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Unite behind our new mayor

November 7, 2013

To the editor: Tuesday’s election taught us that when action is taken, we can and do make a difference....

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Nov-21-13 7:49 PM

Hey there's a thank you party for John Sullivan Tuesday Nov. 26th at Palmetto Pines. Free champayne and food. Everyone's invited. Concession speeches please....anyone want to go???

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Nov-19-13 9:13 AM

Let's see if the new mayor and newbie council are steered into disenfranchising itself from Lee County Electric Cooperative. I believe this is on staff's plate to study soon? Might be a pay back for telling the people what their*****poor city is doing to them!

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Nov-16-13 8:09 AM

The new Mayor has an opportunity to "frog walk" CC into the 21st century.

She and council could make CC live up to the name of Sunshine State. No better local is better suited because of a past "MISTAKE". We mowed down all the trees. Make lemonade!!!! Gainesville, Florida is a Bigger Per Capita Solar Producer Than California — Thanks to Feed-In Tariffs *******thinkprogress****/climate/2011/11/21/373478/gainesville-florida-solar-producer-german-style-feed/ ***********ilsr****/gainesville-florida-uses-clean-contracts-aka-feed-tariffs-become-world-leader-solar/


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Nov-15-13 11:34 PM

Linda53 since I know you graduated third in your class of 2. I will restate for you TERM LIMITS means you can not run for that office antmore. You probably have not computed this in that bonehead of yours!

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Nov-15-13 11:28 PM

Maybe you can contact CowPatty for lunch she is looking for a lunch partner.

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Nov-15-13 11:23 PM

Linda you are the Queen of the Dweebs! How do you figure I am threatening them with the city charter's TERM LIMITS?

Your an ass,donkey, burro!

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Nov-15-13 11:21 PM

Burch has been in office before on council and mayor and Donnell as well. Do we have term limits or do they just serve forever?

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Nov-15-13 2:53 PM

lightbulb..just how is Dr D and Burch going to be taken out by their next term limit? Are you threatening them somehow? Should they be concerned about You and have the Cops find out exactly who you are? the "RAGS" are good at these sort of threats and its time for this type of behavior to Stop.. Please get over your hate and ill mannered mouth and Move on...preferably out of the City

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Nov-15-13 1:35 PM

Rocco I would say the mayor had a pretty flawed council!

Do you think for a moment Marty Kevin McClain would have been reelected? He did himself a favor by self destructing. His sidekick Kevin McGrail showed most how the vote would go for McClain. Most have time to wait but we will more than likely witness Carioscia, Nestor, Erbrick be voted out. Donnell, Burch, will be taken care of by the term limit law. So for now we will just watch and wait and make extra sure this council does not have to put closed on the digital signs!

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Nov-15-13 1:19 PM

Okay new mayor why are the residents subsidizing the commercial Sewer Charges and the pickup of Solid Waste? Let's see if the time has come for the businesses in Cape Coral to begin supporting themselves. It is time for the residential taxpayers to only have to pay for these businesses profits by purchasing their goods and services. NOT THERE TAX BILLS!

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Nov-12-13 9:20 AM

@JulieStevens: So if the Council votes 8-0 that is bad, just like 6-2, or maybe even 5-3? Every issue should be voted upon on it's on merit. No number can justify a "good" or "bad" vote. It's this type of thinking that stops progress and welcomes stagnation in a City. Wake up!

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Nov-10-13 9:15 PM

ahhhh Terry..... how's that Sullivan thingy working for you? sore loser

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Nov-10-13 7:49 AM

If she can bring professionalism and respect to our council and take Cape Coral off the Top 10 Laughing Stock list, she will be a huge success in my book. There will be those who are not happy with the way she votes. More importantly, watch how she will build bridges and earn respect from other leaders, allowing Cape Coral to finally get our share. Be honest...if a major company is considering relocating to Cape Coral, who would they getter a better impression from, Sullivan or Marni? Keep your eye on the big picture.

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Nov-09-13 7:45 PM

I'm in wait and see mode. If, in fact, Sawicki can make things happen, I'll congratulate her then. Until then . . . seriously, I think the only change we'll see is in the council vote numbers - instead of 6-2 it will now be 8-0, never a good situation.

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Nov-09-13 8:32 AM

I welcome the new mayor and wish her success. But two years ago, no one would have thought it was possible for the mayor to be reelected. A very flawed mayor came within 100 votes of being reelected. Likewise, two years ago, few would have predicted McGrails fall. It appears to me many are not happy with decisions made in the past two years.

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Nov-09-13 5:01 AM

terrorgulf: You are an incredible sore loser! Your grapes have gone so sour that they are now fit only for vinegar!

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Nov-08-13 11:10 PM

Break the trend of Crony Capitalism. Not one more dime to bribe corporations to come to the Sunshine. They should be paying impact fees, not taxing the citizens to pay the CEOs off and cover the cost of their impact on our infrastructure and environment.

Incentivize the citizens and corporations will come for their business, instead of impoverishing us and the corporations reap all the gains.

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Nov-08-13 10:24 PM

Terry please answer to two previous posts on thank you threads. Then after that we'll get started here...

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Nov-08-13 3:09 PM

Hope your interpretation of an election will cause you less grief than what you are demonstrating right now.

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Nov-08-13 1:58 PM


change city name to union city add new taxes unto taxes payer to make life easier for union members bankrupt city

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