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It’s over

March 7, 2014

To the editor: Dear John, It’s OVER! We have tried to tell you this for four months now but you continue to harass us....

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Mar-18-14 3:16 PM

grabitall: you are correct in your statement: 'if they sue, they should be willing to pay the court.' (or something like that). BUT when people drag the innocent, the unlucky, the unaware into the fray: they should be held MORE responsible than those who follow and sign for the claim in ignorance. If you do not understand the threat to your life and economic standing when you just 'sign on' to a lawsuit, it is surely your own fault---unless you are an uneducated, young, politics-on–my-mood stooge. Then you are being manipulated by superiors. It reminds me of the Jonestown Massacre when all those hundreds of people drank poison because one man said it was so!

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Mar-18-14 3:02 PM

Kevin McGrail does NOT have "a day job" nor does he have McGrail "MEDIA". Thus clearly making Litwich a LIAR, and DESPOT, and a TWISTED-EVIL PHONEY. Litswith you are and have always been a dastardly, unhappy, vengeful, hateful human being! It is almost 6 months since McGrail was voted out of office by uneducated, uniformed Cape Coral voters. Yet here you are, vilifying him to all who read the Breeze. Why? You wanted him out so Williams would be elected and controlled by YOU. So "?WHAT's YOUR BIT CH, BIT CH" ?

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Mar-13-14 10:40 AM

As far as Sullivan, yes he should pay back the city for the cities legal fees and so should the bottom feeder lawyers who took this case to court. If these lawyers who sue for anything to make a buck and win, they get a good piece of the pot, so if they lose, let them pay court too.

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Mar-13-14 10:37 AM

Anticorp, The Dems are so great!!! Look what has happened to our country with the great leader OBUMA and the dem controlled senate. Enough said on the great dem leaders.

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Mar-11-14 3:16 PM

It's good to see folks willing to move on.

The true test will be if Democrat leaders can do something for average working class citizens instead of serving up their sweat equity (pay and benefits) to the powerful corporations and wealthy individuals.

It’s past time the Republicans were swept out of office. They have yet to prove they can govern for the citizens, as opposed to the big donors who fill their election coffers.

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Mar-11-14 1:20 PM

Ask Jim Burch and Delorus Bertolini why a county like Collier which has over 300,000 residents only has a debt per person of $1,800.? A city like Cape Coral with a population of 160,000 people has a debt of 950 million dollars or over $59,000 per person? We watch our population grow as does their yet the services cost more per person? Are they just smarter?

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Mar-10-14 12:00 PM

First of all I didn't support Mr. Sullivan and his friends. I think they misled in many ways. I wish he would now stop all his legal actions and retire. I do however want to thank him for the hours he put in and all the work he did for the community. I don't think its right to continue the name calling. Any of us, including myself, could have come forward and run for any office. No matter who it is you can never please everyone. So lets move forward and not look back.

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Mar-10-14 12:02 AM

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Mar-10-14 12:01 AM

Funny. It is OVER for Kevin McGrail as well. His political quest is done. You won't see him on the news accepting accolades for winning a seat on the Lee County Commission dais. Stick to your day job and your McGrail Media company. You probably can get a good deal on neon vote for me neon signs. I don't want to say I told you so but I did say "one and done". Also your good bud Marty Kevin McClain, Mr. "self destruct". Mr. I did one of those as a contractor. Ha, Ha, Ha!

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Mar-08-14 2:32 PM

I agree, Sullivan should have taken the loss and let it go. I also can’t disagree with a lot the negative comments about the guy and how he performed. The scary part is the new mayor seems to be even worse, but for different reasons. Every council meeting with this new group involves discussions about how they can get their grubby hands into our pockets more. I watched a few recently and it is actually sickening.

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Mar-08-14 7:57 AM

So long, farewell, don't let the door hit you in the A S S. Don't you think it's time for you to start thinking for yourself? Cut ties with Dilly boy, he likes to stir the pot then stands back to watch others flounder in the sludge that he's churned up. Your conspiracy theories as well as his legal prowess really haven't helped either of you very much. Why not take a breather, better yet, find another community to screw up.

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Mar-07-14 11:24 PM

Did you see the Morris puppet come to the podium trying to get the Council to back off any attempts to collect reimbursements from the Morris Group that are now appealing the Court decision that the City's methodology is legal? Ever since Sullivan got the news that he will have to pay for the defendants legal fees, the rest of the RAGs are shaking in their boots with their frivolous law suits. BWAHAHAHA!

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Mar-07-14 7:05 PM

Yes John, leave and take your RAG friends with you. But, before you go make sure you reimburse the city for the unnecessary legal expenses we all incurred ensuring the democratic process in Cape Coral was protected.

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Mar-07-14 6:33 PM

I was once told that losing doesn't make you bitter, pitiful and embarrassing, losing just brings it out of you, if your character already has it.

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Mar-07-14 4:30 PM

the more he protests, the dumber he looks to the public.. dig deep in the pockets John, the 121 votes are not going anywhere..

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Mar-07-14 11:44 AM


Well said. When Jim and Dolores lost in an anti-incumbent route, they both had the grace to thank the electorate and citizens for allowing them the chance to serve. You were equally graceful.

Even Chris, as obnoxious as he could be on the dais, had the good sense to drop out of sight. The other two RAGS who were bounced continue to write disrespectful LTEs and appear at Council denigrating those on who offered to serve.

Now that Sully has lost, be is continuing to show just what lack of character looks like. His co-plaintiffs are cut from the same cloth.

Thank you,Kevin for serving...we will see more from you, I am sure.

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