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Sawicki among 25 newly elected mayors to gather at Harvard

November 30, 2013

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — More than two dozen newly-elected American mayors, inclusing Marni Sawicki of Cape Coral, are gathering at Harvard University next week for a three-day leadership conferenc....

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Nov-30-13 3:38 PM

Mayor Sawicki goes to Harvard and Sullivan couldn't find the time, except once, to go to Tallahassee. Did we make the right choice or what? Thank you Mayor Sawicki for findng the time to go.

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Nov-30-13 5:08 PM

Can you IMAGINE sully at Harvard??? There is nothing on his resume that suggest he made it out of Middle School

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Nov-30-13 5:16 PM

Wonderful!....Wonderful!.... Mayor Marni Sawicki

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Nov-30-13 8:13 PM

Her credentials, I am sure, led to this invitation. Congratulations Cape Coral. Best choice ever.

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Dec-01-13 6:42 AM

How fantastic, and what an honor.Finally, Cape Coral in the Associated Press for something: GOOD! :)

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Dec-01-13 7:15 AM

Now if Sully and his handlers would just move back whence they came!

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Dec-01-13 11:53 AM

It will be funny if Sullivan wins the election. Then she can pay for the trip out of her own pocket. I have my FOI request to see how much this costs us taxpayers. Did she not say she was ready to lead on day one, guess she did not have the skills after all. Well, she will learn well on liberal tax and spend practices at the liberal Mecca of Harvard.

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Dec-01-13 11:57 AM

Eileyn for Gods sake she is going to a seminar. Big deal. Guess she really doesn't know how to lead. I'm sure she will pick up some good tax schemes at Harvard. How hard can it be ? Burch went!!! Must not be any tests

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Dec-01-13 12:41 PM

Really, Sully didn't go because "he knew how to lead" and didn't have to attend. He didn't go because they weren't teaching how to win an election after you lose. Really funny stuff. He stayed away from most areas that did not give him ammunition for the future, such as how to sue for nothing and make it work.

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Dec-01-13 1:10 PM

@Lolita: This invite to this conference has nothing to do with her credentials, although I'm still trying to figure out what her creds were. She actually should stay here and learn how to run Council meetings and what her limited powers are and also how this city actually runs.

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Dec-01-13 3:32 PM

Grumpy. Sorry you cannot ascertain the information as it is printed re: credentials of our new Mayor. Mayor Sawicki has already shown she can run the meeting, far better than the four past years of painful meetings. Previously we were treated to "donny brooks" long winded "explanations" of positions and downright nasty commentaries. Just my opinion and many others.

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Dec-01-13 6:49 PM

Lolita: As I said, What qualifications? There is nothing in the article that even comes close to mentioning anyone's qualifications. As for running a meeting properly. Her first full meeting, she stepped all over the city clerk by not having her call the role on the first vote. She asked "all in favor?" That is not proper procedure when taking a vote from council on an issue before them. Anyone that has attended or followed council meetings knows this.

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Dec-01-13 8:01 PM

OK Grumpy. The qualification is that she is the newly elected Mayor of Cape Coral. So...she qualifies. Of course, let's really watch her...make sure she does her job...not like four years of what we just went through. Have a wonderful evening in paradise.

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Dec-02-13 7:06 AM

grump...I do not believe having a role call is required by Robert's Rules. Voice votes are common practice. Just because prior counsels used roll calls does not make them mandatory.

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Dec-02-13 8:57 AM

Raydunavant: Section 4.16 of the municipal city charter requires a roll call vote with the exception of procedural issues.

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Dec-02-13 9:23 AM

Is it true, home rule takes precedent sometimes. That may be a possibility. If not, then a correction to procedure is in order.

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Dec-02-13 10:31 AM

I would rather the voting stand as prescribed in the city charter. It is good for everyone to know how an individual council person voted.

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Dec-02-13 11:08 AM

Oh really. not even on the job a month and already going on a trip paid for by the taxpayers. That's what you get for voting socialist-progresive. Well it's not her money she's blowing.

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Dec-02-13 11:40 AM

As I recall the voice vote was for the minutes, and it was unanimous.

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Dec-02-13 11:49 AM

Ray, you are correct. I just watched the video. My bad LOL

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Dec-02-13 12:04 PM

Ah, the vile commentary from the RAGs. Just like the Republicans in Washington all hoping for the failure of our AHC. Here we have a positive headline and the dispicable RAGs are trying to minimize and downplay our new Mayor's good fortune. Well, we may have to read about their contempt in the blogs, but we won't have to look at them on the Council. BWAHAHAHA!

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Dec-02-13 12:33 PM

1sandy: I have never been a so called RAG. I truly hope we will not sit and watch this new council raise taxes and spend, spend, spend, as they have already done. You make reference to Republicans wanting to stop Obamacare. You call it he Affordable Healthcare Act. Have you checked on what health insurance is going to cost others here in Lee County? I have, and it is certainly not affordable. Lee County health insurance under Obamacare is the most expensive in the state besides Monroe County.

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Dec-02-13 12:55 PM

None,etc. The "trip" is fully paid for by those who are giving it. I understand, travel, lodging, meals, all paid for So..... taxpayers not paying for the trip....What Cape Coral gains is exposure to many other cities and governments. Think that's what most of us have been seeking, real exposure, not the nonsense that goes on here.

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Dec-02-13 1:24 PM

We belong to as a city the Florida League of Cities. That costs dues and expenses as well.

The city has incoming revenues that are questionable to begin with, so they can't burn this cash quick enough?

Pay down your debt and use the $36 million of debt service (interest) on bonds you keep issuing.

Beyond Mayor Sarwicki receiving a certificate of participation from Harvard U. to put on her Love Wall. We resident garner zero minus for the effort.

Maybe she can further her career at one of the other ghetto cities like Brockton, Ma. who is attending.

Best part is this jerks run for office saying they know how to address and fix problems and they do not have a clue.

We probably should have advertised for a mayor from Cambridge who graduated from Harvard!

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Dec-02-13 4:57 PM

Blah, blah, blah blah, blah blah blah. I'm sure these negative people are such a joy to be around in real life. I do love socializing with people who never see the positive in anything and always complain about what they find wrong. Not. I bet they find a lot of people excusing themselves rather quickly and they have never figured out why.

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