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Judge rules in favor of city in bond validation

December 11, 2013

A key component of the city of Cape Coral's revenue diversification plan received its sought-after legal nod Wednesday....

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Dec-13-13 9:43 PM

Why has the city manager and the city council not addressed how much additional tax dollars were taken in based on the 7.13% increase in property valuation?

Do they just figure they would reduce the millage rate by 1/4 of mil and that ends the discussion and the story?

The utility tax can go away, the Fire Assessment can go away and the millage rate can be reduced.

It takes 2 actions the first is to get rid of the poor representation home owners are receiving.

The second is to vote and understand which individuals on that city council have hired a city manager who will do whatever he can to keep that job.

Look at your electric bills. See your kilowatt usage in the months when it is very cold and very hot. Watch and see how when you go from low seasonal use of A/C how spikes can increase 25% or greater. Keep the bills for 12 months and watch how that small cost ends up being a couple of weeks grocery bill for some families throughout the year. Fire Assessment $100 to

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Dec-13-13 7:11 AM

Former Councilman Leetz seems to understand the underlying problem effecting our City, voter apathy. Anyone can run a business, household or City if they have the ability to simply reach into the pockets of others.

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Dec-12-13 9:44 PM

Judge Kyle made it very clear he was ruling on the legality of the method of collecting the tax.

He specifically stated three times on the first day of the hearing. "I am not hear to judge on whether this is right or wrong."

Most know the 38% of the Fire Budget being pulled out of the general fund shows that there is at least 38% of that budget that has been mismanaged for over 10 years. No let's get spending and issuing more bonds so the $36 million a year we now spend on interest can be at least doubled. As we parade merrily down the road to INSOLVENCY! Tonight I pulled 1 zip code 33990 in Cape Coral and found no less than 500 house in foreclosure. Someone else pull another zip and lets see if we can get to at least 4000!

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Dec-12-13 9:18 PM

Suggestion: Read Judge Kyle's 38 page item by item explanations No violations of State Statutes, Constitution, Charters, information provided had no basis, etc. etc. Instead of griping read it all. Remember they were happy with this Judge. Now... not so much.

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Dec-12-13 7:35 PM

So, a judge working for local government decides in favor of local government on a tax that is clearly in violation of our state constitution. And, wait for it, he decides after the local election. Had he decided prior to the election do you think “Marni & friends” would have be put in office? I’m shocked I say shocked!

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Dec-12-13 5:13 PM

one "intervener" gets couldn't find reason with both hands. Deile needs time to "digest" the information. We all know what something digested turns into. He will be spreading it thickly pretty soon, I betcha. Don't go away mad.......

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Dec-12-13 11:20 AM

$12million more for the unions and $0 for the tax payer.council will probably vote another raise or bonus for the unions

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Dec-12-13 10:12 AM

So if you refer to the mayor as Princes Fiona it gets deleted but it is ok to call a former council member Lurch. No bias here. Lol

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Dec-12-13 9:44 AM

All they are doing is getting fat on the property owners money. I have never lived in a place that is as corrupt as this city. There is only one word for it they (city council) are just plain EVIL.

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Dec-12-13 6:29 AM

I was unable to attend the hearings, but if Deile pontificated as arrogantly as he did on Council, I am surprised the judge did not hold him in contempt, like the voters in Cape Coral.

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Dec-12-13 6:27 AM

I sincerely hope that Lurch meant it when he said he was ready to move on...hopefully somewhere else!

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Dec-12-13 4:54 AM


Next election is .....???? Really...... You really don't have to live here. That's an elective.

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Dec-11-13 10:34 PM

We will set a record for voter turnout. This will not stand and the bed partners of the unions will be out on their collective fattened backsides. There is a reason we are in the most corupt city in Florida. It is the mensa members we have on council. Get ready to vote and throw them all out.

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Dec-11-13 9:20 PM

The assessment is actually pretty fair. The scary part is the built-in annual raises.

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Dec-11-13 8:42 PM

Diele says, "It's another of the dishonest things the city has done this for so long that they no longer recognize it." Poor little Billy, when he loses, it is because of dishonesty. No Billy, you lost because of a poor representation and lack of evidnce for your side. On the other hand, you did look stellar compared to the amateur Scott Morris, what a clown he turned out to be. Scott, City employees won't forget, to be sure.

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Dec-11-13 8:35 PM

Ah, the RAGs lose up, the Mayoral recount and Sully gets to cry his eyes out again. Can it get any better than this? I hope so! BWAHAHaha!

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Dec-11-13 7:10 PM

That is what they call it "the city of Cape Coral's revenue diversification plan" Plain english,- ways to get more money from the tax payers with out having to consider the Homestead exemption. THEY ARE GOING TO SCREW YOU. THEY ARE GOING TO GET ASSESSMENT HAPPY AT CITYHALL. AND YOU FOOLS VOTED IN A WHOLE BUNCH OF PROGRESSIVE SOCIALISTS. ROTF ****

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