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Health care reform and the ACA

January 2, 2014

To the editor: We have not heard much in our State of Florida about health care reform. I know that Lee Memorial Health System I and the Community Health Center are getting ready....

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Jan-09-14 7:59 AM

Corpy Boy, the only thing I'm VERY VERY interested in is constantly crushing lyin liberal Bumo Socialist propaganda. With a lyin liberals worst enemy, Truth and Facts. so far in your case it's been an easy, 100% successful mission. If "right wing radio doesn't even try to tell the truth" as u state, and if truth is important to you (clearly not), then how do u support a national disgrace of a "president" that wins top LYING AWARDS from NATIONAL LIBERAL NEWSPAPERS and is now known worldwide as a serial liar? That has lied to ALL Americans, constantly, daily, for 5 years? Now change the subject, run back up on the porch and dream up more silly propaganda to post for the stupid to ingest. Bring it Corpy Boy, that ole pesky thing called Truth awaits you.

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Jan-08-14 9:07 PM

Shrimp, I am not interested in exchanging juvenile insults with you.

Stephanie Miller and Tom Hartman on free speechtv dot com and Randi Rhodes on I heart radio let both sides have their say. You know that is not true on Right Wing talk. It can't be because they are not even trying to tell the truth.

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Jan-08-14 11:44 AM

Lets crush another outright continuing Corpy LIE about TV and radio news ownership. Without question TV news is in the pocket of the White House. Mega network owners like Robert Westinghouse are in Bumos pockets and Bumo has happily traded high paying key positions in government for wives and relatives of all TV network owners, such as Westinghouse. Easy to prove 24/7..any other outright and complete lies today Corpy?? I wouldn't talk about propaganda if I were u Corpy as u have proven time and time again to be the local minister of Bumo The Clown's propaganda and Socialist lies.

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Jan-08-14 11:30 AM

If Liberals and DemoSocialists and Corpy support freedom and equality for all..then how does Corpy support a president that has been, without a doubt, shown to be running the biggest citizen spy program in history, recording every word we say, email, text, and tweet? That's not freedom, that's tyranny. And how does Corpy support a joke of a president that has proven time and time again to be an outright serial liar? Even winning LIAR OF THE YEAR AWARDS from LIBERAL NATIONAL NEWS PAPERS LIKE THE WASHINGTON POST.. Nightmare News Time for Farmer Corpy!! 73% of Americans think that big government (Corpy and his kind)is the problem, not the solution. Even the really dumbed down are catching on the BUMO THE CLOWN. Read em and weep Corpy Boy! Now get back up on the porch and practice your misdirection and obfuscation. Five dollar words-Fifty cent IQ. IMPEACH JAIL BUMO 2014 NATIONAL CRIMINAL DISGRACE

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Jan-08-14 10:12 AM

New media a nightmare for Right Wingers who bought all the radio and nearly all of the network tv. free speech tv dot com - watch it now. Stephanie Miller is a riot. Tom Hartman is serious and bends over backward to hear all sides. You actually learn by listening to his show, as opposed to being propagandized.

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Jan-06-14 5:43 PM

If Liberals support freedom and equality for all..then how do they support a president that runs the biggest citizen spy program in history, monitoring and recording every word we email, text, tweet, or speak on the phone? How do they logically support a President that uses the IRS against his political opponents or anyone or group that speaks out against him or his regime? how is that DEMOCRATIC or Liberal or FREE? Those are the tools of a tyrant. How can anyone, of any party, support a President that is shown to be a serial liar, time and again? Even winning Lying Awards from LIBERAL national newspapers! How does a Liberal support a President that promotes racism? Freedom? Where? Have you lost all self-respect? You have bought into an image, and your kind, along with all Americans that actually care about the Constitution and the rule of law, all, have been swindled by Americas greatest mistake. IMPEACH JAIL REPEAL 2014

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Jan-06-14 12:09 PM

Tell the Truth, Truth! Its amazing in this day of unlimited access to information that folks could still be soo, well, just plain stupid. Bought into a Hollywood image sold to them on State run TV, hook, line, and sinker. When the Traitor Bumo was running for President (with McCain set up to take the fall), all u heard was how bad Bush's policy's were. "unpatriotic" was a term Bumo used often. YET, EVERYTHING THAT BUMO WAS AGAINST- he has now done the very same, TIMES 10 - plus much much more. Scandals, lies, spying, incompetence, absolute abuse of the office and disdain for our way of life and our Constitution, that makes Watergate seem like child's play, Only gotten away with the full and total support of the bought and sold State run TV. IMPEACH JAIL REPEAL BUMO 2014 NATIONAL CRIMINAL DISGRACE

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Jan-06-14 11:51 AM

Copy u are a hoot !! "has the ring of misdirection or obfuscation" HaHaHa I think u have ringworm of the brain and enjoy trying to misdirect the stupid with ur lies and propaganda B/S. Ray is 100% right. Not everyone qualifies. Bumo the Clown's own team of traitors fully admit that in the end, if this disaster is allowed to continue, 30-40 MILLION STILL wont qualify. Corpy, why would anyone go to BumotheclownCare.poo and put all their personal info out there when Bumo the Clown's VERY OWN top 4 SECURITY EXPERTS ALL TESTIFIED THAT THE SITE IS ABSOUTELY NOT SECURE? Get treatment Corpy! Serial lying like Socialism, is a serious mental disorder. Just look at Bumo..If his lips are moving..He's Lyin! The Washington Post's own "LIAR OF THE YEAR AWARD" winner. IMPEACH JAIL BUMO 2014 REPEAL 2014

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Jan-05-14 11:32 AM


I don't have to...I make too much money to qualify.

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Jan-05-14 9:12 AM

The ACA was implemented with the intent to fail from the onset, that was part of the grand design. To be frank: It was pure unadulterated genius as to how the "Law" has been contrived and implemented. It's sole purpose is to bring down insurance companies, and the healthcare system...period. Eventually forcing all of us into a single payer government system. To those who cannot see this, or simply refuse to; open your eyes, because I know you will be the first ones complaining when you need to make a doctors appointment 6 months in advance just to see a specialist.

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Jan-04-14 9:27 PM

Raydum In case you missed it, modern day affordable health care has been debated in congress since Clinton took office. Remember, it was a Hilary pet project. Once Obama was elected a committees made up of Republicans and Democrats worked on the bill for nearly 2 years. What resulted was a bipartisan committee compromise, as both Rep and Dem ideas were included. If the Democrats had their way the bill would have included a Medicare-like govt plan and big business insurance would have had a secondary role. It was the Republicans who insisted the big insurance companies have a primary role without a govt plan and unfortunately that is what the Dems agreed to do. In committee it did have GOP input and bipartisan support. In the end it passed the Senate 60-39 (12/24/09) and the House 219-212 (3/21/10) without GOP support.

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Jan-04-14 6:16 PM

Raydunavant, "not everyone gets subsidies."

That has the ring of misdirection or obfuscation.

Why don't you go to Healthcare dot gov, go through the process....all the way through and come back and be forthcoming.

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Jan-04-14 11:29 AM

anticorp, Not everyone gets subsidies.

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Jan-04-14 10:40 AM

Mishy58, there is no way you'd get premium quotes of $540/mo after subsidies.

Are you trying to mislead folks? Name the company and plan that applies to someone with low to zero income. You will qualify for Medicaid.

I suspect you are harkening back to your youthful graffiti antics.

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Jan-03-14 8:50 PM

Lookin Down

In case you missed it, this disastrous law was passed by Pelosi and Reid without any GOP did the GOP have anything to do with it?

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Jan-03-14 6:31 PM

Two stories: One, a friend who served in Vietnam and mistakenly thought she hadn't served long enough to qualify for VA benefits now has health insurance for the first time in years, paid for by the VA and is going to finally get her knees fixed! Two, a self-employed friend with chronic back problems got the dreaded cancellation letter. She is now insured for half of what she was paying, with a deductible half that of her previous, cancelled policy. I encourage people to keep looking.

Mishy58, both of my friends had to try several times before they succeeded. If the web site doesn't work for you, try calling 1-800-318-2596 for help or go online at and "live chat." Friend #2 said the 1-800 people were amazingly kind and helpful. You may well qualify for a subsidy in paying your premium - don't give up!

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Jan-03-14 3:40 PM

The ACA was a compromise at its worst. While the intent was noble the legislation was squeezed by the right wing extremists to the point any implementation would be problematic and remain in the control of the big insurance companies. As it stands now, the ACA is a financial windfall for the insurance industry. They continue to set the prices of policies and they control the dollars coming in and going out. The government defines the minimum standards each policy must meet, what benefits are included and the penalties associated with non-compliance. As of October 2013, some insurance companies have stated they are expecting 200%-300% stock increases as a result of the ACA implementation. Until the ACA is changed to become a single-payer plan for all Americans, the insurance companies will continue to reap huge profits as they exploit people on the lower income scale and those with no choice, but the ACA.

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Jan-03-14 3:05 PM

The bill did nothing about tort reform, frivolous lawsuits and defensive medicine, which are major drivers of health care cost.

With the exorbitant deductible in the lower tier plans, I would not be surprised to see bronze plan members still going to the ER.

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Jan-03-14 2:43 PM

While no reasonable person would disagree that the healthcare industry in the US needed changes for improvement, a growing majority now understand that ACA had nothing to do with health care reform. It is an insurance program, which is impacting the accessibility of insurance, for some positively, but for way too many negatively. The taxes and fees coming into effect this week will further exacerbate the problems of cost curve shifting, and the implementation of the employer mandate later this year will likely have a major impact on millions more, mostly negatively. This was a bad solution poorly thought out to an accepted issue, and the people and economy will be impacted, too many severely. This is what happens when the fringe of a political party gains control and forces through their agendas. This is Medicaid on steroids.

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Jan-03-14 6:44 AM

It is interesting that this letter has the same typos and misspellings as the last one from Lewis, and makes just as little sense.

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Jan-03-14 6:22 AM

Totally disagree with you. I tried applying for Obamacare and was told I had to fork over $543.00 a month! I am at present unemployed. Laid off a year ago and have looked high and low for a job. And I just lost my Unemployment benefits. Obamacare has got to go. Its cost people jobs and or cut in hours. I don't see this as helping at all, it in fact has destroyed it instead.

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Jan-03-14 2:15 AM

Once all the pesky little details are implemented and folks are able to apply for and buy health insurance and everyone takes a deep breath, I predict the ACA will become as popular and indispensable as Medicare. Just heard the new numbers today and, given all the resistance and hoopla, I'd say things are looking up. Oh, and by the way, I say this as someone who gets insurance through my husband's employer and just saw a $200 per month increase in my premium.

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