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Sprawl’s high cost to taxpayers

November 7, 2013

To the editor: At this time local leaders are discussing road projects and are opening up discussions for public input....

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Nov-19-13 9:22 AM

Linda would you compare Cape Coral to Haines City. Springfield, Florida?

Because that is what this Fire Assessment bond validation is doing.

No one seems to be able to figure out why a 40 year old city can't cover 17% of the fire dept.'s workload which has 87% of its calls medical emergencies.

Different vehicle (smaller), less costly to run, maintain and staff.

Cape Coral still buying whale oil, and buggyn whips!

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Nov-16-13 5:55 PM

Is the bank that the city bought the $13 million of foreclosed land from building a complex in Cape Coral?

Not making a complaint just wondering if it is the same bank the city is getting its $13 million back in small neat packages?

Is Joe Mazurkeiwitz brokering the deal if it is in fact the same bank? Just wondering.

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Nov-15-13 2:25 PM

Why did the city of Cape Coral< Fl. pay over $13 million for land it had no planned use for? National statistics show municipal land condemnation is up 400% when land is needed for a planned project. Why was the land purchased and then the staff asked to figure a need for it? Not to mention this land came off the the tax rolls and the residents had to make up a $20 million deficit. That was questionable as well!

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Nov-12-13 11:25 PM

Sprawl and thoughtless growth (other than quid pro quo crony capitalism) to "improve" the tax base and “growth is a given” has been the ruin of city after city.

One of the Libertarians (of all people) introduced me to this efficiency method in bringing to an end to extra lanes and growing pollution.

No one with an ounce of objectivity can watch these three videos and not see it offers a better way in many instances.




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Nov-10-13 9:36 PM

I agree that greenspace and placement of bike/ped lanes should be considered, but to compare the Cape to Sanibel and the Hamptons....really. The comparison shows a disconnect to reality akin to Regan asking if Ketchup was considered a vegetable.

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Nov-09-13 7:43 PM

So, Nana II, was it your husband's brilliant idea to add the bike lane to Pine Island Road, between Del Prado and Santa Barbara? A bike lane, about 18" wide, right up against the right hand traffic lane where the speed limit is 50? I almost hit a bicycle the other evening, along that very stretch, just as the sun was setting. If, in fact, this was McGrail's brilliant idea, I'm glad someone that lacking in foresight and common sense is gone, baby, gone.

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Nov-09-13 12:26 PM

We have a bit of a problem with something called HURRICANES here in the Cape. We MUST have enough lane mile to safely evacuate if the need arises! Public Safety and Health is the main obligation of our Council and they must properly address that by improving our official evacuation routes. It's quite sad that my husband, Councilman McGrail, was tossed by the "I got mine, you don't get yours" crowd. He was working with the group that was trying to get bike paths added to as much road as we possibly could...including those evacuation routes. I hope Williams picks up the ball and runs with it, or we will never see that improvement take place. Kevin's plans to designate commercial areas AND green space also may fall by the wayside, but I hope not.

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Nov-08-13 6:51 PM

be very weary of these condemnation of sprawl people the problem is they want agenda 21 from the UN educate yourselves on it then make an opinion

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