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Did city get bang for its buck?

February 27, 2014

To the editor: Previous to our newly elected mayor taking the oath of office we had several previous mayoral administration....

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Apr-25-14 2:50 PM

Well --- provocative remarks. As for where was I then...well, today I am here and have questions and observations that I like to share. Thank you for the further enlightenment you've shared.

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Mar-06-14 5:09 PM

OTT the worst thing about the audit was it was conducted twice.

The first time the council before Sullivan was every in the running for mayor. The questions that should have been asked were not. That council of some dimming stars like Tim Day, Gloria Tate, and Dolores Bertolini kept the company marking time and they never asked questions nor pursued asking questions. The city staff was not cooperative and internal auditors when Sullivan was elected pointed those findings out to the residents (public). Plenty came out about the council and what it didn't accomplish and how it allowed the city to run itself and do what it wanted. The amount of money squandered is in the millions of dollars and that is not 5 igure amounts for audits which even the county could not confirm or deny there was not wrong doing! All history but now we see real time mismanagement just like before. Please put a figure on the 5% bonus for city staff at a time when this city in such great financial positio

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Mar-04-14 8:43 PM

actually its 10,000 % or 100 times WAY BETTER NUMBERS THAN SULLY GAVE US

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Mar-04-14 8:39 PM

madam mayor keep up the good work the trip to dc would have been detrimental to most homeowners here in the cape seeing how most would have seen HUGE rate hikes in our insurance so her trip even saves each citizen here in the cape one dollaron insurance rates then we have a return of over 1000% of money invested ($1300=130,000)

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Mar-01-14 1:16 PM

Guess, after today's announcement that JS and company have filed AGAIN to a redo from the same judge, we will really begin to see THE BANG FOR THE BUCK we are going to get in the neck with all of the attorney's fees etc. Keep worrying about the bang for the buck, but transfer it to the courts.

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Feb-28-14 11:09 PM

Funny, I don't remember any LTEs from DICK when Dilly and Co decided to waste our time and money tracking down the stolen gas that never was. I don't remember any LTEs from DICK when the FLOP Five hired their crony with absolutely no experience to manage the city. I don't remember any LTEs from DICK when said crony hired 2 more cronies as consultants AND paid them each a hefty sum for notes on napkins, and Popeyegate. I don't remember any LTEs from DICK when Sully decided the city was illegaly releasing water into the river and launched an unnecessary investigation into the public works dept. And finally, I don't remember any LTEs from DICK when Sully and Dilly sat on that dais on the taxpayers time and attempted to get council to settle their lawsuit against the city.*****DICK, where was your righteous indignation when your boys were wasting our time and money on a weekly basis and making a complete mockery of Cape Coral?

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Feb-28-14 5:35 PM

The trip to Boston was at no expense to the taxpayers. Our Mayor was invited, at no cost, to attend the training program for new Mayors. The benefit to us? Information for a first time Mayor on the role of Mayor, making contacts with other Mayors throughout the country to call upon to determine best practices, etc. Considering that it cost us nothing, I would say there is a lot of benefit to us. As for the trip to D.C., the proposed changes in flood insurance would have a big impact on each and every one of us so I would say the trip there was to our benefit as well, wouldn't you?

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Feb-28-14 4:24 PM

@lightswitch: and when your RAGs had total control of the Council, CM and the FAC, what did you do about the LIABILITIES and the DEBT SERVICE? NOTHING...again, BWAHAHAHA!

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Feb-28-14 3:30 PM

The answer to what Marni is looking for is right here in Cape Coral, right inside city hall, right inside the last 2 budgets that were passed off as balanced, right on the line items that read LIABILITIES and the DEBT SERVICE of over $36 million dollars being paid in 2014 with higher numbers to follow in 2015 and beyond! Beyond STUPID.

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Feb-28-14 2:27 PM

A well written letter and good questions however I fully agree with what she has done. We need our leaders to learn everything they can about running a city. Progress is something we have to pay for. New ideas and information is part of this. The fact that some of our mayors didn't travel just might be the reason for many of our problem. Keep up the good work the majority of the community supports you. The lightswitch is still stuck in the position.

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Feb-28-14 7:08 AM

1) The money was allocated ethically. (not like paying for wives etc to eat dinner at a shindig that resulted in an ethics complaint) 2) She is representing us, we the people on a national scale. Sometimes intrinsic acts such as that have no monetary value at first, but imagine the horror it could have been if Sullivan ever went to DC? (shiver)

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Feb-28-14 6:56 AM

She did exactly what I voted for. She is getting out, looking for solutions. Meeting with people on a national level is a good thing. Networking is fuel for success in ANY environment.

BTW... Since "Bang for the buck" is the topic.... What was the result of the Kessler fiasco the FORMER mayor had to have to move the city forward? Heck... What was the result of the former Mayors entire term?

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Feb-28-14 6:44 AM

Wow! This really a "little picture" guy!

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Feb-28-14 6:23 AM

If one wants to highlight what they feel is wasteful spending, (which every citizen should do when it occurs), and ask what bang for the buck are we receiving perhaps it is relevant to ask what bang for our buck did we receive from all the audits and consultants which were thrust upon us by the now "former" Fab 5. Just saying.....

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Feb-28-14 12:29 AM

Mr. Peppe well written letter and good questions that need to be answered by the mayor. And not her council parents Ma & Pa!

Let us see what the chickens from Boston and Washington bring back to Cape Coral when they come home to roost.

We don't even have a representative in District 19 in Washington. The Senators could have been made friends with in Florida.

Besides that April 1st is a much better time to be in Washington DC.

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Feb-27-14 10:23 PM

Thank you to the Breeze staff for the explanations.

As to whether we"will get a bang for the buck". Former Mayors Feichthaler and Burch traveled outside the City, gained recognition for our City and brought back information which today has enabled this City to receive funds to help with our infrastructure, roadways, etc. That's the real purpose with making contacts. In the past many Councilmembers traveled to Tallahassee, and Florida League of Cities to share information and gain information. All of these trips provide information which most citizens are not even aware of most times. Unfortunately a very small percentage of our registered voters even bother to participate in our elections. In addition very few even show up for Council meetings. However, they sure do participate with throwing innuendo and the old stones to make a point. Some previous Mayors never went anywhere as did some Council Members, but, they too, are sure in the limelight in bringing law suits fo

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