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Give Radel the opportunity to recover, a chance to return to work

November 27, 2013

To the editor: After reading the Cape Coral Breeze’s opinion page and a few other letters, I would be remise if I did not share my opinion regarding Congressmen Trey Radel’s personal problem with......

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Dec-07-13 1:00 PM

Right now, SWFL, no representation vote on anything. So...we have nothing. Keep staying away from the polls...This is what we get....nothing.

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Dec-05-13 11:53 PM

You seem in your letter to be a little timid in mentioning the word cocaine. Trey was not picked up for drunkenness he was arrested for purchasing COCAINE. You it was a law enforcement sting. We still do not know who the acquaintance was. A lobbyist? A fellow Congressman? Or whoever. I really do not care. However I do want to know if the purchase was going to buy or be traded for a favor? Perhaps a vote? We don't know and may never know and that is more important. Do you think a board of directors would keep him in the position in their company? He states he is going back after Xmas Break? What the heck does he think this is or where he is going back to college? He is no kid!

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Dec-03-13 6:30 PM

Drug test ObumO first, see if he's STILL using cocaine and weed..Bet ya a buck or two it’s rampant on both sides of the isle. Trey you had a great shot, need to go, bro. With a racist, serial lying, anti-Constitutional presidency that ALWAYS rules against the vast majority of Americans, an attorney general that along with obumo is a national disgrace and al sharpton advising the "president" on race relationships it’s clear that we have reached the very bottom of the barrel in US politics. We need to reset, impeach obumo, repeal hillary/bumo/soros care, start term limits as was intended, close the IRS, drug test ALL in government and all that live off the working public through the 88+ federal programs that in reality keeps people down and enslaved. Taxpayers would save billions in short order. After the total disaster called obumo there is nowhere to go but up. IMPEACH JAIL OBUMO 2014 NATIONAL DISGRACE

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Dec-03-13 3:25 PM

One question. Did Mr. Radel know, before he ran for the seat, that he had a problem with drugs and booze? This problem was hidden from his supporters. I hope the man can beat it for his own good and his family, but for now he has lost the votes of many and maybe forever. Resign and take care of your own problems first.we don't trust you.with ours.

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Dec-03-13 1:27 PM

great can sponsor radel's next fundraiser ..goodluck with that one

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Dec-02-13 9:54 AM

He wants hang around Washington long enough to gain cred as a lobbyist, or a bag man.

This may turn out to be bonafides for the latter.

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Dec-01-13 7:38 AM

"About 10 p.m. on Oct 29, 2013, Radel met a confidential source and an undercover law enforcement officer at a Washington restaurant, prosecutors said. At the restaurant, Radel told the two that he had cocaine back at his apartment and said they could go back and use some, according to testimony." Who is the "source" Everything was swepted under the rug in a hurry. To be arrested, charged, convicted and into rehab in less than two weeks? Really? Something is fishy. And it stinks to high heaven!

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Dec-01-13 2:58 AM

Rosko makes an important distinction (and thus eliminates herself) when she says "Let HE is (sic) without sin." Cute, Lynn. Real cute.

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Nov-30-13 8:26 PM

Radel has attacked the working poor for years as a Talk Radio host for not measuring up to exactly what he now "embraces" (alcoholism) as his gateway to an even more serious substance abuse. He was an alcoholic when he'd criticize them for needing public assistance (while working full time). All those GOP shills for the wealthy and huge corporations, like Radel, deserve an extra laying on when their hypocrisy is exposed.

In case you haven't noticed the issue of the day is the wealth gap and this creep thrusts his face forward as a poster boy as a fake and a fraudulent denier.

He needs to feel the reality of the working class. So is his wife.

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Nov-30-13 7:28 PM

When he put his money down for the drugs he knew he was breaking the law. The only thing he is sorry for is getting caught. He is a terrible role model for all the students in Lee County. He needs to go NOW!

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Nov-29-13 3:33 PM

Republitruth then you would be underestimating me.

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Nov-29-13 2:42 PM

Lynn, I'm pretty sure that, if Radel were a democrat, you would not be offering him a second chance.

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Nov-29-13 10:21 AM

Let he is without sin cast the first stone! At the very least give the man a chance to get thru rehab! Give him a chance to prove he can beat this!

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Nov-28-13 11:16 PM

Radel should go, at the very least, on the basis of the Dumb Scale. He's so stupid he buys illegal drugs from his new friend, introduced to him only a few hours before by - ta da - his drug dealer. Think about it. Why would your dealer introduce you to his competition? For that reason alone, his sheer stupidity (or arrogance) he needs to leave. Now.

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Nov-28-13 9:25 AM

This Hypocrite should go back to naming Sex domains. What a piece of trash.

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Nov-28-13 9:14 AM

Jack.... trey radel should concentrate on healing and then caring for his family. the public will not buy into his campaign due to his own actions in Washington. Dupe is a mild word,considering what he accomplished in his Naples fundraiser and then did not even bother to offer to return the funds,when those involved discovered his arrest and conviction. imo, his resignation should have been tendered on Day 1... SW Florida deserves to have the best representation in Washington ..don't you agree

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Nov-28-13 9:04 AM

The only opportunity he should get is whether he should be allowed to reside in SWFL or leave Dodge. This is a felony in a lot of states, we can't have a person like this represent us, period. I worked for years with bosses that abused alchol, trust me none of them were fit, being sober all my life this is not who I want in Congress.

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Nov-28-13 8:43 AM

Just like Henry should have said to DRUGS, just say NO to Henry!

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Nov-28-13 7:40 AM

Radel deserves to live the lower life of those he duped. Your shameful muck raking won’t cover the insult to the psyche of the voting public. He tempts cheap clichés and name calling, but honorable man - no hint of that. His career since leaving journalism has been an odyssey of peddling the propaganda of corporations bent on misleading the masses while picking their pockets. They financed his campaign such that the shear quantity of money at his disposal left a plethora of better qualified and honest candidates, in the primary and again the election, virtually silent by comparison. His campaign performance would’ve buried him without WINK, FOX and Talk Radio carrying his “heavy water.” He duped the faith based community in SWF. They WANTED to believe those talking points known to inspire their faith. Trey supported cutting food stamps for the WORKING poor to pay for continued tax breaks for corporations. He laughed at the WORKING poor behind his mask as he voted to drug test the

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Nov-28-13 7:03 AM

Trey admitted he is at the bottom of his game and we need a congressman at the top of their came. The situation he is in is a product of his own decisions leaving no one to blame but Trey. One who makes these types of decisions is not utilizing sound judgment and is not up to the task of representing the people in congress.

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