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For shame

December 12, 2013

To the editor: Now that our President has made a fool out of himself and America by acting like a little kid in the back of a church ceremony, what's next, mooning the Pope? How can he and other......

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Dec-17-13 11:31 AM

Hey Grumpy19, what if when Obuma was speaking they started hawking hotdogs and peanuts, think his pride would suffer or you think he would blame Bush!!!

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Dec-15-13 3:47 PM

Unwarranted? naw..He just acted like the spoiled punk that he is, out of control, drunk with power, a Hollywood rock star wanna-be..the Africans dancing aren't the president of the free world. Just a wee bit-o-difference methinks. How bout American flags at half staff Grump, ok with that too? That's supposed to be reserved for our fallen AMERICANs Grump. Not one of Castro's best buddies, don't you think? IMPEACH 2014

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Dec-15-13 12:08 PM

I am no lover of Obama. The comments about what he did at the President Mandela life celebration are unwarranted. Complain about Obama's behavior. What about the Africans in the stadium that were dancing. Why not complain about their behavior? It was a celebration, not a funeral. Get over it.

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Dec-14-13 11:45 AM

What netnuts..??Your incompetent dismal America hater that is not only a national disgrace but a weak laughing stock worldwide. That has divided this country against itself(as planned)that is destroying the economy borrowing 45 cents on every dollar spent(as planned), destroying healthcare for millions upon millions(as planned), promoting racial hatred(as planned)should be respected..?? This cancer in Washington that closes down our memorials to 98 year old veterans but allows Illegal invader rallies on taxpayer lands in Washington at the same time?? Poor poor guy. The Republican Party is made up of two groups Progressive RINO bootlicking sell outs (McCain) and a core group of believers in the USA and our Constitution and the rule of law. IMPEACH JAIL DEPORT 2014

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Dec-14-13 9:43 AM

I guess you figure the President isn't human Mr Bongers? You sound like a tea party radical who's ideals are now being dismissed by real Republicans in Washington.

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Dec-13-13 9:47 AM

America would be in far better hands if the wacky sign language guy was President rather than the serial lying, USA hater, Obumo. IMPEACH JAIL DEPORT 2014 - NATIONAL DISGRACE

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Dec-13-13 9:45 AM

To Disgusted, Yes, a celebration of life is an amazing experience, but to enjoy flirting, telling jokes, doing photo of themselves and others while people are speaking of the honored dead is not a place to cut up. He and the two other dumb******should give attention to the speakers, not themselves. Look at his wife, she's not having a good time, she is listing to the speakers.

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Dec-13-13 6:41 AM

Hitting on the Danish Prime Minister in front of your wife and in view of the world is not "celebrating a life". It is embarrassing your nation in front of the world, and showing the arrogance that we all see in obama every day.

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Dec-13-13 3:21 AM

If you've never been to a funeral where a person's life is celebrated, I feel sorry for you. It is truly an amazing experience, a celebration of life totally void of the fear of death. Nelson Mandela was 95 years old, lived an amazing life, made a difference in the world, and was a peacemaker. His homegoing service reflected that in a wonderful, celebratory, cheerful, happy way.

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