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Guest opinion: Looking ahead to 2014

January 2, 2014

First and foremost, thank you. Your prayers, support and encouragement remind me just how much I love our community. While I am thankful, I am still remorseful. I let you down....

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Jan-03-14 2:22 AM

Sorry, but all the apologies in the world won't cancel out the absolutely stupid thing you did. You bought an illegal street drug from someone you'd known for a couple hours, in public and then invited him to your apartment to share in the goodies? Just admit how stupid you were and I might change my mind. Until then, until you stop saying how sorry you are, until you stop blaming your problems on "alcohol," until you admit you have a serious cocaine problem, until you face the truth about how just plain stupid you are, you're too stupid to represent me. Not that I voted for you, nor would I ever. Just admit it. You're dumb and you got caught. If you can't do that, then do us all a favor. Resign and go away.

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Jan-03-14 7:08 AM

I couldn’t even read this entire letter. Blah Blah Blah. Just do us all a favor and quit. You are a joke Trey! No one cares what you have to say we just want competent representation in Washington D.C. and that can’t happen until you are gone. Hopefully your replacement wont be a Tea Bagger.

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Jan-03-14 11:11 AM

Would anyone want this guy around their kids? Then why would anyone want him in Washington representing you, voting on issues that would impact you and your children future. We would not. Look, he got BUSTED, he did not have an epiphany. How can an electorate send anyone to Congress who has never held any public office and has no voting history on any issue. If this has taught the voter anything I hope the voter has learned from this. As far as Radel, PLEASE RESIGN NOW!!!

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Jan-03-14 2:29 PM

The only thing you owe the people of SWF is a swift resignation. The blow blew you!

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Jan-03-14 2:54 PM

Anyone who has ever endured the gutter of cocaine addiction and recovered can understand your path. I know because I was there 30 years ago, and but for the strength and steadfastness of my spouse I would have been destroyed. I don't buy your your contrition before the cameras and suspect you're just protecting yourself. You're refusal to admit an addiction is your entire family's cross to bare, but the thousands of constituents in this district shouldn't suffer for your bad choices. Unless you step down and heal yourself you will never recover, and in the process drag the voters down with you.

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Jan-03-14 6:52 PM

Trey, you might want to take a look at the Breeze poll from a couple weeks ago - the one that asked if you should resign. Only 15% of the respondents said "No." That leaves 85% who responded positively. 85 percent of your "constituents" say you should go. I re-checked the poll last night and the numbers hold. So, if you really want to "serve" SW FL, man up, admit what you did (not the alcohol thing, the ILLEGAL DRUG thing), take a look at the poll, go away and get some help.

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Jan-04-14 4:44 PM

Trey. You were voted in for a reason. And while you created a HUGE problem, the bottom line is that I am getting weekly emails from Obama (himself, supposedly) and different PACs and supporters and they are all hammering for people to get rid of all Republicans so they can have a Democratic majority in the House Senate and Exec Branches. Can you spell dictatorship? Why am I getting mail asking for money if Obama is not planning to run again? Don’t abandon FL Trey! We need to have a voting Rep until the next election. An empty seat is a blank vote on ANY issue between now and then!

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Jan-08-14 2:45 PM

Let's hope that the decisions Mr. Radel makes for each of us are accurate and concise. Homework must be done and I don't see him having the time while in my fingers are crossed that his field office did it for him and he can do his best work while finishing his term. Congratulations Trey.. you have learned the "On The Hill" system well, however, you will be replaced in the next election. Trust cant be Bought nor Fooled twice !

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