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The traitors running America

December 20, 2013

To the editor: How many more restrictions do our politicians in Washington want to keep putting on Americans? This is about the worst so fa....

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Dec-26-13 9:06 AM

Repugslie..Without a doubt you win the 2012 - 2013 "Most Ridiculous Ignorant and Uninformed B/S" post of the year, and I'm not even a Republican. This is the face of the ObumoClone. Lies-Garbage-Clueless Nonsense..and as usual and always - NEVER a fact to back up any claims. And to think there are three others that! Thank God these folks are in a quickly shrinking minority as rich poor Black White, that were fooled by this criminal that the Washington Post calls, "The Liar Of the Year!" are FINALLY catching on to Americas greatest mistake.. Bumo the Clown. Congrats Repugslie! IMPEACH-JAIL-BUMO-2014

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Dec-22-13 8:22 PM

The traitors, who are running America, are the greedy, rich, top 2 or 3% who sent American jobs to other countries in order to further enrich themselves.

They are the capitalists who charge the rest of us way too much for the products they produce & sell.

They are the politicians & media entertainers who care more about their party than the American people's needs. They care more about making a name for themselves (Cruz, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Romney, Palin, etc.) than the truth. They make up stories & lie to those foolish enough to believe them.

These traitors are stereotyping, bigoted, hypocritical Republicans. They call themselves Christian yet they do not follow Christ's teachings of caring for the poor & the least among us. They take from the poor to give to the rich.

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Dec-22-13 7:59 AM

Needtobelockedup..Instead of clearly showing yet once again that you are near brain dead and THANKFULLY part of a quickly shrinking minority in the USA..Why don't u or any other HALF-Wits challenge the FACTS I've presented which do to your severe limitations u find IMPOSSIBLE to do.****on make ur family proud for once show the world your not just another CaptFogbank still chattering about Bush after half a decade or a broken down completely clueless childish numbnutz. THANK GOD the vast MAJORITY of this country thinks much differently than these clueless folks that are in full denial about reality. Lockedup, If I were u I wouldn't be talking about mental health when u need reality treatment soo badly. Again enjoy your shrinking MINORITY status as even the really dumbed down folks are finally waking up to Bumo the Clown and Michelle the Mooch. IMPEACH JAIL REPEAL BUMO 2014- Jail Clinton for Benghazi 2014 - Bumo/Clinton - NATIONAL DISGRACE

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Dec-21-13 3:14 PM

After reading this LTE and DOA’s comments I’m reminded of the mental health problems we have in this country and how so little is being done by the government to protect the innocent.

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Dec-20-13 1:53 PM

More CaptGiddyisms, these are great Capt! "who voted to shut down our government are the real traders"(?)..."and is bring our troops home from Afg" (?)(?) "indicators show the US in full recovery mode" (borrowing 45 cents for every dollar spent with hours being reduced nationwide from 40 to 29)(?)Its all lost on u two boyz anyway. Silly me. Numby, I must say these are your most brilliant comments to date. I'm really impressed. IMPEACH-JAIL-REPEAL 2014 Clinton in jail for Benghazi 2014

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Dec-20-13 1:37 PM

Poor CaptFogBank-Did u mean traitors? omg. Thank God that you and your brother, the aptly named numbskull, are IN THE QUICKLY SHRINKING MINORITY in the US.I have a challenge for both u; instead of showing your ignorant stupidity by calling me silly names, challenge yourselves for once, have some 1st time, self respect, and prove to every one that Im wrong- LIAR OF THE YEAR Award? yes/no sorry true. How bout 1/6 takeover of the economy? True again. Using the IRS against taxpayers? not true? Sorry TRUE. He promised 100% transparency! Keep the promise? NOPE- the opposite. Did u miss that? Every word you've written emailed said or texted now, today, in real time, recorded? I'm lying? TV busted? Miss that too CaptFoggy? 90 year olds beaten to death on our streets by 98% Black terriosts? No comment from Bumo the Clown? How bout if it were 90 yr old Blacks? Bumo would be on TV every 10 minutes! Racism NUMBNUTZ? No? Silly boyz..lolol IMPEACH-JAIL-REPEAL 2014

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Dec-20-13 12:22 PM

Dead from the neck up Shrimp spewing the same ol, same ol tripe as handed down by the Faux Comedy channel.

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Dec-20-13 10:46 AM

PS: And look at the economy and unemployment numbers. This President rescued this great country from Republican incompetence. Bush/Cheney almost took us to the next great depression. Both should be put on trail for War Crimes that killed 4487 US Troops. LIES? HOW ABOUT SADAAM HAVING WMD's and you dare to compare Obama Care to The War in Iraq and the senseless loss of our troops?

All of the economic indicators show the US in full recovery mode. Had Romney been elected he would have enacted policies just like Bush.

Get ready for Hillary. It will be a blessed day! Clinton in 2016!

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Dec-20-13 10:40 AM

The Tea Party and the Republican Party have been far worst than the Democrats. Say what you wish about Obama but he ended the War in Iraq with honor, scored Osama bin Laden + Anwar al Awliki & son (first President to order a hit on a US Citizen terrorist) and is bring our troops home from Afg.

In my opinion, those who voted to shut down our government are the real traders

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Dec-20-13 8:23 AM

The ultra liberal/Socialist paper, The Washington Post, named Bumo the Clown, "THE LIAR OF THE YEAR" This weeks Gallup poll showed that 72% of Americans think that big gov is the biggest threat to the USA. FINALLY everyone is starting to get it. BumoCare has little to do with health care. Its about a massive takeover (1/6) redistribution of the US economy designed to force everyone on substandard government cheese care-test refusals-treatment refusals-long waits- all the typical horrors u see with Socialized medicine in Canada and England. America has made a grave mistake in electing this racist, USA hating, monster, raised SINCE BIRTH to distrust and resent the USA. That has fooled and lied to ALL on a daily basis. A total incompetent that promised transparency and gave us secret czars funded by the enemies of America (easily provable-ask me.) Using the IRS AGAINST the citizens while SPYING on EVERY WORD we write email text tweet and speak. IMPEACH JAIL 2014

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