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Here comes the F.A.T. tax

December 20, 2013

To the editor: Well let's see now, we got screwed with the PST now we'll get it with the F.A.T. tax. Yes the F.A.T. tax .You know it as the Fire Assessment Tax — F. A. T....

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Dec-24-13 8:06 PM

linda53, if you can't learn from the ((success)) of others you become frozen in time and wither. FIT caused 50 million in private capital to begin circulating the city, igniting local start-up companies and attracting others from outside. It had a positive impact on electric utility rates, freezing them. What happened to ours????

Since the FIT (09') "In 2011, Gainesville was named one of the top 10 affordable places to retire in the country, and enjoys one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state."

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Dec-24-13 1:22 PM

Well Linda53 it was not the beautiful city when you were up at the podium crying your eyes out because of the UEP. Your beautiful city did not listen to you then. Pretty much told you to sit down and shut up. That is the city before what you call RAGS. Yeah beautiful city run by unions.

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Dec-23-13 3:14 PM

@ anticorp.. don't really care what happens in Gainesville.. our focus is in our wonderful city and keeping her moving forward in a positive direction. Never again will we live in Sullivan's Past of Minuteman history

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Dec-22-13 12:03 PM

I bet you people would be all about a lotto Feed-In-Tax if all the money was guaranteed to be spent back in the community and three times the amount added to it and spent in CC businesses. It would even stop the rise in electric bills and create a ton of good paying jobs. It could happen if people speak up.

“It’s the only time I’ve done a rate increase when nobody was opposed,” says Ed Regan of the Gainesville utility’s feed-in tariff for solar power.

4 megawatts of solar per year was targeted from 2009 through 2016. At the time, Ed recalls thinking to himself, “there’s no way we’ll ever get 4 megawatts of solar. He was wrong. The feed-in tariff “opened the floodgates.

It’s not expensive, resulting in a rate increase of less than 1% (avg .70/mo). It remains wildly popular, with support from over 70% of Gainesville residents.”

Gainesville's solar incentive program has a five-year waiting list.

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Dec-22-13 11:45 AM

Net...well stated...I guess Shannon does not know the meaning of FUNGIBLE!

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Dec-21-13 11:05 AM

Agree with netransplant. Thank you for dispelling the RAG rhetoric.

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Dec-20-13 3:52 PM

James, you need some information because you don't understand this topic. The FA fee will ALL go toward the fire service, ok? Now, the money from the general fund that used to be used for the fire service will now go towards the things that have been ignored the past 6+ years, such as roads and equipment for maintenance. I hope this helps you understand how it works. As far as employee raises, both union and non union, that would have to be negotiated. But knowing there have been NO raises for 6 years I imagine these maybe be overdue.

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Dec-20-13 3:37 PM

yes 1 sandy... he's the one and the same.... do you notice that they wont mention what their loser gang did to a local organization? casting stones while hiding behind their own deceitful lies

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Dec-20-13 8:03 AM

Shannon, do you understand the meaning of the word FUNGIBLE?

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Dec-20-13 7:50 AM

Why is always about "union" workers? If raises are given it goes to all workers, not just the one who have chosen to be members of the union. Also, that money cannot be used for General Employees but this does pull some of Fire out of the general fund. The way people complain about this one would believe it was thousands of dollars. Just get over it a move on to the next thing.

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Dec-20-13 6:43 AM

Are you the same Shannon's who pay NO real estate taxes at all? ZERO real estate taxes? Who live in the Cape for FREE? FREE Fire, Police, Park District, etc. services? And now the City wants 12 bucks a month from you and you are complaining, while the rest of us pick up your tab? C'mon, enough is enough, really 12 bucks and a letter to the editor to complain about 12 bucks, while all the time you pay NO real estate taxes? NONE? OK, you are a Veteran and I thank you for your service and I accept that you don't pay any real estate taxes under the exemption, but now you are asked for 12 bucks a month for a FAT & PST and you complain? You don't want to pay for that either? Hmmm! Maybe you should get that for FREE...after all, you are a Veteran.

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