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March 27, 2014

To the editor: In reading Mr. Deile’s letter to the editor last week I find myself in total agreement with his comments, regarding his assessment of Mr. Szerlag’s statements on the Fire Assessment....

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Apr-02-14 1:30 PM

Really funny group. They rail at the assessments,but the same groupies today (Deile and Co) want the taxpayers to pay for their court costs. What's wrong with that one.??

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Mar-31-14 9:47 AM

Several comments have been deleted!

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Mar-31-14 6:16 AM

JustAnotherBill, finally something we can all agree upon. That the division within this city is a shame, but it is not caused by city government, it is the same group applying the same twisted techniques to inflict harm anyway it can upon the local government. The real shame is that when the city appears to be on a path to healing these same characters charge in and begin the chaos all over again. The definition of insanity most asuredly applies here, divide, destroy, get what I can and run is their mantra. The author of this LTE just happens to be their public mouthpiece and has been for quite some time.

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Mar-31-14 12:55 AM

Lolita, the price of milk is set by the federal government and, as with many other food products, kept low (yep) and affordable via federal farm and dairy subsidies. You know, the program that was saved by cutting the SNAP benefits. Can you hear me yet?

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Mar-30-14 1:07 PM

I applaud Mr. Szerlag and Council for taking on the real issues and coming to solutions that are fair and equitable to everyone. The Fire assessment and PST goes a long way in evening the playing field by putting the tax burden on property owners, renters, and visitors alike. This was the only fair way the city has to diversify revenue to insure monies are earmarked for essential services. This decision was long overdue and one the RAGs didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to face while in office. To call Mr. Szerlag’s actions disgraceful is delusional and without merit. Of course one has to consider the source; Rosko and Deile.

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Mar-30-14 10:00 AM

@JJSully: your lies are only limited by your imagination. Not a thread of truth can be found anywhere in your post. Taxes going up? Brandt and Deile both voted to raise my millage rate 63 percent...where were you then? And when these two knuckle heads go to run again I promise you I will be the first to remind everyone that they were the ones who raised our taxes, not lowered them, like they want the low informational voter to believe.

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Mar-30-14 9:45 AM

Sully....Remember, at least whomever is serving today, is certainly better than the "sleaper" we had before in the center of the dais. Take a good look in the mirror when speaking about how one looks. Dangerous, very dangerous.

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Mar-30-14 9:42 AM

Thank you Grumpy for making my point. We can sit and try to state what happens right here is directly responsible for the rise in prices, and then try to explain it away. The cry is that this group or that group before are directly responsible for the rise in prices, taxes, etc. and then,....we want better people to run. Why should anyone want to run when you know what will happen when you leave...slam, slam.

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Mar-30-14 3:31 AM

How about those that dont pay taxes and are net "takes" how about not letting them vote on how others money is spent? Just a lil thought

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Mar-29-14 12:43 PM

Lolita: Prices have gone up all over the country. It has nothing to do with the new taxes here. I watch the news and there are further increases coming in food and other essential items nation wide.

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Mar-29-14 12:40 PM

There is only one reason why there was .25 mil reduction for this fiscal year. Former council member stated that it had to be done because council made a promise to lower the mil rate. It has nothing to do with the PST either. The PST is not releasing any money in the budget. It is adding to the budget for roads. As far as another mil drop of .75. That is not written in stone. There is no written guarantee that it will happen. Once the state supreme court rules on the FSA, watch how short the council's memories are about the mil drop.

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Mar-29-14 12:37 PM

See the new price of milk today? Wow. Did they already figure in the extra monies they have to pay and pass it on about the new price of gas for our cars. Must be the FA bills that went out. Yeah. Let's find "better people to run for office". I am sure "they" are waiting to serve our very wonderful citizens who slam everybody who has already served or who is currently serving. They want that "praise" too.

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Mar-29-14 12:09 PM


I am crushed! What will I do without your wise counsel?

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Mar-28-14 11:56 PM


I’m not going to respond to someone as immature as you apparently are. Good luck!

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Mar-28-14 11:19 PM

Raydunavant, Are you kidding? Every council meeting involves discussions about getting in our pocket more. Obviously you are some loser that resorts to name calling. Wow, impressive!

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Mar-28-14 6:11 PM

It is sad that we have such a screwed up city government that causes this much division and disagreement. It is too depressing to watch council meetings with this new group. Steps need to be taken to attract better candidates for these positions.

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Mar-28-14 3:32 PM

1sandy obviously you did not comprehend what I wrote.

Try re-reading my Letter again and keep your focus. I never said anything about employees, I never said anything about unions.

I merely stated that when these things are written up there has to be fairness to all parties involved!

Moreover, when the City Manager is "selling it" he needs to be more upfront with the residents!

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Mar-28-14 12:00 PM

BTW, Lynn, I am anxious to see the judge award full compensation to the defendants in Sully, et al frivolous lawsuit. I think the judge should impose ADDITIONAL fines for wasting the court's time.

Maybe you could attend and hold Billy's hand like you did after he was unceremoniously shown the door from Council. The picture of the two of you sitting there at his "victory" party is priceless.

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Mar-28-14 11:13 AM


So business are going to pass on the PST to customer? That is what they do with all of their costs. What do you think they would do with a millage rate increase?

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Mar-28-14 10:30 AM

Roscoe, of course you agree with your puppet master, so now why not tell the rest of the story? For the Public Service Tax, the City lowered the Millage Ratew .25 percent. And when the Florida Supreme Court sanctions the Fire Assessment Fee, a .75 percent reduction in the Millage Rate. And while we are at it, yes, with the start up of the Utility Expansion Project, water rates were reduced 3%. And ALL that money saved with the Union contracts? 200 million of taxpayer dollars saved. THANK YOU MR. SZERLAG. MR. DEILE, PLEASE TEAR DOWN THAT WALL OF LIES OF OMISSION.

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