. Why don't you try reading a little bit, before you embarrass yourself further?

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Apr-06-14 8:33 AM

"I want to put the Cape Coral Council members on "NOTICE" from the residents of Cape Coral. It reads: Do not bother to run for re-election. "

Feel free to put them on notice that you will not vote for them at re-election. But please do not presume to speak for me or all registered voters in Cape Coral.

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Apr-05-14 8:47 PM

Considering how stupid and snotty 1Sandy’s comments are I believe she is the one and only Mayor Marni herself.

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Apr-05-14 6:49 PM

The taxpayers did not forget.... They remember how we got here Fred. Your LTE suggest that the fee is a result of the current council. That is like blaming the Oncologist for cancer.

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Apr-04-14 5:08 PM

Please don't speak for me Fred, you wouldn't like what I've got to say.

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Apr-04-14 2:01 PM

Hey Fred, the house that you reside in paid $2,484 dollars in taxes in 2011 and in 2013 you will pay $1305 dollars in real estate taxes. That's right a 1180 dollars savings, you are paying almost half in ad valorem taxes and the City is asking for an average of 150 dollars back to maintain City services due to the revenue lost on lower appraisals and a second 25 thousand dollar real estate tax exemption. Oh, I know, you want great Fire services, beautiful parks and of course you want to live in one of the safest Cities in the State of Florida...But a cheapskate like you just doesn't want to pay for it. We get it. So move!

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Apr-04-14 1:27 PM

Gosh..Mr Liar... the only taxpayers that wont forget are the ones that bought tons of property before the bubble and couldnt flip it... now those taxpayers have to pay the city to protect those said properties. most citizens are happy living in the Cape and are willing to pay their share to stay in Paradise. So be a good civic minded person and pay your for your services and stop being a slacker..

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Apr-04-14 10:56 AM

How one can infer from a council meeting that he is “Speaking for the majority of Cape Coral residents who disapproved the tax increases, as seen by the turnout at the general meeting” flies in the face of all known logic. Being one that chooses to see the best in people judge I choose to believe the writer’s words were taken out of context (Isn’t that what they always say Sully?). Perhaps he meant to say, Speaking for the majority of Cape Coral residents who turn(ed) out at the general meeting in disapprov(al of) the tax increases… Majority is a relative term. Two of three is a majority,so is winning an election by 121 votes but I suspect I know your opinion on that matter already. One constant in Cape Coral will forever be political spin and you sir have done yeoman’s work in upholding the tradition.

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Apr-04-14 9:48 AM

Sully...sounds like sour grapes to me. Bet you wished you had worked for government for low wages, but benefits, slings and slurs while working for the masses, while working, literally, in the trenches. Oh well..can't have everything.

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Apr-04-14 9:25 AM

What makes you think Publix would want them. Two of them were only working for the unions anyway. One was a drop baby and the other was an early dipper. They were only elected by the unions. I agree all three need to be gone along with the CM.

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