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School bus stops should be lit

October 11, 2013

To the editor: Censorship is alive and well at The Cape Coral Breeze. Last week I wrote a letter to the editor and only part of what I wrote was publishe....

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Oct-18-13 11:58 PM

CapeCoral Cuestions why don't you ask the newspaper not to confuse you when they print more than one article, editorial or letter to the editor.

I know it is difficult for you to keep up or keep straight or comprehend what you read.

However you just keep trying.

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Oct-15-13 1:29 AM

Litwich, drunken fool: how did we go from lights at bus stops to the dump trucks on Corkscrew road? We are Cape Coral and what happens between Fort Myers and Collier County has NO impact on us and is not our business! Sit down and clam up please

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Oct-15-13 1:26 AM

Litwich--you are a sorry piece of work! You just don't get it, stupid. The parents of the kids on the bus for 2.5 hours a day leaving school do that to their children because it means they will not have to pay for after-school supervision/day care! You might think you are a litwich but you are really a DIM BULB! If there is a way for the government supported, charity dependent money suckers to figure a way to get something for free-----they will figure it out! Oh, and by the way! NanaII is not married to McGrail nor a close family member but rather a family friend! How dumb are you?

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Oct-13-13 11:12 PM

ANOTHER MAJOR PROBLEM FOR A PEA BRAINED COUNTY. Moving sand and how to not have accidents on a roadway. MINE THE SAND DURING THE DAYLIGHT. LOAD THE TRUCKS AT NIGHT USING PORTABLE LIGHTING AT THE LOADING SITE. VERY LITTLE TRAFFIC BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 11pm to 7am or 10pm to 6pm. Pay the premium pay and eliminate the million dollar law suits! In fact pay NO PREMIUM there is a shortage of jobs remember?

Bye the the way someone ask Lee County where the 434 loads of fill are or the money to replace it. Yeah the brother in law of the head of the public works who used the fill on his personal property. EPA was supposed to haul him into court. Never heard another word in the media. Guess it just went away!

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Oct-13-13 11:00 PM

Two hour bus commutes for students compound a need of 10 buses per school or over 800 to 1000 buses using (this is an old figure $10 million dollars in gasoline. How much oil, tires, replacement parts, non teaching staff, etc., etc. etc.. So much for SCHOOL CHOICE!

If the students went to the school closet to there home all the non education garbage could be cut outr of a buget over ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

Interesting how once screw up compounds itself with several others. Worst of this is we pay big bucks for educational administrators to solve problems like these. DAWN TO DUSK STUDENT COMMUTERS AND THE BEST SOLUTION IS LIGHTING? NOT EVEN SOLAR...WHAT FOOLS!

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Oct-13-13 2:19 PM

Although I have to agree with childrens safety. I have to ask this. How many bus stops have been eliminated and or moved? How many times should lights be installed at those bus stops because they were moved again? Why should the City of Cape Coral pay for lighting at school bus stops? The City has no say whatsoever as to where the bus stops are. Go after the Lee County School Board for the lights. Or better yet, go after the Lee County Board of Commissioners for the funds.

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Oct-12-13 8:30 PM

NanaII is Kev's wife who I guess pays the bills in that household. Pack Kev a good lunch because he'll be spending more time at his job in Naples. Thank goodness!

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Oct-12-13 8:27 PM

People are going to try to reduce their electric bills at their homes and maybe businesses.

The school bus stop lighting and electric donated signs by Lammar Corporation (city/private company will be brought forward) is McGrail's gift to Lee County Electric. The city causes a reduction in use by residents then adds more lights at the bus stops, adds electric digital signs over the roadway and gives back Lee County Electric revenue still paid by the residents. Paid by the businesses, homeowners and renters to appease the utility company. McGrail will be defeated, and this tax will be rescinded (reversed) in 2015! Mention McGrail's name in his district and hear what the non city worker thinks of him as a councilman. He is done and if Josh is his son relative he will not get out of the political starting blocks!

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Oct-12-13 4:57 PM

Shannon, you are such a putz. Very few comments were made at the meeting about 'children'. Mostly the comments were about adults driving at night missing their turns and streets. My solution to that? STOP DRINKING AND DRIVING! Then you will know where you are and where your street is!

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Oct-12-13 1:45 PM

Here's a suggestion. If you're worried about the safety of community children at a dark corner, how about figuring out what this would REALLY cost (I don't believe $600 for a minute), figure out the monthly charge, call a meeting of concerned residents and split up the cost? Just a thought.

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Oct-11-13 11:58 PM

If it’s a Lee County bus stop, why not go after Lee County School District? It is always the Rode Ahead Gang that blames McGrail for everything and anything in order to try and make him look bad. What else can they do with a no-idea-man like Williams running against him? Williams knows so little about this city and its history that he stated “we always come up with the money for public safety.” Not so. Actually a lie. Shannon, if the Jacaranda streetlight is that important, why don’t the citizens involved BUY ONE? Oh, but wait—so much easier to demand that our employees pay for it! How much do they have to give to this City before it is enough to make RAGs happy? All you RAGs remember this is a Republic not a Communist ghetto, right? Go*****off the t’eet of someone other than our employees.

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Oct-11-13 12:26 PM

"McGrail" has been working for years to get ALL school bus stops lighted! The idiots who refused to fund ANY infrastructure left no funds to do so. Not one penny of the PST has been collected yet! Go take Bookkeeping 101 so you have a clue what you're talking about.

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