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Time to look out for all Americans, not factions

January 9, 2014

To the editor: How’s that Obama hope and change thing working out for all you Democrats? Hundreds of billions of dollars spent, or wasted, Obamacare causing a rise in out-of-pocket costs and......

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Jan-12-14 8:31 PM

johngalt - it's too bad you don't have the data of the earnings of the top 10, 5, 1 and 1/10 of 1%.

Then the horror of it would really burn. They own our legislators and executives.

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Jan-12-14 6:46 PM

According to the official wage statistics for 2012, forty percent of the US work force earned less than $20,000, fifty-three percent earned less than $30,000, and seventy-three percent earned less than $50,000. The median wage or salary was $27,519. The amounts are in current dollars and they are compensation amounts subject to state and federal income taxes and to Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes. In other words, the take home pay is less.

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Jan-12-14 5:06 PM

Dear Pedro (onlythetruth), I understand how bitter you must be after living such a disappointing life. But, I see you’re able to cut-and-paste spam e-mail into the comments section on this site. You’ve come a long way. You blame your problems on the liberals, but what you fail to recognize is; since 1953 conservative administrations have controlled this country 32 years vs. 28 for the liberals. I believe that’s reason enough to say any blame should be shared.

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Jan-12-14 2:44 PM

only - President Obama and or George Bush aren’t the point of demarcation. It has been happening incrementally for 50 yrs. The socio economic supports for the middle class have been sold to pay for the huge tax breaks to the titans of Wall Street and transnational corporations. I won’t say it is just the Republicans. It’s not. Both of them have been compromised. It’s how they chose to survive. Bad on them – too bad for us. We did nothing to stop it. Classic is we did nothing when the Supreme Court (Republican controlled) decided “Citizen’s United vs Federal Election Commission” affirming that corporations are people and can spend unlimited amounts buying legislators in secret.

Want to do the “Hopy Changy” chant, go ahead. The corporations and the wealthy are looting America of every drop of sweat equity before our eyes.

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Jan-11-14 4:29 PM

, grows up normal, goes to college, and becomes a successful businessman. 2012 - Billy's dad is arrested for child abuse; Billy is removed to foster care and joins a gang. The state psychologist is told by Billy's sister that she remembers being abused, and their dad goes to prison. Billy's mom has an affair with the psychologist. Scenario 4: Pedro fails high school English. 1950 - Pedro goes to summer school, passes English, and goes to college. 2012 - Pedro's cause is taken up by state. Newspaper articles appear nationally explaining that requiring English to graduate is racist. ACLU files class action lawsuit against the state school system and Pedro's English teacher. English is then banned from core curriculum. Pedro is given his diploma anyway, but ends up mowing lawns for a living because he cannot speak English. THANKS LIBS!!!!!!!!!!

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Jan-11-14 4:27 PM

1950 vs. 2012 Scenario 1: Jack goes duck hunting before school. Afterward, he goes to school and parks in the lot with his shotgun in his truck's gun rack. 1950 - Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack's shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack. 2012- School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. Scenario 2: Jeffrey will not be still in class, he disrupts other students. 1950 - Jeffrey sent to the Principal's office and given a good paddling by the Principal. He then returns to class, sits still and does not disrupt class again. 2012 - Jeffrey is given huge doses of Ritalin. He becomes a zombie. He is then tested for ADD. The family gets extra money (SSI) from the government because Jeffrey has a disability. Scenario3: Billy breaks a window in his neighbor's car and his Dad gives him a whipping with his belt. 1950 - Billy is more careful ne

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Jan-11-14 4:16 PM

Tell me again how things are getting better. I make 200 less per pay period than I did before the Sainted One took office, and do twice the work. My rent has gone up, groceries have gone up, gas has gone up (funny the Libs aren't screaming about this like they were under Bush). 50% of the neighbors on my street are out of work, all talented people in their fields. Co-pays have gone up, deductables have gone up (Yay ACA!!) Dear Leader won't be happy until we all call each other comrade.

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Jan-11-14 4:07 PM

Let's dispel all this false information some of the commentors here are trying to pass off as fact. ACA registrations: 1. 2 million...period. 6 million needed with 60% of that 6 million having to be between 20-35 years of age for it to be viable. 2. The unemployment rate is lower because people are giving up looking for work, thus shrinking the "employment pool" reflecting a lower number. Actual unemployment between 12-15%. 3. rates have indeed skyrocketed under the ACA, and will continue to do so, see point number 1 above. And my favorite point, if the economy is in recovery as all the Libs claim, why is it we need another emergency extension of unemployment benefits?? I'll wait here for an answer, but I won't hold my breath. Lemmings one and all who believe the lies emanating from Washington. Anticorp move to Colorado, you sound like you're smoking the ganja.

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Jan-10-14 9:58 PM

Zehner, you are forgetting that unemployment is at a 5 year low, that housing prices are at the levels when the bust began, that the stock market isat ALL TIME highs. You need to turn off Fox News and read something more up to date. Your doom and gloom got up and went!

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Jan-10-14 2:20 PM

How about asking the 6 million folks already signed up for the Affordable Health Care...

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Jan-10-14 1:49 PM

If you'd do some reading instead of "listening" to FOX and Talk Radio you'd "know" who is paying for the subsidies (I think that is your concern). It is the tax payers and those earning higher incomes.

What you don't know, because you've been lazy, is that "all" of the policy holders were paying an extra $1000-1300 per year on our policies to cover the "free riders". Now it is less and where it belongs.

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Jan-10-14 7:28 AM


Who do you think is paying for all of this?

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Jan-09-14 10:29 PM

Google-ObamaCare Insurance Premiums-ObamaCare Facts

Avg unemp. weeks from 40.1 2012 to 37.2 2013'

Insurance premiums as a percent of income have risen from 18% in 08’ to 20% last year and are projected to increase to 24% by 2020. That ain’t to shabby considering double digit increases on and annual basis for the last decade. “The amount of the premium many Americans will pay will go down significantly starting in 2014. Those making under 400% of the federal poverty level are eligible for premium tax credits which reduce monthly premium rates. Small employers can also get tax breaks of up to 50% off their cost of their employee's premium. Those who receive tax credits and tax breaks can expect to pay much lower premium costs (although the rest of the cost is made up through subsidies). Some Americans will even get assistance on out-of-pocket costs like copays, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maxs and deducts and over 15 million will get free insurance through Medicaid.”

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