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Guest opinion: Tearing down a wall of misinformation with facts

April 3, 2014

On March 20, a resident wrote a letter to the editor referencing the informational letter I included with the fire service assessment bill mailed to all Cape Coral property owner....

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Apr-11-14 3:47 PM


Precisely what "Licensing Board" handles City Managers?

He is a member of the ICMA, and is bound by its ethics and rules, unlike the phoney the RAGS put in!

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Apr-06-14 1:14 PM

Well.well. If Mr. Szerlag is "merely a member of an "organization of City Managers", refer to fuss and muss in the past. I believe his record stands tall and way above the Kingdom we had in the past. He is the City Manager by Council, etc. etc.

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Apr-06-14 7:04 AM

Linda53, FYI Mr. Szerlag is NOT licensed" as a City Manger either!

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Apr-06-14 6:45 AM

linda53 writes"as for, Mr. Szerlag, he is a qualified/certified/licensed city manager who knows what hes doing and will take the Cape into a bright gleaming future"

Linda Mr. Szerlag is NOT a certified City Manager! He merely is a member of an organization of City Managers!

You or I or anyone for that matter can join that organization!

Linda53 please get your facts straight before you post!

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Apr-05-14 6:24 PM

Thank you Mr. Szerlag for this clarification. It appears to be another fact that we were not told like it is and the writer was wrong.

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Apr-05-14 10:14 AM

JJ...Really enjoyed your "misinformation" and attempts concerning my status. Living in left field, as you are, leaves no vision.Too bad. Hate is terrible, but have a wonderful week-end. I am.

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Apr-04-14 7:31 PM

Oh Lolita, There you go again. I realize you have a good job with good wages that we all pay for, no accountability, no responsibility. If all that your hero the CM has to say is so good for the citizens, why was it not put up for a vote. You know the reason. I have not drunk the koolaid. Why would I want to run for anything. I have no use for any government, state, federal, county or city. A necessary evil that should be tolerated at the lowest possible price. Really take a look at how much money this city has wasted with no one being held accountable. I for one do not think that is acceptable and my main reason for not giving this city another dime until it can be responsible and accountable.

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Apr-04-14 1:06 PM

Sully.. get your gang to pay up what they owe the citizens and move on to Port St Lucie.. its been the mantra for the past years of the rags, their comparison of our great city to that area.. as for, Mr. Szerlag, he is a qualified/certified/licensed city manager who knows what hes doing and will take the Cape into a bright gleaming future.

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Apr-04-14 11:49 AM

Excellent letter...just don't expect the RAGS and their groupies to acknowledge the facts. It is not their style.

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Apr-04-14 11:15 AM


You and others already have the option to have your voices heard. It's called the voting system. Hear the thud. That was the entire City (such as the ones who vote regularly) letting others know we were tired of the no votes without any other solutions making any headway.

Guess your next try with be the position of Supv. of Elections. Waiting.......

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Apr-04-14 11:04 AM

Even if Tier 1 was calculated for vacant parcels using a more conservative 1-acre equivalent, the new calculation would save homeowners only $2.80 on their total fire assessment.

Well it is my 2.80 after all and I do not want to give more than I absolutely have to to this city so they can waste it as they have in the past and will continue to do. Want to pay for bonuses and payraises to your union buddies do it out of property taxes, better yet let us vote on it. Lately what we have is taxation without representation by this CM and council. Let us decide what is best for us instead of the nanny city of Cape Coral.

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Apr-04-14 9:32 AM

Mr. Szerlag: Your response is important and it is a "best practice" to answer any critical questions some citizens generate, no matter if their intent is positive or negative.

We have had a crew of politicians, who know most voters have limited knowledge of the complexities of City government, and have consistently used "accusation","innuendo". "half-truths", "platitudes" and most of all "misinformation" to create turmoil in the Cape to their dysfunctional delight. BTW, the voters have spoken harshly to this cadre!

Whether one agrees, or not, with the course of action in this matter of the Council and the City Manager, your effort to be forthcoming and transparent, I believe, is the prudent and correct response.

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Apr-04-14 9:19 AM

Very informative. Thank you for clarifying the matter. It is unfortunate but the "writer" and his devote followers will wholly reject your response as they continue their ill-placed attempts to obfuscate the facts and confuse the residents with their diatribe.

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