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Tax increases should be approved by those who pay them

December 12, 2013

Tax increases should be approved by those who pay them To the editor: Why do I feel as though I am the only one that objects to the tax increases here in Cape Coral? Why can’t the Cape Coral tax......

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Dec-13-13 3:14 AM

Did you forget what happened a few years ago when they put the proposed overpriced police headquarters building up for a public vote? Eighty percent disapproval? Huge turnout for an off-year issue vote. Angry voters. The powers that be learned their lesson; there won't be any tax-approval votes for the taxpayer, my friend.

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Dec-13-13 5:25 AM

Welcome to Cape Coral a very dysfunctional city and it seems to keep getting wors

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Dec-13-13 7:22 AM

Petition Council for a Charter change if you feel so strongly.

Also, the Public Service vote was on a GO bond, not taxes.

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Dec-13-13 10:19 AM

Funny that all 4 of the "new" Council members that were voted in were not against the PST of the FAF, however, the senile Mayor and the lying 4th District Councilman were against both and also got voted out, go figure. As far as this LTE writers tax math, it is wrong. 12 dollars a month to keep our parks open, fire and police equipped and fully staffed is a meager amount to pay. When I lived back East I paid twice the taxes. There will always be those who would rather have the Cape look like a major City ghetto then pay a few bucks...not me, you get what you pay for and 12 bucks is reasonable, besides, I already got a real estate tax decrease of over 100 dollars a month, over the last 5 years, just like most residents in this City.

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Dec-13-13 12:51 PM

The $110 million police building was reduced to $80 million because of the vote.

While that amount also was probably over what it should have been. The voters were responsible to*****a mere $30 million out of the project.

How many other projects done in this city could have been reduced in cost and ultimately reduced the real estate taxes here.

Give them an inch and they'll "pick your pocket."

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Dec-13-13 3:34 PM

FYI. The PD Bldg was eventually built on land that was already owned by the City and the cost was approximately $20 m. Yes, the vote changed it all. However, do we as citizens have anything to say about the voting that goes on on the State and Federal level. No, only at the voting booth. Have a wonderful holiday.

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Dec-13-13 3:38 PM

good grief lightbulb.. when are you going to accept your defeat and move on.. the voters in this city didn't care for the Pocket Plan you and your interveners they got Voted Out.. btw.. the more you blast our great city the more you appear like the uneducated person that you really are.. Good Day!

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Dec-14-13 9:38 AM

Mr Pott, they were proposed before the election, begun and approved before the election and new members elected who supported them. The voters and tax payers who cared to vote voted.

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Dec-15-13 12:07 AM

Robert you are a day late and a dollar short. Elections were a month ago and the anti-funding duo were voted out just as their buddies were before them! Did you vote? The reason you feel like the only one who is upset about new fees is because YOU ARE!

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Dec-21-13 11:10 AM

I'll say it once more, very s.l.o.w.l.y...65% of your tax bill goes to LEE COUNTY. I would be digging over there to find waste. The Cape has been operating on a shoestring since the crash, and is just now starting to recover. Go after the County and demand answers.

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Dec-22-13 11:51 AM

Chett, Right the BOCC and School Board all need to be replaced, especially the ones beginning with M..

If parents want school choice, let them pony up the cost. My sons attended the school we wanted them to, and we provided the transportation.

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Dec-22-13 10:43 PM

They did not put them to the voters is because they knew they would not be approved. If Linda53 is so sure of herself how does she explain McGrail getting thrown out. He supported all taxes? There will be more voters as this farce continues, so fill the unions pockets while you can. It will soon be over.

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