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Keeping the Promise – ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’

March 27, 2014

To the editor: “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest one of all?” — Like fairy tales of ole — these words bring a distinct meaning to vanity and wishful thinking....

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Apr-25-14 2:41 PM

Wonderful comments. Let's see...Lack of Capitol Improvement Funds (CIF) for stations 10 and 11? Has the City Council addressed setting aside and funds during the year in a line item that could accumulate the necessary monies for the CIF? Yes... I've attempted to research that question...but couldn't find it on the City Website. Just a question, if anyone has a specific answer I would appreciate it. Thank you for answering my question concerning how the new 22 employees will be reimbursed. When I watched the Town Council meeting when that was discussed it wasn't mentioned. Or granted maybe it was mentioned but I didn't hear it. And yes...I do think I live in Paradise, this is why my wife and I chose to retire in SW Florida. Yes, I am a realtor ... but that is not how I was communicating my concern --- my concern is as a private voting citizen looking for answers to a number of questions that I have as a voting member of the community.

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Apr-02-14 11:00 AM

Well, well, well. Hold onto your wallets. Deile and Sullivan and group filed in court because"they don't want to pay the piper". Now why are we not surprised. Cause more court fees not to pay the fees they caused and lost in court, not once, but several times. These are the "patriots" in our City who claim to worry about everything, run up court fees and then expect us to pay for it. That's right. Sit home, don't participate, ,etc. just complain when these bills come due. Some things like this, never change here, because we sit back. Just a precious few stand up. Stay silent, then complain when we have to write the check.

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Mar-31-14 6:24 AM

Alas, the opening line of this LTE says it all. One has to keep in mind that none of us will ever have the ability to ask the "mirror" such a question, because that would mean we would have to pry it out of the hands of Mr. Vanity himself (Mr. Deile) in order to use it.

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Mar-30-14 10:03 AM

Mr. PEPE: Taxes going up? Brandt and Deile both voted to raise my millage rate 63 percent...where were you then? And when these two knuckle heads go to run again, I promise you I will be the first to remind everyone that they were the ones who raised our taxes, not lowered them, like they want the low informational voter to believe.

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Mar-30-14 9:10 AM

I love a good fairy tale. In fact, I have entire Pandora Charm bracelet filled with charms representing such tales. But what I don't enjoy is reading a really LONG, boring, LTE that is filled with misinformation. That's not a fairy tale, that's puffery. The people deserve better.

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Mar-30-14 3:33 AM

FACT: Fire Station 10 is a house, purchased NEW, not from foreclosure in Gator Circle. The addition being added will preserve a $500,000.00 fire apparatus. The plans for a new fire station 10, and 11 have been put on HOLD due to a lack of CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT FUNDS!

FACT: The 22 UTILITY positions being added will be paid from the water/sewer funds. They will NOT be working at the North RO Plant.

When you see city workers down in the ditches restoring water service to a neighborhood, or working under ground at one of the sewer lift stations (most are obscure & never seen by the public) be thankful that there are dedicated personnel to do this work


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Mar-30-14 3:15 AM

Mr. Richard Peppe. You read the feedback from your previous letters concerning past Council expenditures, your reply is "I wasn't involved at that time." So you want us to believe that you, as a Realtor, paid no attention to what was going on in Cape Coral prior to the current Council & Mayor.

"I have been drawn to Florida my entire life and have been a resident of Cape Coral since 2006 with my beautiful wife of 22 years, Margaret. It is truly paradise!"

"Realty is our local government has over spent for years."

FACT:In the past five years City of Cape Coral employees have take a 5% pay cut! FACT: NO money has been available for Capital Improvements in 6 years.

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Mar-29-14 12:32 PM

You are so astute Kirsten. First he protests that he has no history or knowledge of "past deeds" and then has opinions about them Think this is the real indication he is the "newly appointed" for possible election on Council in the near future? Bears watching.

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Mar-28-14 6:08 PM

Funny. The problems and examples he cited all occurred under the watch of previous administrations. Maybe he should ask his buddies these questions.

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Mar-28-14 7:42 AM

It is a good thing that words are cheap, because you sure wasted a lot of them in your mindless diatribe.

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