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Sullivan to contest mayoral election results

November 15, 2013 It’s not over until Mayor John Sullivan says it’s over – or at least until a judge or Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington tells Sullivan it’s ove....

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Nov-18-13 6:38 PM

Lynn... I doubt many attorneys in Cape Coral specialize in elections. I don't blame her for reaching out to a credible expert in a town where that type of Attorney is much more needed than here in the Cape. As for who is paying the bills it is probably coming from her Nunya fund. You do know what a Nunya fund is, don't you?

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Nov-18-13 7:23 AM

Lynn is just upset that she will not be a RAG groupie anymore!

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Nov-17-13 8:11 PM

No. I certainly don't think the incoming Mayor is nervous. She's rather smart. Is your side a little nervous. If, as you say, this person excels in Elections, well, isn't that the subject at hand. You certainly never get the chef whose specialty is soup, when you are dealing with roasts? Right. She was served and she is sending it the professional proper way, back at you, or whomever is doing this. I know, some names are there. Is their side being represented pro bono??? You know the term. You put out fires with strong streams of water, quickly with force. Enjoy the evening.

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Nov-17-13 7:15 PM

Question for everyone: Why did Mari Sawicki hire a high profile attorney from Tallahassee who specialty appears to be Elections? Why not an attorney from Cape Coral?? You think she is nervous? Just who is paying for this attorney??

She sure raises a lot of questions with this latest actions by her!

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Nov-17-13 11:27 AM

"Support your country always. Support your politicians when they deserve it." Mark Twain So, ‘went to buy a used vehicle a while ago. At the bank the teller counted the money withdrawn, I counted what she gave me, I counted it again for the seller, and he counted it in front of me. (no doubt his bank teller counted it too). Who runs the city is all about the money, so count it again…

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Nov-17-13 11:25 AM

Sorry. Typo...replace seems with sees. Just wanted to avoid some nasties jumping on that one.

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Nov-17-13 11:23 AM

Questions upon questions. What "improprieties " Occurred. Are they listed anywhere or is it only the Judge that seems them. Is that how he will make his determination to go forward. How is it this group always uses generalities and never states the "facts" when making the claims?

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Nov-17-13 9:19 AM

Sounds like Captain Emeritus is attempting to practice law again while "Legend In His Own Mind" Carr just wants to see his name publicized repeatedly.

I seem to remember a whole bunch of allegations Sully and friends made over the yrs that helped get them in office. Turns out those claims were ********, why should we believe it will be any different now? I wonder, if Sully had won by 121 votes he'd be asking for a recount as well just to quell any rumors of impropriety?

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Nov-16-13 5:19 PM

I notice David Carr has not responded to my question.

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Nov-16-13 10:01 AM

If it were not so sad it would be funny...or is it if it were not so funny it would be sad ?????

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Nov-15-13 7:35 PM

It is such an embarrassment when people who live and work in another county ask me what the heck is going on in Cape Coral. :-(

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Nov-15-13 6:56 PM

As for the former Mayor Sullivan challenging the race, whatever go ahead and challenge it. It only hurts worse to lose three times. I do know the race was close enough that Harrington played a major CYA for her self before she certified the results. Knowing how badly she stumbled in the recent presidential election, no way she is letting it happen twice. Hence, the voting results were basically recounted already.

So, what we know is this... The race was close... Marni Sawicki was declared the winner on election night (1 loss for Sullivan). Soon after the results were certified and Ms. Sawicki was confirmed the winner (2 losses for Sullivan), now the challenge.... That will most likely make three losses for Sullivan.

As for Carrs accusations... Who cares what he says? Why would he matter?

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Nov-15-13 4:50 PM

After Sullivan and his supporters go through the process afforded them under the law we as a city can get back to the business of running a growing, safe city! If you see a problem then bring forth a solution, just don't complain.

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Nov-15-13 1:46 PM

It seems Mr. Carr may have spent too much time underwater looking for his "pirate ship" and its treasures. Really, unions and city people have the ability to work the polls and influence votes and change the outcome of an election. We all know that Sullivan is led, and led, he never thinks on his own. Too bad, he is really a nice person, sometimes.

Sorry...Mr. Carr....thought you were leaving town because your business has fallen off. Get out of the water and onto dry land.

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Nov-15-13 11:20 AM

And the RAGs continue to break new and repugnant ground. Continue to spew baseless accusations at city workers. Continue to embarrass Cape Coral and smear her, even after they are ousted. They are like a bitter dumped ex lashing out no matter who it hurts.

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Nov-15-13 9:34 AM

Ah yes, when is the last time we heard that word used? Oh, during the last two Council meetings where the slime was caught lying. Funny that both LOSERS are now running around town, in their last desperate gasps of political air, dumping on this fine City, but we wouldn't expect anything different now, would we?

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Nov-15-13 8:06 AM

This is a quote from the story on the N-P:

"He also said Sullivan hired an investigator to talk to people who claimed to have witnessed discrepancies at the polls"

I wonder if these "people" understand the meaning of the word PERJURY?

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Nov-15-13 7:54 AM

David Carr, how is a ballot touched by more than one person in early voting anymore than on election day?

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