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It’s enough already

January 2, 2014

To the editor: We get the message, some people feel that Trey Radel did the wrong thing, and deserves consequences....

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Jan-09-14 7:43 PM

Radel is a white collar criminal. We rarely have an opportunity to see them punished. There is a separate justice system for them. They get the best lawyers and have special privileges.

We should be very aggressive in exacting retribution. A poor thief would get jail time for harming a single individual.

This creep defrauded thousands.

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Jan-04-14 9:25 PM

Radel deserves to pay and pay, just the way the working poor has done. He had no qualms cutting off their unemployment compensation (they worked for and paid into). He lambasted welfare recipients - wanted them drug tested. He cast himself as the consummate Tea Party Mr Smith Goes to Washington, clean businessman, non politician. Everyone that listened to that "hired liar" dupe WINK 92.5 FM audiences (2/3 of which don't have internet) spewing fake news knew he was a walking disaster, looking for a place to happen.

Trey Radel is your typical FOX News (Murdoch Tabloid) employee without the cover of the TV Set. He is the real politician that sell their souls for what they hope is a ticket to the revolving door of politics and lobbying.

He could have dealt his votes while feigning protecting working class’ sweat equity to Wall Street for the high life, but he wasn't smart and slick enough. He had the character for it, but not the wit.

He should struggle.

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Jan-04-14 5:46 PM

BITE YOUR NOSE OFF TO SPITE YOUR FACE!!! Get Raydel to resign and SW FL will have NO, repeat--NO, vote in Washington! soo there will be No Republican vote, thus giving the Dems an advantage. So, two things happen: we, as voters give up our voice and give the Democrats in the house an advantage-nullifying the advantage our founding fathers sought.

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Jan-03-14 6:41 PM

Kirsten, totally agree. Gotta love it when Kalfus doesn't even know he's totally contradicting himself on so many levels.

Radel had his shot. He blew it. End of story. He can't even admit his real problem, instead blaming his "alcoholism" on his genes. You're a dope fiend, Radel. Have you no shame?

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Jan-03-14 5:11 PM

Yet another LTE that I can save and bring back later to demonstrate Mr. Kalfus' hypocrisy when he comes down on others for lesser misdeeds. Thanks for continuing to provide ammo, Mr. Kalfus.

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Jan-03-14 4:09 PM

I think it is terrific that The Breeze is giving the 70% who did not vote for Trey in the primary a means to vent! What they are really venting about is the fact that an outsider won whereas the establishment types got their hats handed to them. A 8 point lead in a six way race is huge!

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Jan-03-14 3:01 PM

So Dick, you're saying you don't feel his cocaine abuse isn't OK since you state only "some" feel that way? Is this the same man that judged some elected officials for not posting the 10 Commandments? Dick, what about "judge not, less ye be judged"? Are you the gate keeper? I chuckle because the title of this letter makes me think of a saying in our recent past, and that is "had enough yet".

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Jan-03-14 1:36 PM

As someone once said “the beatings will continue until morale improves”. And morale will only improve when Radel is history. He didn’t wake up one morning with a debilitating disease. His cocaine habit is one of his choosing and when you make the wrong choices in life, you own the consequences. As usual, Dick Kalfus, as he tries to defend Radel’s actions, is simply applying a little lipstick to the pig just before the beauty pageant. I have little doubt Kalfus will continue to support Radel even after the entire story is known about Radel’s bust. Kalfus, often blinded by politics, completely disregards the facts in this case. Radel was caught red-handed and convicted not of having a disease, but for purchasing and possessing cocaine on the streets of DC. How stupid could a congressman be? Personally, I don’t want a drug addict representing me in Congress. You shouldn’t either.

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Jan-03-14 11:20 AM

We will stop asking him to resign when he RESIGNS. You may want drug addicts to represent you, I for one do not. 10 months on the job and he is buying cocaine on the street in Washington DC, if it wasn't so sickening it might ne laughable. And, who was his companion at the time this all went down? Doesn't AMY want to know? WE do! Resign now Radel!

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Jan-03-14 8:38 AM

Some people just don't get it, Dick Doofus, and apparently you are one! This guy has shown that he is an educated hoodlum and can not be trusted. There are millions of citizens out there that have not violated the public trust - why give this leopard another chance just because he has temporarily dyed his spots? You must be related to him.

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Jan-03-14 7:19 AM

We can let it go when he is gone and no longer representing us. Then he can drink and snort all the coke he wants and no one cares.

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Jan-03-14 7:18 AM

*It should read he does not deserve for this to be over*

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Jan-03-14 7:16 AM

Really? You want to give a pass to this guy? If it was anyone else you would want him/her tarred and feathered. You would broadcast him on Faux News as he was the ANTI-Christ himself. How many people get the same offer from the DA? Noone does and you think he deserves a pass when he legislate against the same type person he has now become. So no...he doesn't get a pass...he does not deserve for to over. I hope he is reminded everyday of his natural born life. Because he is no better than the people who really struggle with this disease. His problem is that he just got caught. He is the poster boy for getting politicians drug tested. I say kick him when he is down and don't let up. Why? Because he deserve it and because he kicked hundreds or drug addicts when they were down and who didn't get the same sentence he got. He should serving jail time. Yes JAIL TIME right now. You forgive him but what about other drug addicts? Yes, he is a drug addict.

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Jan-03-14 2:18 AM

This confirms my opinion that Trey Radel is not fit for service. If Dick Kalfus thinks it's just hunky dorey to have a sitting representative who can't even admit he's got a problem with cocaine, an illegal drug last time I looked, then I know I'm right to call for Radel's resignation. Now. Immediately.

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