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Council has its priorities upside down

March 7, 2014

To the editor: Regarding the Mayor’s Boondoggle, to hug our “liar in chief,” Obama, without prior council approval to represent our city or pay for this Democratic Party political trip, or I was......

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Mar-20-14 3:02 PM

To show you how good this city is in managing its time, departments, and money I would like to show you an example.

We have a PARKS & RECREATION department which has I believe in this years budget $11 million dollars.

The Director of that same department who I might add was appointed Acting City Manager for a time before Szerlag was hired.

There is a new trend in athletics called pickle ball. I will add I never heard of it played before a resident brought it up at council meeting. I will also state I may never play pickle ball. so I am not necessarily lobbying specifically for it. I just want to prove a point. The cost to line a tennis court is $300. Out of the $11 mil, there is not one court converted because of lack of money? If that is true that out of the amount $300 can not be found. I thinks that budget should be cut then $300 plus the director's salaried amount. PS It cost Marni our mayor more than that for a 1 night stay in a Washington DC hotel!

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Mar-18-14 7:59 PM

Gruampy! OK, let's get real here! You are claiming the Mayor has taken advantage of the taxpayors and yet Suly haw had 3 THREE suits against the city he supposedly wanted to run! Sully couldn't get off his sleepy tired butt in order to attend meetings regarding the worst offense in our area---pollution of the River! When asked he said, "It's not worth the bother because the Army Corps of Engineers has control!" So YOU were too lazy or too stupid to attend important meetings, ask critical questions, and abandon the people of CC! Further, you deliberately withheld info from council so THEY would not be able to attend either! Critical pollution down the river and YOU stayed home and had a nap--well done Sully!

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Mar-12-14 1:30 PM

Sullivan wanted to "dive in Ft. Myers"??? That would really be funny to watch,but alas it was a typo. Need to lighten up everybody. Go to the meetings, be seen and heard. That's where to belly ache and then walk out. Ever watch the"regulars" " They come in a small group, but are very visible, tell us how their "neighbors' ask them questions and they came for the answers, Spew whatever, shuffle the papers, look for reaction, walk out. It's really fun. You should all go.

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Mar-11-14 4:20 PM

Just because the trips were covered in the past does not mean the city NEEDS to spend the money now. Is this city in bad, poor, critical financial straits at this point in time? The answer is yes. If it were not so then why have all the new taxes and fees been orchestrated? Just because revenue is coming in by these questionable fees does not mean the city has the right to spend as much as they can. This is why the city is in the shambles it is in while other cities, counties and the state itself have turned red balances into black surpluses. As well as cut taxes and fees. Take a good look at Hampton, Fl.. Hopefully the state will send in its accounting team to cease the oppressive methods that have contributed to this city's economic troubles!

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Mar-11-14 10:36 AM

If you watched council meetings, you would have noticed Burch called for reimbursing the Mayor since she had already paid for one trip. Council voted 8-0 yes. Council, in total, in the past has always voted for trips, etc. whether they were involved or not. It is not illegal. Resolutions are passed in public. You just have to pay attention. Attend and speak if you don't agree and....please...don't say they don't care. You just stayed home. That place is EMPTY on Monday nights.

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Mar-10-14 10:03 PM

May I make a suggestion to those who believe resolutions are enacted on in the dark without being presented. Read, each week, the "program" with attachments. It's called the agenda... All the information is there. Fully attend and watch and listen when one council member (Mr. Burch) insisted that the Mayor be reimbursed for her expenses since she had represented the City. This has been done for years and years. All members of Council vote on reimbursements, doesn't matter whose trips they are. No impropriety. Come to the meetings. Listen and learn. Put the comics down, please.

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Mar-10-14 12:05 AM

Raydunavant is another Inspector Clousseau!

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Mar-09-14 7:44 PM

@ROSKO: The best opening lines you have...I don't know (2nd Paragraph)and I do not recall.(3rd Paragraph) BWAHAHAHA! Is that the best you have for criticism for the NEW Mayor. BWAHAHAHA! Your GOONS lost, live with it! BWAHAHAHA!

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Mar-09-14 5:54 PM

Lynn, your side lost...get over it!

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Mar-08-14 4:24 PM

Mayor Sawicki should definitely have recused herself on that vote. At the very least the City Attorney should have alerted her to that fact!

I would love to know what benefit to the City all these trips are having. There is a Council budget and it should be followed!

I do not recall the Mayor getting permission from the Council before hand for these expenses.

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Mar-08-14 11:53 AM

Raydunavant: What she voted on was reimbursement for herself. This has nothing to do with any future compensation. Council is budgeted for travel expenses that are in the course of NORMAL city business. That is a given. All they are required to do is submit the receipts which are legal expenses incurred during business for the city outside of the city. Any of them should get mileage if they have to use their own vehicle, as long as a city vehicle is not available for the trip.

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Mar-08-14 7:15 AM

Grumpy, perhaps, but her vote can be seen as support for the larger issue...should Council reimburse members for travel for the benefit of the City. There is a budget, and I believe the answer is yes.

Remember Sully wanted mileage for diving to Fort Myers.

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Mar-07-14 3:25 PM

Mayor Sawicki should have recused herself from the vote. It benefitted her directly, thus her vote should not have been counted. I do know the vote would have been 7-0 anyway.

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Mar-07-14 2:34 PM

Former Fairborn City Council member Jack A. Mattachione pleaded guilty Monday to accepting about $99,000 from two Dayton-area businesses to facilitate the sale of surplus U.S. Air Force equipment to Brazil. Mattachione, 46, of Springfield sold the equipment , which he said involved lift trucks, while he was a logistics management specialist for the Air Force Security Assistance Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Mattachione pleaded guilty before Chief U.S. District Judge.

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Mar-07-14 11:26 AM

This guy writes just like Lightswitch! HMMM.

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