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Tail wagging the dog

February 6, 2014

To the editor: Today most of us who are in the 60-year to a 80-year-old range are among the lucky generation who survived riding a bicycle without a helmet, shooting BB guns that didn’t put......

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Feb-11-14 10:16 PM

I guess I am not surprised 1sandy didn’t or couldn’t respond to the overwhelming disagreement with her silly comments and views. 1sandy = coward! Or as I will refer to her from now on, 1Coward.

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Feb-09-14 2:25 PM

Raydunce, fox didn't bother to tell you that Geo. W. Bush & Reagan both used Presidential decree almost twice as many times as President Obama has.

If you are interested in the facts, get your "news" somewhere else.

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Feb-08-14 9:41 PM

I read the comments but almost never make a comment. In this case I have to. 1sandy has consistently been the most ignorant commenter I have read.

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Feb-08-14 8:41 PM

Hey, 1sandy, we don't know which "culture" you're talking about. Why don't you use that one functional brain cell you've got left and tell us. Double dare you.

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Feb-08-14 3:13 PM

Wow, 1Sandy is racist. So, only black people smoke marijuana? Really? 1Sandy you are a fool! If you research the history of marijuana prohibition racism is what fueled the initial push to ban it. Let’s legalize the drug that is less psychoactive and less addictive than alcohol so we can focus our resources on keeping the really destructive drugs off of the streets such as cocaine, meth, and ******e.

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Feb-08-14 2:38 PM

1sandy, grabital,raydunavant, It seems that you guys are not current on politics. Obama only recently agreed that marijuana was probably not as harmful as alcohol. Why would you even mention Obama? The election is over,just like the civil war, DUH. I don't look for a lot of little grannies out there smoking pot! Do you guys just live in a negative world? This is the 21st century. Wake up! Perhaps you need to look up how many states are now considering its' legalization.

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Feb-08-14 2:08 PM

Dear 1sandy, I hate to say this of someone, but you must have brain problems. I was around in those days and I never recall seeing someone "Stoned" and driving. You must have drank liquor until it removed some of your brains cells. Do you enjoy paying high taxes? Have you realized that the more time and money that is spent on foolish marijuana laws, the less they have to spend on other crimes?

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Feb-08-14 10:28 AM

1Sandy you have to be the stupidest person that posts on here. You are one of the oblivious people that can’t see the forest because of all the trees. There is documented proof that some of the substances contained within marijuana can treat certain illnesses. Do you really think we are going to deny people effective medication because the village idiot 1Sandy thinks “medical marijuana is the ruse to get pot legalized all the way?” Hopefully even you know the answer to that question.

But, even with the utter stupidity your posts are entertaining so thank you for that.

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Feb-07-14 5:24 PM

Make no mistake about it, "medical marijuana" is the ruse to get pot legalized all the way around. And guess which culture will be most likely to sit around and smoke weed all day? Yes, this too is a great Obama moment.

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Feb-07-14 2:14 PM

My understanding is what will be on the ballot come November will be medical marijuana which must be prescribed by a doctor for a specific medical condition. This is much different from the laws recently passed in CO and WA where anyone of legal age can make a purchase. If a doctor believes weed can relieve pain and suffering in someone with a chronic condition, why should the state say; no you can’t have it. The state doesn’t deny other drugs that are just as dangerous when operating a vehicle. The prescription use of weed, if passed in November, will be labeled with the same warnings as pain killers and other pharmaceuticals used by many today.

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Feb-07-14 11:05 AM

I guess if this legal pot smoking comes around those who use it will have to give up their drivers license. This will be another lawyers law. I guess even insurance companies will add a few more small print regulations about the use of pot. Imagine being denied health coverage for any ailment if your test results show the use of marijuana. How about the cop who grabs granny for a red light and smells the odor of pot that she smoked for her bad back, she goes to jail, lawyer gets rich...

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Feb-07-14 7:49 AM

You want our Governor to pull an "obama" and change the law by decree?

What are you smoking...Oh, I guess I already know.

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Feb-07-14 12:54 AM

Smoking cigarettes are bad and cause cancer...smoking marijuana, not so much? We don't have enough problems with drunk drivers, let's now put stoned drivers on the road. I for one remember the "stoners" of the 60' motivation, no productivity, no cares or worries, just high, music and liquor. Idiots!

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