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Show Trey Radel the door out

November 21, 2013

To the editor: The least our congressman could do is tend his immediate resignation....

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Nov-24-13 1:19 PM

1sandy, I am a registered Republican. I think you’ve already seen enough of me to say ((((WHAT!!!!)))).

I have been one for 30 years, living in SW Florida. I know I am no turncoat. I have always been honest and a Progressive/Liberal working for the cause of the working class people of this world and the environment that sustains life. I have never given a dime to the Republican Party (though I’ve voted for a few).

I remember the governor’s race between Crist and Davis and their debate. I wrote an op-ed about it entitled, “The Biggest Liar Wins”. I don’t know what Davis would’ve done if he’d won, I do know I ate my words when Crist did just what he said he would when I called him a liar. That’s why the Koch Party turned on him.

Roach is adapting to reality, just like many moderate Republicans do….”when in Rome.” He got zero support from the DNC when he ran. He is all I have said about him and more and would work for the welfare of people as opposed to Corporate Welfare.

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Nov-23-13 2:06 PM

Now that you know that RADEL is a drug addict wold you hire him to watch your kids? I think not. RADEL should resign NOW!

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Nov-23-13 2:03 PM

@anticorp: That "brilliant engineer" is now a REPUBLICAN. So much for loyalty. Any person that will sell his soul(Crist for another)for the chance to be elected is a traitor and turncoat to his long time supported party, DEMOCRATS, and does not deserve any support from any party. If the Communists get in then will this turn coat decide he better switch to the Communist Party? Put a fork in Roach, he is done.

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Nov-23-13 10:33 AM

Like I told you numbnuts ,tou'll always be numbnutz

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Nov-23-13 7:55 AM

JustanotherBill makes a comment that I respond to and Lightswitch responds to me that LS is not Bill. Makes you go Hmmmmmm! How many names are you under LS?

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Nov-23-13 12:06 AM

I knew Radel was scum. The saddest thing is the amazing opponent these idiotic voters disrespected for that piece of corruption.

He ran against a brilliant engineer, with amazing problem solving abilities and could think on his feet and speak in a way to relate to the working man's issues. Not to mention he is a combat decorated veteran.

He defeated Trey in every straw poll they let him participate in (as a Democrat).

What has happened to this country?

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Nov-22-13 11:58 PM

I listened to his old talk show the day this came out and it was amazing how many of the party faithful calling in that could relate personally to him.

Its seems half the listeners had family members or were themselves personally scared by addiction.

They have nearly all been corrupted by his likes.

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Nov-22-13 10:26 PM

I am not bill. But you'll always be a numbnutz! Good Boy!

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Nov-22-13 12:18 PM

Radel needs to be given the chance to become clean and sober of alcohol and drugs. It is his right and most hopefully his honest choice. However, not while in a job he was elected to do but can't. He can't be there In Washington D C properly analyzing and voting on bills. His team can do all the research they want but we really did not elect the team and they can't vote anyway. To show how this effecting his rationale he thinks he just checks in on a given days and checks out and he is fine. Sort of like laundry but it is not like that from what I have read and seen. The biggest fear is there is no guarantee. However, I am willing to see him resign, straighten himself out, and let him run for reelection after that time comes. In the meantime his so called advisers need him to make the correct choice now and do what 75% of the voters polled have requested. He does need to resign!

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Nov-22-13 9:10 AM

I am shocked, shocked! this is coming out of you Bill. After all Henry is one of your compadre Tea Party faithful.

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Nov-22-13 3:30 AM

If Radel were a teacher, police officer, fire fighter, or any other non-elected public official he would have been fired upon being convicted. He will be fired at the next election but this guy needs to have some respect and resign now!

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