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Chamber will not organize Red, White & BOOM!

January 16, 2014

It's official. The Chamber of Commerce of Cape Coral has dropped the popular July 4th community celebration Red, White & BOOM from its 2014 events schedule for lack of a title sponsor....

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Jan-17-14 7:41 AM

Oh well. No huge loss.

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Jan-17-14 11:14 AM

The City should sponsor this every year. Business that benefit should contribute to the cost as well.

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Jan-17-14 4:24 PM

I do not want one dime of my overtaxed money spent on this crap. About time they cancelled it. Don t I hear every year their are 160k people in Cape Coral. So less than 20k care about this, many are drunks from Ft Myers. So we can do without it.

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Jan-17-14 5:36 PM

JJsully...and we can do without you! What about Bike Night, Coconut Fest or the Art Walk?

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Jan-17-14 10:37 PM

Clearly a rest is needed for Cape Coral.

Communities in many many many areas out side the state, outside the Southeast U.S., establish multiple private businesses in conjunction with their town or city to promote Fourth of July events. Some don't even single out the individual businesses. Those areas being in as many people to the fireworks celebration as Cape Coral. They have food vendors, and other service companies that pay a small portion from sales of food, beverage, souvenirs, etc. Why one group I am familiar with has an event The Night Before the Fourth and the receipts after costs from that fund the Grand Celebration the next night on the Fourth Of July, There are more details to what I have stated. But in the meantime the City of Cape Coral needs to become more financially sound since over indebtedness is its biggest problem. If there is no party show me the the savings in police, fire, EMT and city staff including a reduction in the Park & Rec budget. $250K+ labor

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Jan-17-14 10:39 PM

Another MISMANAGED project brought to you by your city!

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Jan-18-14 6:22 AM

LS, I'm curious. Mismanaged how?

I'm surprised at the negativity toward this event. Local businesses -- people like you and me -- have committed a lot of money in the past to make this happen. As you can see from this article, the title sponsor alone contributed $50k per year. $50k of a business' profit. That's more than many families make in a year. I would much rather have a safe, organized event such as this than have every backyard yahoo with their own fireworks display.

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Jan-18-14 9:08 AM

The headline should have read "Public Drunkenness in Cape Coral Reduced by 20,000". It is time to stop shutting down our public roads for the bars and drunks of Cape Coral. It has become a weekly event to shut down 47th Ter for Dixie Roadhouse, of course they have their Council buddies to approve their drunk events. Take your drunks back inside your bar and leave our roadways open.

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Jan-18-14 12:22 PM

Thomson pay attention look at the additional taxes and fees. This city does not have the ability to live within its means with funds generated with value times millage rate.

YTou have been on this website long enough to know ALL the issues to seem so unaware.

Not enough revenue but a 5% bonus just to mention one. Fire Asse3ssment for a 40 year old fire dept to name another. Pension issue 90 million dollars short to name another.

End running the 10 point millage Florida law for another.

I bet you took to heart the trade of the cow for the "magic beans" too!

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Jan-18-14 12:29 PM

There are 13,000 business in Cape Coral. $3 85 will cover the $50,000 for the show However it won't cover the $250,000 for the additional police, fire, EMT costs.

See you at one one of the other venues or watch the Boston Pops on the Common!

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Jan-18-14 2:52 PM

LS, you don't get it, do you? The MAJORITY of costs associated with this event were paid by PRIVATE business sponsors. Hence, the reason the event is canceled this year -- a $50k title sponsor was not found. This sponsorship is above and beyond the contributions of several other businesses. Yes, the city provided public safety personnel and the fireworks. The other part you don't get is that there are voters, the majority, who WANT the city to provide recreational opportunities -- parks, programming, festivals, boat ramps, bike nights, celebrations. In fact, most cities do this type of thing. It is part of building a community.

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Jan-18-14 8:22 PM

"However it won't cover the $250,000 for the additional police, fire, EMT costs."

LS, please cite your source for the data that police, fire and EMT costs for Red, White and Boom costs the city $250k.

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