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What’s next?

January 2, 2014

What does Cape Coral have in store for residents this year? Now that the city has a fee on our electric bill and a new tax for fire services and a tax on our cable and phone bills, what is next, a......

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Jan-03-14 7:30 AM

I try not to think about what a joke our city government is. It seems to keep getting worse and more embarrassing and I have no trust or confidence in them. Hopefully they will prove me wrong and improve things for us but I am not holding my breath. Fiscal responsibility is all I am asking for.

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Jan-03-14 8:50 AM

And they will because they have not made any cuts in the high salaries or staff, and they can't because that is how they got elected. - See more at: ***********cape-coral-daily-breeze****/page/content.detail/id/537908/What-s-next-.html?nav=5008#sthash.wggSdQew.dpuf

What rock do you live under? I know all people see are the few high salaries but the bigger picture are the average to below average salaries of the general employees. Those employees haven't had an increase in 5 years yet the residents still blame them for their problems. Fiscal Responsibility has become such an overused tag line used when a person has no answers to the problem. Again I ask, what services are you willing to do without? I've asked that so many times and never get an answer. Cut Cut Cut but don't effect me and what I want.

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Jan-03-14 11:31 AM

The misogynists are now coming out from under their rocks. It didn't take long for these despicable, venom spewing losers to pick on the first female Mayor now, did it? Mayor Sullivan sat in the Mayor's chair for 4 long years and with the power of the VETO in his pen he had the opportunity to VETO any and all waste and fat. Do you know how many times he used that VETO power over the 4 years in office? ZERO! And the reason being is that there is and was NO fat or waste! The tea bagger that he was, we are all certain that if there was waste or fat, he would of VETOED it! HE DID NOT! So go back under your rock and enjoy or MOVE, like the other RAG scum.

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Jan-03-14 2:00 PM

It’s amazing how misguided and nearsighted the public can be when it comes to understanding taxes vs. services and who is picking their pockets. The PST was the most fair and equitable way of collecting revenue for the services we all use directly or indirectly. The amount of tax collected by the city from all sources is relatively small as compared to other areas of the country with cities of similar size. If you make valid comparisons, what we’re charged vs. what we get in return is actually a extremely good deal. If you want to finger-point about being over-taxed, look at your tax bill and compare what the city takes to what the county takes. If there is waste and abuse it’s not at the city level, it’s at the county level.

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Jan-03-14 6:38 PM

1Sandy, it wasn't that Mumbles didn't try to do right. He didn't know what "veto" meant and he couldn't figure out which end of the pen was the working end. I'm taking a wait and see attitude on the new bunch, but am I glad Mumbles is gone!

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Jan-04-14 3:53 PM


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Jan-04-14 5:08 PM


How about "trying to recover from the disastrous RAG years of Sully, Lurch, Brandt, Deile, King and the little German puppet"

None of them had a clue how to manage a City.

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Jan-04-14 5:12 PM

Lookinup, Add to that the Fire Assessment Fee, which allows the vacant dry lots in the North to pay something more than $20 to support the City.

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Jan-04-14 6:06 PM

Spregele, you are so clearly a RAG that it is laughable. Have you not noticed that the citizens of this city have REMOVED all the RAGs on the Council. At least now when you want to run for office we know your name and can label you up front! Thanks for the hint! Nobody on this site can be as STUPID as you pretend to be so it means you are deliberately lieing! For what purupose? To cause discord and trouble—the hallmark of a RAG! No raises or OT in this city since 2007! That’s 7 years now. Give-backs from employees (yes lowering their own wages so the city can pay them less) and in vacation healthcare and other benefits. THEY contribute to the city. DO YOU? Do you volunteer anywhere or do charitable work? Because beyond everything else, our employees and many private citizens do. Proud to help fill a need, proud to contribute to everyb ody’s well being! What is your contribution? Making sure that everbody knows what an ASK whole you are! Thanks for the heads up.

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Jan-05-14 9:04 AM

The saying has been quoted many times in relation to situations where it did not belong, but here, after reading this LTE it just seems to fit amazingly well. "Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt". Enough said.

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Jan-05-14 8:43 PM

Maybe an inverse tax on IQ would pay a fortune!

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Jan-08-14 3:03 PM

Our new Mayor has already begun the healing of this City. Representatives ,local,state and federal will reach out to her because of her Positive Attitude and Her Knowledge of how to get great things accomplished. 4 years from now, sullivan will be a bad memory and his legacy will be part of the FAB 5 that tried to ruin our city. Some day the future generations of youngsters will glance at his picture and wonder why it still hangs on the wall and petition to have it removed.

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Jan-15-14 1:10 PM

Don't know "what is next, the tax on the air we breath", but I do know this.

The T-Drunks and Republicans in general will forget the taxes on their electric bill and all millions given to sports teams and the Hertz car rentals, which is why taxes had to be raised (not the Fire and Police service). They’ll forget it was Republicans who raised them.

That is what is next, because they listen to talk radio and wink tv/Fox News. They will hear the tax and spend Democrat drum-beat so many times they will just begin to believe it, not knowing why...or caring. The have become bobble heads.

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