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Some things to consider

December 5, 2013

To the editor: As Trey Radel’s opponent in last year’s congressional election, I have a unique perspective concerning his unfortunate situatio....

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Dec-11-13 8:15 PM

For some reason I’m betting some of you think of cutting things like food stamps, unemployment compensation and diving into “defined benefit or defined contribution” pensions and health care plans (entitlements) as legitimate areas to be cut as a source of avoiding raising taxes.

I don’t know if you’ve left a minor avenue for intelligence to access the left cortex of your brain. Many conservatives no longer have that ability, some progressives too.

Regardless, if that’s you and maintaining security for bond holders over state constitutionally protected pension benefits then you’re robbing the working class to support Wall Street – and that is the method by which we continue the wealth gap. It’s also part and parcel to trickle down economics and deregulating – privatizing profits and socializing losses. If you buy that clap trap I hope you’re already a multimillionaire because you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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Dec-11-13 4:21 PM

Hey Linda 53 this is just for you. You know that bedroom community McGrail spoke about? How it is the biggest.

Well today Dec 11, 2013 MSNBC announced the top ten areas for foreclosures through October 2013. Guess who is number 1? You got it Cape Coral - FT. Myers. Yeah Buddy! This city council and manager steered this community right into high cotton. Ads like these are not obscure they are worldwide. Now let's get down to business of borrowing more money and get the $36 million a year we are paying for interest only up to and over $50 million a year. Let's see if our new mayor, council, and city manager can spell AUSTERITY?

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Dec-11-13 4:10 PM

I am not going to put any creditability into Radel saying he is fit to do the job as a U.S. Congressman. I will be waiting for a physician to chime in on that one.

Are you reffering to Trey Radel? Why everyone knows has admitted he is an alcoholic (Which is indeed too bad for he or anyone else to be.) and was busted in a drug sting for purchasing cocaine. Are you referring to the Speaker of the House John Boener? You can't be referring to George Bush? Is thingy a W. Virginia idiom for idiots?

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Dec-09-13 7:14 AM

I stand corrected Lightbulb... it doesn't change the fact that Radel is planning on a rapid recovery and will be back in the saddle making clear concise decisions for you and me come January... hmmmmm...btw, were you aware of his habit before he was voted in office? Rumor has it that you, deiles,brandts and the usual Rags gang were seen with him on more than one occasion. Also,how's that busted for fraud president of the republican thingy working out for you? Our daily chuckles for the last 4 yrs...

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Dec-08-13 8:02 PM

Save the Republican Party because it knows not how to save itself!

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Dec-08-13 8:00 PM

And you don't care he missed 9 votes in one week either. It is not surprising that you don't care. We know don't change anything just move forward. Right? Why heck maybe we can just have one of the other states take care of Florida and District 19's business. Cause who cares? Hell let's just unload the U.S. Senate too and forget about making decisions and voting.

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Dec-08-13 10:58 AM

My final comment on this Radel issue, enough already. Over. Don't really care. No one or everyone wants something done. No we start biting each other. Wonderful.

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Dec-07-13 4:26 PM

JMeihle was that your stance when you were enforcing(?) the law in Santa Monica? Trey Radel is our concern, let the district that hired that guy recall him. But that should not give a free pass to Radel. I am pretty sure the IRS fined Rangel and as they have others. However it needs to be asked. Do you see illicit drug buying and tax evasion as equal crimes. They both are crimes, but are they equal? Is a speeding violation the same as reckless driving under the influence. It would be interesting to hear your point of view on this.

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Dec-07-13 4:15 PM

Sorry the $174,000 figure is the correct annual pay for a U.S. House Of Representative member. So the $14,500 per month figure is correct.

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Dec-07-13 4:06 PM

Linda 53 isn't it the Boys Club and Girls Club of America? Not the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts?

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Dec-07-13 4:04 PM

And then there is Ray. Votes to keep letter writers away from the criminals doing his biding. Make sense Ray...for you!

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Dec-07-13 4:02 PM

OTT most of us are glad you don't make decisions for the rest of us!

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Dec-07-13 4:00 PM

That is about what they receive a year. Actually I am pretty sure it is $184,000 which would be $15,333 a month. But what's 10 grand between friends?

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Dec-07-13 2:02 PM

anti-corp is right I smell Roach's sour grapes!! Not one but now two tasteless classless morons.

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Dec-07-13 12:37 PM

It seems to me Mr Roach was quite generous, even genteel, in his response to the Radel scandal.

I recall no talking point limitations by Mr Roach during the campaign. He’d speak openly and honestly, even when he knew it wouldn’t curry favor. Any honest critique of Trey's campaigning and interaction with the media and at forums could never be characterized thusly. He would as often as not respond with carefully poll tested answers to questions that were unrelated, just repeating talking points known to satisfy the faithful, gun loving, freedom seeking constitution focused Conservatives.

Those answers repeated over and over duped those folks and now they are striking out a man with experience in business, a decorated veteran and impeccable credentials that has a spotless history.

Way to go!! Do I detect the smell of grapes?

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Dec-07-13 11:22 AM

Mr. Roach, what would you think if Trey pushes for a law to have drug testing for all who serve in Washington on tax payers dimes. Wonder how many yea and nay votes from BOTH side of the floor would show support? All these over paid empty suits should have term limits of two terms, then go find a job at flipping hamburgers, if they can find a job at all.

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Dec-06-13 4:30 PM

Pass the bug spray!! Roach checks in with more shameless garbage and why Roach should never hold public office...JMiehle is right, this Rangel lowlife is also a slum lord in the Dominican Republic...Just another criminal on the public dole.

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Dec-06-13 4:00 PM

I will be for Radel's resignation when Charlie Rangel resigns for evading taxes on over a million bucks, while sitting on the committee writing the tax code.He got nothing for it EXCEPT re-election.

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Dec-06-13 3:51 PM

KirstenThompson: Yes, the figure is true. $14,500 a month equals 174K a year.

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Dec-06-13 11:39 AM

Roach, you are a shameless pompous gas-bag. Your gloating over Radel's issues and predicting his relapse with added 'proof' using government statistics is despicable. THERE ARE REASONS YOU LOST TO RADEL and your LTE just reminds us of why! Go get an honest job and stop trying to land a cushy retirement at our expense!

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Dec-06-13 10:45 AM

Mr. Roach, first you were running as a Democrat, now, like some other politician, you are now running as a Republican. Sir, how can your change your value system on a dime? Will you have Democratic values, tax & spend on budget issues, right to life, AHC, gun control, death penalty, minimum wage, etc., or will you now try and convince us that your Democratic philosophy has changed due to an epiphany? I for one will not buy into a politician who, now into his 60's, who has ran on the Democratic platform for how many offices? Who now is trying to sell me a bill of goods on your "new" transformation into the conservative Republican Party. Please feel free to expound on these issues Mr. Roach, maybe with a second letter to the editor.

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Dec-06-13 8:16 AM

Kirsten..the pay amount listed by Jim was reported on the local media outlets recently, because it was being given as Charity to the Boy and Girl Scouts of America..

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Dec-06-13 6:54 AM

I voted for Trey to keep this letter writing vermin out of Washington

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Dec-06-13 6:17 AM

Congressman Radel must deal with his own demons and the decision is his alone to make. Not yours, not mine, but his. However, to give out "information" and "advice" under the guise of helping when in reality your LTE, Mr. Roach, is nothing more than a well veiled backhanded slap delivered to a former opponent who is down and out is tasteless, classless, and disgusting. A man of character will always do the right thing, we will soon find out if Congressman Radel is a man of character....or not. But you Mr Roach have unequivocally proven you are "not" with your piling on letter.

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Dec-06-13 5:39 AM

$14,500 per month in that a typo or is that really what they make?!?!?!?!?!!?

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