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Former mayor remains ready to go to trial for election recount

February 7, 2014

After examining the absentee and early ballots, as well as the results of 11 of the 30 precincts, former Cape Coral mayor John Sullivan seems more ready than ever to go to trial over the results of......

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Feb-07-14 11:31 PM

Sullivan and his Road Ahead Gang supporters have tortured Cape Coral with spurious law suits. In fact, Sully and Diele while on council called an emergency council meeting on Dec. 23, 2010 (as I remember the year) in order to try and get a vote in their favor on their UEP lawsuits against the city! While in office, Sully pushed hard for the city to file claims against a contractor that wrote of his willingness to prosecute for slander/libel against Sully and the City and that was the last we heard of THAT suit. Sullivan is easily led by others and this week was heard to say (after 4 years has he not learned that not everyone is his friend): he would be willing to DROP this lawsuit if the DEFENDANTS would not ask for attorney’s fees and costs! He was told by the Defendants, “NO”. For the first time, Sully’s abuse of process is going to cost him money! Yay! Where will his RAG be then?

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Feb-08-14 12:44 PM

capecoralcquestions, what happened to all your bravado that Cape Coral should be it's own County???

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Feb-08-14 1:13 PM

What's most clear through all this is Sullivan and his backers and fool supporters were only interested in themselves, not the future of the city nor the populous. We pray that this is the last chapter of the Sullivan drama series and the dark clouds of conspiracies will blow away. After all the innuendos and fabrications and lies there is a silver lining out there.

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Feb-08-14 3:30 PM

Lynnrosko, I just wanted to let you and others know that there are still several of us around who would like to see a Cape Coral County and quit supporting Ft. Myers. I have lived in Cape Coral since 1962 and have seen many poor politicians and I consider Mayor Marni Sawicki one of the poorest. During the candidates interviews Ms. Sawicki said she wanted to raise taxes, Mr. Sullivan said that he thinks we should find more economical ways to spend what we have coming in now. You go John. We are for you!

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Feb-08-14 3:52 PM

MWEST, unfortunately Cape Coral will never be it's own County. Matlacha, Pine Island, Captiva and Sanibel would have to want to be a part of Cape Coral County.

You cannot have a County within a County. Moreover, the legislators in Tallahassee would have to approve it and that will not happen because they would all be giving up money so it could be diverted to "Cape Coral County".

This has been hashed around for years!

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Feb-08-14 5:32 PM

Well, the Witch of Bergen County has returned to the fray...Standby for comments, Cupcake!

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Feb-08-14 6:23 PM

OK nut bread!

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Feb-08-14 10:03 PM

I am no Marni fan, in fact I am aggravated at the lack of quality in candidates we had to choose from. But, John should have accepted his loss and moved on. Cape Coral has a long history of being a laughing stock and it appears we have once again elected a mayor that will carry on the tradition.

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Feb-09-14 7:19 AM

"We're trying to figure out why that anomaly took place," Sullivan said. "Nobody is able to explain it."

It is really quite simple. Different demographics tend to vote using different options. A lot of the City employees voted during early voting. Many would drive the two blocks after work to vote instead of waiting until election day. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that City employees didn't support Sullivan, thus, it follows that it shouldn't come as a surprise that their high number of votes during early voting tipped the scales for Sawicki.

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Feb-09-14 10:23 AM

Let's look at History, Sullivan comes into office Suing us, goes out suing us. Actually had the audacity to sit on council while pending litigation existed. I see that as conflict of interest and a poor ethics.

Yes, he does have a right to seek his day in court. What is it going to really accomplish? I just don't see him winning in court. What am I missing? An election happened, results were published, and the next day they were certified and published.

Now Mr Sullivan and his cronies have "examined" them. WOW! examined.... Mr. Sullivan, you lost the election! Your actions while in office were dirty! Even worse, you forgot to get anything accomplished while in office. You just ignored all of our core issues.

Time to say goodbye and save yourself some dignity. May want to even part company with the tiny handful of people asking you to do this. One by one they are being arrested.

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Feb-10-14 7:54 PM

A few thoughts about the attorney fee issue. Mumbles' campaign raised $38,276 (including a $25,000 loan from Mumbles himself), spent $13,824.32, and repaid Mumbles $21,481.33 to close out the campaign account. So, my question would be, why is he whimpering about attorney fees if he had $25,000 to "loan" his campaign and was just repaid over 80% of the loan? Stick to your guns, Mayor Marni! Make him go to trial AND pay your fees!

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