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Critics hammer fire assessment methodology

Tell judge city of Cape Coral has failed to establish a fair process by which to levy fee

November 27, 2013

A judge hearing additional testimony in the continuing Cape Coral fire assessment bond validation proceeding was told again Wednesday that the city’s methodology is arbitrary....

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Dec-02-13 7:18 PM


Heard that too today. Maybe the powers to be didn't have the information when you posted. It was listed in their paper? Anyhow, should be interesting. Isn't he thePresident of the local Republican Club with Deile, etc.??? Not really sure.

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Dec-02-13 4:35 PM

Lolita, I posted earlier that he arrested on a felony charge involving workers comp.

For some reason my comment was deleted.

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Nov-30-13 2:41 PM

@JJSully: The election is over and those who ran on the PST and FAF, won. Thw voters have spoken. Get over it, for at least 2 more years, and enjoy. BTW, what did the Unions get to make them "first?" You sir are turly a first class AH!

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Nov-29-13 8:48 PM

Has anyone seen Steve Lovejoy these days?? Nowhere in sight. Left town???

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Nov-29-13 6:01 PM

If they dont get this tax through these puppets and the unions will just come up with something else to rip-off the taxes payers

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Nov-29-13 12:06 PM

Does anyone need further convincing that this CM is incompetent. He wastes 33 thousand dollars on a fire chief and takes off on this fire accessment TAX without knowing what he is doing. Good choice Slick Seven, you really picked well.

All tax payers should be aware that your city is spending your tax dollars to raise your taxes. They are suing you. This city council is supporting this. Unions first eveyone else is last. Write them and thank them.

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Nov-28-13 10:32 PM

@Angelsonly: You still don't get it, do you? My statement was based on the point of those fighting the tax. Please, re-read and quote me where I stated any support for the tax. I didn't. Further more, you already know that the tax will never approach the 900 dollars amount that you are using in your comparison statement. On second thought, you don't understand the FAF, do you? You are probably telling residents that the PST was going to be a lot more than the average, 3-7 dollars aa month(per LCEC),that it truly is. I have to tell you, after following the Council the last 4 years, your sentence structure and the words you use suggest that you might be the Council member from District 4 that was thrown out last election. BTW, how did the banks get into this topic and what mistakes did I make involving the banks that would require the use of your money? And lastly, where do the Unions come into play here? Dude, you are really weird.

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Nov-28-13 9:35 PM

By the way Sandhead, take this to your bank. If the Federal, State and Local Governments with the 5 largest banks had to sell all their assets to pay their liabilities they would still come up about 50 Trillion short. Don't steal my money to pay your mistakes.

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Nov-28-13 9:28 PM

1sandhead, please justify this. Is it arbitrary that I should pay $900.00 per year for this tax and you will pay $120.00 year for ready to serve charges. Would you agree to pay the highest tax in the city to equal and level the playing field where we all pay the same fee/tax. Doubted you would. Clearly a non deductible property tax that harms the retired, disabled and Veterans. Something is rotten with this City administration and shame on the new council for voting to cover it up with a fix in the way of Mondays Resolution. Shame on our elected Council and Government, are you really that full of greed for the sake of union government employees.

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Nov-28-13 9:19 AM

IMHO, Morris and Diele don't seem to get it. The ruling is to be on whether the tax is ILLEGAL, not that they don't like it or the methodology. After sitting there next to them throughout the hearing, I am here to tell you that nothing was represented to show that the tax is illegal and as in all tax proceedures, the methodoligy is an evolving process. I guess some people need purpose, even if it is a ludicrous one. BTW, remember, the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare based on it being a tax, the same interpretation will be held here, and you can take that to the bank.

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