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Council take note: You work for the people

November 27, 2013

To the editor: To the new city council and mayor, I hope you all know you do not work for the city unions and that the city manager works for you, you represent the citizens of Cape Coral and are t......

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Jan-01-14 11:38 AM

To all of the people who posted to this letter what is the biggest expense to the city? Don't know how about the union pension fund this is a big problem for all cities and counties or the stat or the fed if 401ks are good for companies then they are good for the unions too.

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Dec-05-13 9:42 AM

Hi Grumpy,

Every article in every paper becomes relevant at one time or another. Of course, perhaps you missed the articles now appearing. Remember, this concerns a person who is considered relevant since he is politically involved, current President of the Local Cape Coral Republican Club, very vocal re: taxes and other wrong doings by other citizens, etc. Reading the entire newspaper or whether you chose to read only the obits, ads, etc. does not place anyone in the categories you chose to use. Have a wonderful Holiday season for you, family and friends.

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Dec-05-13 3:10 AM

To the Crybaby RAGS still posting: Stay tuned ...You ain't seen nothing yet!

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Dec-02-13 11:54 AM

@JulieStevens: You say there are public pensioners getting more than they earned in salary,name them,with factual certainty. Yep,we all here about them,but nobody can name them. YOU,being a strong supporter of cutting pensions,why aren't you cutting medicare,medicade or SS? Pensions were negotiated over the last 50 years with local,county,state and federal elected officials. Where were you when the contracts were signed and published in the newspapers? You see many of these benefits and salaries were increased just so to get people to apply for those jobs,especially the Police & Fire. But you see,those Firefighters and Officers have already put there time in and are now getting what they were promised and the economy is tough,so YOU and your ilk want to what,take those promised pensions back. That is so Republican of you,so Tea Party of you,isn't it? No wonder the Republicans can't even get elected as dog catcher anymore and the ones that do get elected are out buying cocaine.

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Dec-01-13 8:10 PM

Aren't most of the opinions about those in the limelight, that they should be tested, etc. How about following the law. That's what's relevant here. Lovejoy is the master of that website about politics. We shouldn't pay attention??? is that what we are saying, accuse one group, don't look at all groups?

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Dec-01-13 7:44 PM

What I find incredibly interesting is the refusal of anyone to mention the "P" word. Yeah, pensions. Who ever heard of 90% pensions, including overtime? We've got City retirees making more in their retirement than they did working. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the pension obligation is the one that's really going to give the City headaches, now and in the future. So, City workers, wanna be heroes? Back on up off of that 90% plus overtime pension baloney, because if you don't you may well end up with nothing . . .

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Dec-01-13 1:24 PM

1sandy, Lolita: What does the arrest of Lovejoy have to do with the letter writer's opinion? I am not and never have been a fan of S. Lovejoy. His arrest has nothing to do with the issue here. What I and most fine funny is, you actually check the arrest reports to basically spy on your neighbors. Who the heck cares who and why they were arrested?

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Dec-01-13 12:51 PM

Jokes on all of us. ISandy is right. Lovejoy is out on bail. Arrested 11/26/13. What now? It was reported in the Breeze a few days ago. Small article. Under Arrests.

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Dec-01-13 11:27 AM

To all the RAGs and their supporters (all 25 of them) BWAHAHAHA! BTW, how is your fearless leader Lovejoy doing, out on bond yet? BWAHAHAHA!

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Nov-30-13 10:49 PM

1Sandy, Thank you, please keep posting on here. I have an intense and stressful job and the laughs I get from reading your idiotic posts help me relax in the evenings. Comedy from someone that does not know they are an idiot is priceless. Rock on!

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Nov-30-13 12:04 PM

This is a correction of a statement made below.If you stoop to calling Veterans who get disability benefits from the VA leeches.

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Nov-30-13 9:47 AM

CapeCoralCuestions: You must be one of those 1 per centers. You seem to have the attitude of I got mine and the heck with everyone else. The needy I am making reference to are the working poor. Many earn more than the allowable amount to get any kind of government assistance. They still need some help and get it through the food banks. If you stoop to calling Veterans who get disability benefits from the VA. You need mental health assistance. Have you walked in their shoes? Will you tell the Veteran who lives with his service connected injuries that leave him disabled that he is a leech? Will you tell the same to a Veteran that suffers from PTSD? Not all Veterans get VA benefits either. They also don't all get the state benefits which were given by law by the Florida Legislature. Not all states give any kind of benefits to Veterans either. I do agree with you on the charities that give electronic games to the kids. Those want items, not necessities.

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Nov-30-13 12:10 AM

@Haninginthere: How much more taxes are you willing to pay? I'm willing to pay 10 percent more that I am paying now because over the last 5 years my taxes have gone down over 2000 dollars. So, If I have to pay say 300 dollars more a year via PST & FAF, my budget for the house is still saving about 150 dollars a month, and that will minimize blite and keep me and my family safe. Again, if you don't want to participate in "SAVE the CAPE" move away, somebody will buy your house and love living here. As far as being the stupid person, you obviously haven't heard our former Mayor have you? Bwahahahaha!

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Nov-29-13 10:42 PM

CapeCoralCuestions, You are another one that makes posts that provides me with good humor. Thanks for the laugh and keep up the good work!

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Nov-29-13 10:25 PM

@grumpy: I think the problem is that citizens in general are tired of the 'poor pity me", "I don't work so you MUST support me" leeches. The 'poor' people you refer to get veteran's benefits and write offs, or they get welfare, food stamps, WIC, and they line up and all but riot for free food pantry and school supply items. And can we talk about all the 'charities' for the unfortunate kids who need electronic toys so as not to feel different than the kids of working parents. So NO, some of us no longer care about our neighbors suffering while using the ambulance as a taxi, getting free health care at our ERs, while they have gel nails, gold around theier necks, cell phones, huge TVs and other goodies. Can't afford to live in Cape Coral--MOVE THE*****OUT! Go whine at the folks in LeHigh about your troubles.

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Nov-29-13 4:31 PM

They are your neighbors and tax paying residents in the Cape. New taxes won't help them at all. I care about my neighbors all over the Cape. I see families that need assistance with just food applying at the Cape Coral Caring Center for that. I know that nothing is really free in this world. But, in times like we live in, with unemployment still high, jobs being lost or turned into part time work. New and higher taxes are not a solution, they are a problem.

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Nov-29-13 4:26 PM

1sandy: As I said initially. This council has had nothing to do with businesses coming here. Stop with the talking point of some were on the previous council. You talk about how I made a poor choice moving to a city that was 45% built out. I didn't make a mistake. The ones, in my opinion, that made the mistake are the ones that bought in the undeveloped/under developed North Cape. Houses were less expensive there, but many of those roads were still dirt or were paved very thinly. Is it everyone else's fault that those areas are what you call blighted? You also continue to presume to tell others you don't agree with that they should move somewhere else. Get over it. Everyone has the right to voice their opinions that conflict with yours. I never presume to tell anyone what they should do if I disagree with them. As for the high taxes. There are many that live on the Cape that are struggling to pay their bills and feed their families. IMHO you don't care about them.

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Nov-29-13 1:04 PM

Who is the goofball that wrote this letter?

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Nov-29-13 8:00 AM

When will people stop posting smack talk about the unions in Cape Coral? People, the council does 'work for them', IF they live in Cape Coral and pay taxes. so stop the whining and the finger pointing. The Union members were not and are not to blame in Cape Coral. Ineffective leaders were, and now we have a chance after being in the dark for so many year to see the light and see how awesome our city will shine. Good Luck to the council. We are all watching with hopeful eyes. :)

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Nov-28-13 11:56 PM

Free!!! 1Sandy you are the stupidest person that posts on here. No one is asking to live here for free you idiot! Just not be over taxed. Try to absorb this concept but I am not holding my breath that you will. I have to say though, I actually find the stupidity of your posts entertaining, but they are just that.

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Nov-28-13 10:46 PM

@grumpy19: The boom is the result of those that were already on the Council and voted FOR the UEP,PST & FAF. I just wanted the new candidates to join them. BTW, how much blight is acceptable? The real problem that YOU face is the poor choice of moving to a City that is only 43 percent built out. The Cape will continuously go through growing pains until it is built out. Projections and revenue will be the center of controversy for years to come. So like I said, if you don't like it here, make the choice available to you and anyone else. Haven't you heard that nothing in life is FREE? So pay, or get off the bus.

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Nov-28-13 7:48 PM

Didn't take long for the threat, "we will take you out" did it? Better not vote for unions, another threat.

More things change, more they stay the same.

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Nov-28-13 2:04 PM

1sandy: You and your ilk constantly come up with the BS that if you don't like the taxes, then move. I would also like the city to look nice, but at what expense? How about the city live within it's means? You also cannot compare taxes paid by cities in other states with the taxes paid here. The cost of living is a factor everywhere. As for businesses booming here. This new council has had nothing to do with that. They have been in office less than 2 weeks. The announced plans of businesses to come here were made well in advance of the elections. Same thing with new home permits. All of these things were planned and just waiting for the economy to get better. This council has not had time to do anything positive yet. I do agree with moving forward, but it has to be with controlling spending, not more taxes.

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Nov-28-13 12:25 PM

Kristin Thompson, I pay nearly twice as much here in taxes compared to where I lived before. I’m not complaining about what I pay now because I knew what the taxes were when I moved here. I sure don’t want them to go up since I didn’t budget for that.

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Nov-28-13 11:40 AM

Take heart. Gas is up how much??? Milk is going to increase to a possible $7.00 a gallon? Bread, etc. etc. All staples that we depend on and we have no recourse, no one to go after at election times to blame, etc. Sure all of the increases in our daily lives hurt...but where is the recourse? No where in politics that's for sure. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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