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Cape council wrangles over document signature

October 22, 2013

Accusations, counter accusations and comment clarifications were fired back and forth Monday among Cape Coral City Council members saying they wanted to get to the bottom of an allegation that the......

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Oct-22-13 9:56 AM

Like McGrail stated such comment "make the city look bad." I guess that means if it is in this case or any other issue we need to be sure the city looks good at ANYcost? If the shoe fit I say wear both of them. Fix the problem and or issue thus the city would look good because it is NOT bad! I hate cover up politicians, businessmen who always want to make what the represent or sell be something LESS than it really is! Build it and they'll come? Not if it is something that it is not and it decaying and has a stench! Cost of overhead is running away in this city and you will see as the other cities cut costs and taxes Cape Coral will fall farther and farther behind as a desirable place to buy a home.

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Oct-22-13 10:54 AM

Why did Carioscia even bring this up? He needs to get out of the cop mentality. You are no longer a cop. Nesta obviously has alzheimers or selective memory. He doesn't remember what thew residents opinion is on the FSA Nesta, you really need to resign because you very rarely speak or have an opinion. The lonely reason some things are brought forward with your signature on them is because it is your turn. This rotation of submitting any ordinance or resolution needs to stop. You want something brought forward, or create and ordinance or resolution. You, the person should take the credit for it, good or bad.

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Oct-22-13 11:08 AM

It was interesting seeing a professional, seasoned interrogator draw the net around the always dumbfounded Sully.

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Oct-22-13 11:10 AM

Grumpy and Switch:

Face the issue. Did the Mayor sign the document? The Mayor has said on TV last night, that he has not seen the document. Why??? He can get anything he wants atany time without an official request. No one has to sign any document they don't want to. Rotation has nothing to do with it.

After last night, this City looks worse than it ever has. I too hate politicians that want to cover up. In this case, Sullivan, it may appear, agreed not to sign it and for whatever reason, he signed it. Now he doesn't even get the document. Really. He's trying to run out the back door and Leetz tried to help him. Too bad. Won't work this time.

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Oct-22-13 11:31 AM

Lolita: I was talking about the stupid rotation that is used in this city for bringing resolutions or ordinances up before council. Nesta is a useless member of the Council. He sits there every week, more than likely with no comment on an issue that he should be concerned with. As for whether or not Sullivan signed the document. That remains to be seen. I am also pretty sure that there have been sunshine violations. How do you explain the voting constantly with very little discussion at council meetings? I don't have proof of violations, but actions make others suspicious.

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Oct-22-13 12:44 PM

Carioscia and Nesta are on the Council to push the Union Contracts higher! Did you hear Nesta... Economy is good... "Cities are gving "RAISES" again! Really??? These 2 will harass anyone in their path! That is the sad state of affairs this City is in. Unfortunately, the Unions were the majority that voted 2 years ago!! So Union Minions, Carioscia and Nesta,will shove this agenda forward, further ruining our City! Trying to demean anyone who is actually for the Citizens! It makes me sick to watch their folly at the expense of our City reputation and growth. They have had government money handed to them all their lives, no idea what is going on in the real world!

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Oct-22-13 4:19 PM


Assumptions do what to us.?? You may perceive that the votes are such because they "talked". Remember, is the six who are together or the two who stick together. Could be determined either way. You don't like certain members of council, I don't either but doesn't make any difference. Did Sullivan sign it or not? It now becomes critical. The rotation of ordinance or resolution sponsorship, speak with those you "trust" on Council and share your views with them....or Run for Office and serve and make changes. The issue is and remains, did Sullivan sign it or not??

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Oct-22-13 4:22 PM


Remember the issue is not whether or like or dislike someone, whether you are for unions or not. The issue is the document and like it or not, it is an issue and the Mayor has to produce, admit answer the questions. That would put it all to bed. Mayor did you or did you not sign the document. If you did not, let's find the person that may have forged his signature. That is most important.

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Oct-22-13 4:26 PM

@Grumpy: For 6 years you and your co-horts have screamed "wrong-doing" from the building tops and now YOU want to know why Carioscia interfered? Good for him. The Mayor lied, either in Court or at Council. Hopefully we get the results BEFORE the election! You ridicule Nesta because he is not a bloviating grandiloquent buffoon like those you keep company with. More power to him!

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Oct-22-13 5:09 PM

CapeCoralCuestions: I have no affiliation with anyone on council, past or present. I didn't agree with much that went on before and I certainly don't agree with much that is going on now. You seem to have convicted the Mayor without any proof that he has lied. Is not a person presumed innocent until it is proven other wise? Let's hold off any judgment on the signature until all of the facts are brought forward.

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Oct-22-13 8:16 PM

It appears the Mayor has two options: 1. not admit he signed the document and be exposed as a liar, or 2. admit he did indeed sign the document and be charged with perjury. I do not envy the man, but he has made his own bed. His devious nature backfired this time, and he can only choose one of the two options above, there are no others. Those here who continue to try and deflect from the subject at hand are doing so BECAUSE they know the Mayor is in deep trouble either way. In fact, so is Mr Leetz, he possibly perjured himself also, and he knows that. It's not a game when you raise your right hand in court, and both will soon find that out.

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Oct-22-13 10:14 PM

Lolita maybe since the Florida Law Enforcement is investigating that document may just be evidence and is not available. At this point I really don't care. However I am just grateful the State of Florida is getting the message that something is more than wrong in Cape Coral, Fl.

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Oct-22-13 10:20 PM

The Feds have some really good handwriting analysts. So if there is a signature on that document they will be able to verify if it is real and a good chance they will get the the rightful owner as well. You see if there is a forged signature they already know it has to be someone who has access to the documents. What do think Watson?

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Oct-23-13 4:04 AM


There are copies of the document all over the place and they are available to the Mayor. FDE not involved, yet. Everyone got copies.

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Oct-24-13 8:08 AM

Hey Sherlock:

The "document" is all over so many copies and so many hands it has gotten into it is mind boggling. Your point is what????

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Oct-24-13 5:01 PM

Why do you state that? They have been all over the city lately. They are very friendly and inquisitive as well.

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Oct-24-13 5:05 PM

Lolita as I stated before they have some really good handwriting analysts and will verify "is real or is it Memorex?"

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