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Health Care Reform and the ACA

December 5, 2013

To the editor: We have not heard much in our State of Florida about health care reform. I know that Lee Memorial Health System and the Community Health Center are getting ready....

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Dec-09-13 9:10 AM

OH MY RAY! WE BE LOW BROW!! lolol Ole Corpy is really looking down from on high isn't he. You should be embarrassed Corpy if you support Louie. Go back and read his anti-White racist LTE's one after another. No respect here for racists of any color. You don't seem to have that problem as you support the racist ObumO who has shown his anti-White anti-Jewish anti-Christian/Catholic side countless times with the latest his silence on the 98% Black game of knocking out and killing old men and women. Old White men and women, as they walk the street. Imagine 10 Whites hunting down old Black victims. Your National Disgrace obumo holder sharpy jessie and other vermin would be on TV in 14 seconds. Corpy, U SHOULD be embarrassed. We have -0- reason to be. IMPEACH-JAIL-REPEAL 2014

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Dec-08-13 5:36 PM


Please do not strain your little brain feeling embarrassed for me...the guy is a loon...and you cannot feel embarrassed for me...just yourself.

Likewise, let's stop the Chris Matthews " I want to apologize for the American people" BS.

If you want to a apologize for being a liberal twit...I will accept!

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Dec-08-13 8:20 AM

REPUBSLIE Now lets get this straight.. "Healthcare in China and Columbia and practically everywhere else" is better and more efficient then in the US??? Seriously? Please see a Dr right away omg. What total nonsense.

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Dec-08-13 6:55 AM

NOT ONE WORD ABOUT THE SALIENT POINTS FORWARDED BY Dr Robinson – instead, you offer low brow disrespectful ad hominem attacks. Frankly, I'm embarrassed for you

“This is the first time health care reform has addressed the disparities that exist in our health care system. There is an attempt to give service and voice to the underrepresented in main stream care

Funding directed to increase Primary Care Provider training has been made. Earnings of Primary Care Physicians have been increased.

The nurse managed health center (shortage) will be led by nurse practitioners. Using electronic health records and care coordination teams can care for larger numbers of patients than the doctor alone. I feel we are missing an opportunity to enhance this growth by not excepting our role as State and local government should. Medicaid expansion should be” (accepted) –big deal.

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Dec-07-13 11:40 PM

Woof! Woof! Who let the DOA out?

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Dec-07-13 5:23 PM

Repubslie: Same old tired arguments! Where do the puppet dictators go for healthcare...not Cuba or Bosnia.

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Dec-07-13 4:35 PM

The USA spends, far & away, more on health care than any other industrilized democracy. And it has among the lowest life expectancies of any developed county.

The US ranks 46th among 48 developed economies in health care efficiency, below China, Iran, Colombia & pretty much everybody else.

The reason is because our system is built for profit. The best solution is the public option AKA the single payer plan.

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Dec-07-13 2:31 PM

sorry typo should have said - wrote one letter without showing your anti-White racist side...

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Dec-06-13 7:03 PM

Gee, DOA, I am humbled...I thought I was tough on thee good "doctor' they teach English in pre-med...or first grade?

What kind of a doctor must he have been?

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Dec-06-13 4:44 PM

To Louie...I cant believe you wrote ONE letter with showing your anti-White racist side!! Good for you Louie!! You must finally be maturing in your twilight years!! OBUMOCARE is a NATIONAL DISASTER on every level..OBumO care has -0- to do with health care..Its about taking over 1/6 of the economy-with its main goal of massive redistribution of wealth and the total destruction of private health insurance forcing everyone into long line sub standard 3rd rate health care run by the greatest criminal enterprise ever in American history- The Obumo Criminal Administration IMPEACH- REPEAL - JAIL- obumo 2014 NATIONAL DISGRACE

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Dec-06-13 9:53 AM

Accepting, Lewis, not Excepting

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