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Incumbents out - Sawicki, Burch, Leon, Williams win

November 5, 2013

Cape Coral voters ousted all three City Council incumbents Tuesday, voting in three political newcomers and a former member of the elected board....

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Nov-05-13 8:49 PM

I am sorry that Kevin lost, but incredibly proud of Marni, Jim and Leon.

The terror reign of the RAGS is finally over!

Let's hope that Williams will shed the mantle given him by D. Scott, and vote to go forward.

Lurch needs to be investigated, and have his CCP revoked...this guy is dangerous!

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Nov-05-13 9:18 PM

I want to personally thank Mrs. Rosko for reminding the electorate of the Road Ahead's venom, she is a big part of the reason why we voted out the remaining Roadie hold overs. The people have spoken!!!! Thanks Mrs. Rosko!! Muah

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Nov-05-13 9:43 PM

We can finally lay this RAG era to rest. The once FAB 5 are now the FORMER 5. I am sorry Kevin got voted out. Something tells me we will hear from him again. I certainly hope so!!

OTT... Despite the venom and adversity Marni Sawicki prevailed. I look forward to watching our council work together and achieve some forward momentum.

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Nov-06-13 12:58 AM

Although happy the others have won, I am also sad that Kevin did not win. He fought hard for his neighbors through some very tough times. He deserves a thundering "thank you" for his service.

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Nov-06-13 5:47 AM

Agreed Packer, the light has broken through the clouds, finally. I look forward to civil discussions on the dais from here on out. It will be nice to see people who disagree actually be cordial to one another while debating an issue.

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Nov-06-13 6:15 AM

Lynn, where are you?

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Nov-06-13 7:03 AM

The Cirque de Toilet' parade is leaving town with Slapstick Sully in the Klown Kar leading the way and Chuckles the Klown sweeping up the droppings left behind!

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Nov-06-13 8:41 AM

Kevin I told you you would not carry your own district and am pretty sure that was the case.

McClain was not in the mix but I stated before the election season he would not be reelected.

Sullivan did lose by 104 votes but showed the city is pretty finely split in its direction. Which is more than obvious.

Chulatkas-Leetz I feel blew his own reelection probably with the police report comments. Too bad for the majority of people living here that don't draw pay checks from the city or rely on city contracts to keep their businesses afloat. So now we wait for the direction of the city to either prosper or fail and change again. Let's see how regressive the utility tax really is and if the fire assessment plunges the city into greater unrestricted debt!

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Nov-06-13 8:54 AM

@lightswitch: Bwahahaha! With your input & Rosko's, the Council now went from 6-2 to 7-1...Bwahahaha! With all your lies and exaggerations you and your ilk failed miserably. So McGrail lost, he actually talked and talked himself out of that seat. He was still a good Councilman who had the Cape's best interest at heart, but he failed to realize when to stop talking and let issues work themselves out. Life is good! The RAG's are dead...long live the Cape! Bwahahahaha!

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Nov-06-13 9:20 AM

Does anyone have pictures from Sully and Lurch's "victory party"?

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Nov-06-13 10:38 AM

Ask Kevin McGrail if he also feels the same way you feel 1Sandy.

Why I see the corners of your mouth turning down! Is McClain feelng frisky today.

Is he breaking out his post hole digger to build billboard sign?

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Nov-06-13 3:41 PM


Why not call Council Member McClain and ask him how he feels about anything. Time to stop this nonsense of innuendos and sayings and get to. If you don't want to help. So be it. Have a wonderful day in Cape Coral.

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Nov-06-13 5:01 PM

The Fab 5 have been dismantled and Nothing but Happy times are coming to this city.. Growth and Positive Actions.. Bring it on Marni,Jim, Richard and Rick too.. he's smart enough to know what's best for Dist 6

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Nov-06-13 5:02 PM

oh and Lightbulb..PUT A CORK IN IT!!!

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Nov-06-13 6:28 PM

Kevin did not pull his own district!

Retired fireman now tells how their is a question on how the city manager goes about his business.

Many of us knew this long ago.

Let see how Linda 53 and her chums field this next ground ball!

Linda I am Loving it and can't wait for the implosion.

I don't take instruction from the likes of you lady (I am being kind using that term.

Did you know if a vending machine freezes ice it is manufacturing?

A man with a plan to use a resource the city has too much off (water). Has a plan to use it and create a revenue stream in utility fee and tax can not get a meeting with city staff. In fact he has tried for months, and has viable operations around the state. Oh yes I'll put a cork in it when pigs fly Linda53. When pigs fly!!!!

Did you know if a kayak club uses a public waterway it impedes the use of the people who live on that PUBLIC waterway?

Only in Cape Coral, Florida just an orifice within the state of Florida. Put it

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Nov-06-13 6:32 PM

Hey Linda did you enjoy Charlie Myers pictures at the council meeting?

He more than showed how City Code Dept. is not doing it's job. Best part is they are another revenue stream but the stream seems to be clogged! Mr. Cassidy your code enforcers need to help pay their freight!

How's that Linda53 I know your Loving it!

McGrail is all done in politics in Cape Coral and Lee County. However there is always Collier County! Go swim with the big fish Kev!

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Nov-06-13 7:40 PM

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Nov-07-13 9:51 AM

All of the new members need to arrive with an open mind, and a healthy dose of humility.

That was precisely the problem the RAGS had...they arrived with a sense of entitlement and arrogance that was their downfall.

Good riddance to Sullivan and Leetz!

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Nov-07-13 9:51 AM

Light switch..if you are so unhappy with Cape Coral, why don't you move away?

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Nov-07-13 11:23 AM


My sentiments exactly. Thanks for commenting to Dimbulb. I do not, as I have him on my "too stupid to comment upon" list, also known as my "fecal roster".

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Nov-07-13 12:15 PM

I think light switch iOS a deile

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Nov-07-13 2:26 PM

Oh Lightbulb.. you amuse me..even if you are such a Drama Queen.. good ole boy Charlie was playing his part of Phil-A-Buster for his Chief Lemming. Those pics of the horse drawn vendor wagon was a HOOT.. Who wants to eat a hot dog/sandwich next to a pile of horse poo? the Rags might since they thrive on Free meals. Its nice to know that the Positive Move FORWARD is going to happen, so if you hurry, you can catch the next flight out of here. We know how much you hate anything Good happening in the Cape. oh btw, how's that Sullivan thingy working out for you? All the hand holding that was done, didn't work because none of you could shut his pie hole from misspeaking(lying) about the forged document that he had trouble remembering. As for the Code..they do an excellent job ,only the Code VIOLATORS have anything to worry about.. have a nice day

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Nov-07-13 5:28 PM

linda53: You most likely are too young to remember horse drawn carts selling their wares to everyone in the neighborhood. I remember them with fondness. What Charlie was pointing out with his pictures, was entrepreneurship at it's best. Nobody really knows what the future will bring to Cape Coral. I am just hopeful it isn't loaded down with more and higher taxes for my neighbors. The thing concerning code enforcement, he was correct. The property that the kayak club is renting has violatiopns that are plain to see. 2 boat trailers, without a boat on them and a storage container that is illegal. Besides that. We have on the street I live on. A house that has been abandoned for 4 years, give or take a few months. It is overgrown, fence has fallen in, it has been declared a nuisance and hazard property. If I question what is being done. I get the song and dance about it has to go to court. It has gone to court and still nothing is done. That's our code enforcement doing such a good job.

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Nov-07-13 5:41 PM

"Light switch..if you are so unhappy with Cape Coral, why don't you move away?"

Chief, I echo your question to Dimwit. I have asked the same question myself, many times. We certainly can't blame the market any longer.

@Dimwit... I saw Charlie's performance as well. I actually agree with him about the food trucks. I have a couple I frequent. However, you post is ridiculous. Those photos were of an industrial park, Holding an industrial area to residential rules is like saying Leetz was a shoe in to win the election.

I understand why Charlie made his point, you clearly as always missed the boat. Just your typical desperation of grasping anything to whine about. I agree the Chief, why not hit the bricks if it is that bad?

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Nov-07-13 8:17 PM

Hey Ray thanks for commenting! I always know I can count on you to say one thing and do something else. To not have you comment I would miss the the merriment you certainly bring to this site. If you made your best try to refrain you are just too weak to do that. I'll miss you Ray. HaHAHA.

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