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Cape ranked No. 5 Best Mid-Sized City

December 5, 2013

Cape Coral has made the list of Best Mid-Sized Cities To Move To by the online Movoto Blog. Two towns each from Texas, Florida and Kansas made the top 10 list....

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Dec-10-13 3:12 PM

Just think, if the values increase (with it the taxes) those who wish to abandon ship can make a profit. Goodbye.

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Dec-10-13 9:56 AM

Cape Coral is heading the same way as Detroit, It took fifty years of mis-management to collapse that city, Cape Coral has been mis-managed since inception over forty years ago it wont be long now and CC will be bankrupt. Probably the best thing for if this city just goes back to being part of the county. The socialists are never going to make this a working model for a working city. They simply are too inept

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Dec-09-13 9:24 PM

Well it is going higher when you calculate the electric utility tax after one full 12 month cycle.

If the fire assessment goes through wait until that is calculated into the city's rank.

Plus another increase in home value should have it called TAX CITY home of the government union worker.

Keep going I know the city can go over the 10 millage points. In fact it can't happen soon enough.

Don't look now but municipal governments are scaling back the pensions. Check with Detroit. California, Illinois, and Indiana are going to follow Detroit in the pension changes.

Can't happen soon enough , but it will happen!

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Dec-09-13 10:15 AM

Cape Coral property tax rating Is 7 out of ten for the state. The average rating for cities in the state is 4 out of ten. Way to high for a city that has absolutely nothing to offer to people other than high taxes as an incentive to move here. All the rest is just so much hot wind.

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Dec-08-13 8:38 AM

While these rankings are always arbitrary, it's nice for the city to have the positive news. Cape Coral is definitely on an upswing right now.

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Dec-07-13 7:54 PM


I rewrapped it and sent it on. Thanks. Real sweet of you.

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Dec-07-13 3:45 PM

OTT I site 2 good things the city did which I posted about.

1. The road improvements to Pine Island Rd. was done for 1/4 of a million dollars instead of the city's original plan for several million dollars.

2. I applauded and posted as such the city seeing through the $10 million plus sham brought to the city to develop an Aqua Center and tennis courts.

Too bad those that did most of those questioning of this poorly conceived project were voted out.

This same project went to the county and took three times as long to be turned down.

Bye the way the men (developers) who pushed this sham all over the U.S. are still in prison.

Too many instances to list again all the screw ups that I have commented on for over the last 5 years.

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Dec-07-13 3:29 PM

Not so OTT. But I must agree this city has not done much to help its image over the years. If it had it would not have had to spend tax dollars on more than one occasion for public relations to show its leadership being perceived in a good light. The true colors of the city were shown for what was going on and who was not performing the jobs they were hired to do. Why questions on some still surface in different venues. Some just recently! Same names different venues.

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Dec-07-13 3:21 PM

I put that in just for you Lolita. It is my gift to you!

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Dec-07-13 8:58 AM



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Dec-06-13 10:14 AM

It is a type O Lolita. It should have read. Is that in investing or just having a laugh? Did you look up MOVATO yet? You'll get the heacy side of real estate looking up MSNBC!

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Dec-06-13 6:22 AM

Funny thing Switch, when you find obscure articles that work to illustrate a point your are trying to make they are "gospel". Yet, whenever "any" good news arises pertaining to our city you literally can't wait to attempt to tear it down, or skewer it. This is the reason you and your crowd have all been vanquished to the sidelines, instead of remaining on the field and participating.

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Dec-06-13 3:08 AM

Switch: What is "thain"????

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Dec-05-13 11:17 PM

MOVATO Blog look it up on google. "The lighter side of real estate". For those that like to have fun. Is thain investing or just having a laugh? Look it up really!

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