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Rep. Radel will not resign after coke bust

December 19, 2013

MIAMI (AP) — A month after pleading guilty to cocaine-possession charges, Republican Rep. Trey Radel of Florida refused to resign Thursday, saying he wants to "rebuild the trust" of voter....

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Dec-20-13 11:38 AM

Good. the voters will decide. not the usual fanatical individuals that go on a rampage every time a Republican gets in to trouble. I have yet to see any calls for the habitual liar in the White House to resign from their quarter, the typical lopsidedness continues.

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Dec-20-13 2:43 PM

As we can see from his decision not to resign it is self evident he is not thinking with a clear mind.

The majority of the people who have answered polls in the media and telephone polls clearly show he has lost total credibility.

He may get his life in order and that I think most everyone hopes. However he is not fit to lead District 19 or any other political cause.

Would you give him the responsibility for as a teacher, law enforcement official, a school bus driver, at this juncture? The answer is no.

Furthermore I think this man is as dumb as a FOX! He is not fit to lead. But tells us he is over his problems?

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Dec-20-13 2:48 PM

I love it how complete morons try to justify a political party or have the stupidity to say oh well there is this other person who did such and such.

Well you did not do the work necessary to fix that problem and I will be*******if I am going to let this one or another one slip by.

The man aided and abetted the ilicit DRUG TRADE amen, period the end!


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Dec-21-13 9:43 AM

Poor light-switch, you're completely in the dark again. You have no idea how many teachers, bus-drivers and Law enforcement officers still have their jobs in this country, Kept there by the Union's that have far worse offenses then buy some coke. You really need to start moving in to the real world.

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Dec-22-13 11:12 AM

Any and all teachers, bus-drivers and Law enforcement officers have been fired and prosecuted. The Republican Brand has been once again severely tarnished not only by this lawmakers refusal to resign, but also by the morons of the Republican party to support him in his decision not to resign. Would you let this man baby-sit your children? Any drug user? He did not have an epiphany and come clean, he got BUSTED. And, one more question, why won't he identify his "friend" who was with him when he bought the "8" ball? Hmmmm? I'm sure his wife, Amy, would like to know.

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Dec-22-13 4:27 PM

I'd say I see the ones who got caught breaking the law not working in this county. I have a feeling you are in the dark. But guess what? I think the people here in District 19 have had enough of this guy and many of his buddies whether in the House of Representatives or the Senate. Maybe you would like to bring back Brian Bigalow? That would make a lot of sense to you wouldn't it?

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Dec-22-13 4:32 PM

Find some more illicit drug users I care not what party they claim to be in and I will have the same feeling for them get out or we will put you out. I am not a Party type person. I know there are scum bags in each one playing angles to enrich themselves.

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Dec-25-13 8:26 AM

This disgraced misguided individual should have resigned the day of his arrest. End of story

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