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Shovel-ready projects

February 20, 2014

To the editor: On the fifth anniversary of the Stimulus, one of the many failed, pork filled and political payoff policies of the current administration, it is timely to reflect on what “Shovel......

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Feb-28-14 5:03 PM

Hey good news the state of Florida is in the Black or should I say green.

Governor Scott began making cuts as soon as he took office. Because he did not wait and see but acted cutting jobs, duplication, putting together a REALISTIC budget. Thus we are in better shape.

Then there is Lee County still trying to figure out how to cut $30 million out of the budget.

The School budget. You figure it out! More Charter Schools built, staffed, and producing graduates and they say they are still starved for funds!

Then the City of Cape Coral, Fl. say they are so underfunded they have to dream up ways to spend more money on buying land evidently the private sector does not want. They can;t think fast enough of how to over tax their citizens all the while they are doing anything but getting their real revenue in line with expenditures. They get the F Grade.

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Feb-27-14 7:45 PM

Florida did receive15 bil of the stimulus, not including Medicaid.

Our Governor rejected another 2 bil for high speed rail project and Republicans rejected billions for health care exchanges. Pardon my lack of sympathy with your whining about not getting a full plate when you're a stinker at the party.

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Feb-26-14 6:38 PM

BUZZZZ!!!!! Wrong Grump... I did answer your concern. I suggested that you contact your council person and they would get you any info you request. Why didn't you do that? I needed to prove a point, I needed your exact response. No matter what some folks are just simply unhappy. They whine, cry conspiracy, and complain. Yet when someone suggest they contact them and get direct facts. They refuse to, because it easier to be unhappy than hear the truth, that maybe... Just maybe things are doing well and on the right track.

AGAIN, the PST is being collected, roads are going in, and I see no great conspiracy. Until someone can show different, quit whining!

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Feb-26-14 3:32 PM

The mayor didn't have to do it. She has staff and some of the other square marbles to see the chart is filled in.

One could say she has been busy making plane connections and checking in and out of hotels too. But that is bull crap too.

Let's watch her giggle her way through this unfulfilled idea of her's to show what has been completed.

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Feb-25-14 4:36 PM

Packer: You didn't answer the question as to where the money comes from to do the repaving that is supposed to be paid for with monies collected from the PST. Yes, promises were made, but how are they being paid for? the city manager did state that we had no money for infrastructure which includes road paving. You need to provide an answer, not my calling anyone on council. I don't trust any of them anymore after the antics of the mayor and Cariocia last night. Both should have been called for being out of order for their antics.

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Feb-24-14 6:32 PM

Grump... Contact your council person, I am sure it will be clearly laid out for you. I do have an understanding of how it works, however I am not going to start pulling numbers out of the air that are not exact. I know this... They made a promise based on particular funds to accomplish a set amount of roads in 2014. They are doing it. To my knowledge un needed debt is not occurring. Show me where I am wrong.

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Feb-24-14 12:33 PM

Packer: Yes roads are being repaved. Where did the money come from for that. The PST didn't go into effect until Oct. 1 of 2013. They certainly haven't collected the millions being spent. The city manager told us we had no money for repaving. Where did the money come from?

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Feb-23-14 8:10 AM

@lightswitch: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Feb-22-14 8:32 PM

Dim wit she has been busy in Court with Mumbles, she hasn't had time to get you a memo... Thank Mumbles for that.

Did the current private sector retirees pay as much into there pensions as our City employees do? The answer is I doubt it! I had questions about the pensions as well. Then I asked questions and found out that they pay 10% of there salaries and took pay cuts for several years. You must have forgot that point.

Then they gave even more... A total of well over 20 million in reforms and compromise for a small 5% bonus. Private sector jobs in our area are on the rise and so are Salaries. When was the last raise handed to City Staff?

Again, the roads are being paved. The City is headed in a positive direction. Buildings are being maintained, Police are protecting us, Fire is doing there job. Clean water was delivered today. All is well. Move... If it is that bad for you. Real estate is up!

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Feb-22-14 7:44 PM


As usual,your rants make no sense!

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Feb-22-14 3:52 PM

This op-ed is your typical baseless T-Party rant. There are dozens of road pavings here and all over the state credited to the stimulus.

These people have devolved into little more than graffiti artists who move from one wall to the next to spread lies. Google this: Owner of the Year:

Florida Department of Transportation

By Scott Judy and Debra Wood

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Feb-22-14 11:12 AM

How many millions of dollars were spent on the bonus you feel I am stuck on? This alone would have cured a lot of the problem.

What happened to the updates on road completion of repaving the new mayor spoke about?

Yes the bonus should have been put up against the rise in the private sector over the past 6 years. Consumer price Index a much larger decline than in any of the government sectors.

The best is the pensions for these individuals. They have more than outpaced the CPI while your retired private sector employees have seen a 3% increase in the last 25 years!

So yes I feel this 5% bonus on the base wages which pushes any overtime pay and pension amounts even higher is a problem.

Now the city needed almost $100 million in revenue to cover future pensions this year along with $36 million in money to cover its increasing indebtedness. That is $136 million. Reducing those 2 numbers alone, not eliminating, would have paved a lot of roads.

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Feb-22-14 5:29 AM

Dim Wit.... The roads are being done, drive down Palm Tree and take a ride to NE Cape. You will see brand new Asphalt roads. They asked us for money for a particular use. As soon as they got it' they did what they promised. Many items in gov. World can be argued, but when I am driving on fresh asphalt it is hard to deny it.

As for the bonus you seem to be stuck on... As a taxpayer, and a business owner I didn't have a problem with it. It was in exchange for more savings to the City. The better question is, when do we get our money from Sullivan? This latest law litigation against cost the City money. He lost, the judge said he has to pay, what day is the check due?

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Feb-21-14 10:46 PM

Well here we are at the end of February. Four months after the real estate taxes were sent out.

Where is the money for the road project north of Pine Island Rd.?

Did we spend all that money already but on a 5% BONUS for all of city staff?

Why is the city now stating the money is totally dependent on the Fire Assessment Tax?

Where is the money and where is it being spent from the 7% kilowatt hour charge on the electric bills?

Where is the beginning savings from the $93 million in savings from the police in 25 years?

None of this money is beginning to show up on a balance sheet.

I think this city is more than fudging its financial position and would recommend the State of Florida's Auditing Council come in to find the answers.

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Feb-21-14 5:42 PM

Can't always blame unions and the the working people in this country for all of our problems. We just witnessed a fab 5 anti working people sit on council, and accomplish nothing more than NOTHING! Afterwards, in there bitterness and misery they decided to attempt " the disruption of Government " tactic. Again, another failure.

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Feb-21-14 8:50 AM

I agree with your letter. I also knowfrom reporting in the media the President of the U.S. showed up looking for those shovel ready projects and Cape Coral and most of the other municipalities in S W Florida were not there.

We also remember how the acting city manager in Cape Coral Carl Schwing stated the city did not have the staff to write requests for Federal grants and how there would be strings attached if they were granted. Those words were his quote. I also know the Federal Department of Environmental Protection had $23 BILLION dollars in unused funds for water and sewer projects. Note of interest is that a area in Kentucky home to two of the staunchest conservatives the Paul's took advantage of the funds. I wonder why. My best guess to the Cape Coral debacle is get the desired bids in for the chosen bidders, accountability be*******and have the rate payers continue to fund water and sewer slush funds for more of the poor bond deals that have gone on in this city for 40 y

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