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Vote Sullivan, Chulakes-Leetz, Headd, Williams

October 11, 2013

To the editor: As most of us know, it is very unusual for a decent, moral person to run for political office. They are usually seeking wealth and power through their special interest groups....

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Oct-15-13 11:37 AM

Thanks. Already know and have read everything about employment,failed military service, court records, numerous, but under Chris N. Letz. Did he deliberately change it to Chulakes Leetz for the foreclosure issues he currently is under the gun for? do you pay taxes as a Councilman under one name and then another name for all the court issues he has? Really curious.

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Oct-15-13 1:08 AM

@Lolita: Chris N. Leetz uses Chris Chulakis Leetz to cover his history and his failure as a human being. If you Google Chulakis the only thing you will find is some fake alien life form from some computer game. His mother died as Marguerite Leetz, but he said the "Chulakis was to honor the guy who raised him". Friend, Uncle, Relative, Teacher, Scout Leader, Abuser? Who knows. I often wonder if he added the Chulakis to cover up his employment record. Whatever--he is a miserable, unhappy, slacker who wants to do nothing but sleep and smoke (heard from someone he worked with for Lee County EMS.) Go to Fort Myers and ask the County for his employment records (public information) and you will get an eye full!

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Oct-15-13 12:56 AM

John Galt! When are you going to get REAL and stop blaming the unions for the problems in Cape Coral when you and you junta have said publicly that you want to destroy this city and force it into bankruptcy! Said bankruptcy will then release you and your junta from financial obligations you don’t want to meet because you paid 5 times what the land was worth? You and your buddies have made no secret of the fact that you hate this city and will leave at the earliest opportunity that the overpriced homes you bought are about to break even! Dude! You need to grow a pair and take responsibility for your own bad decisions and investments!

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Oct-13-13 8:54 PM

How come Leetz has two names? Which is his legal name.

Chris N. Leetz - foreclosure issues Chris Chulakes Leetz = Councilmember. How does he pay taxes, under which "legal name??????

He was a "Charter Boat Captain (snicker) under Chris N.Leetz. Now Chris Chulakes Leetz CouncilMember. Why?????

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Oct-13-13 7:28 AM

The FACTS are when the road ahead was in control of the Adminstration and the Dais almost all in the INNER circle profited greatly on the tax payer's backs. This is all a matter of record, as Lightswitch likes to say, so take some time and look it up. There was even the outlandish attempt at the "Christmas Time" money grab through a lawsuit settlement. Orchestrated by one current occupier, and one former occupier of the dais at that time, and hastily convened and voted on from the dais. It was sweet Poetic justice that this attempt at picking the pockets of the citizenry was thwarted by the unexpected vote of Mr Leetz no less. It was a lawsuit I might add that cost the citizens in excess of $70,000. Don't even get me started about the myriad audits we the citizens paid for that produced absolutely NOTHING. It seems the group Mr Elia backs is perfectly fine "SPENDING OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY", but when it comes to their own they all have alligator arms.

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Oct-13-13 1:23 AM

Tony, do you really want to discuss who ran for office and took money and is owing? Sully took Creighton's money and worked soooo hard to stop the overpass at Veteran's and Santa Barbara because Creighton owned the corner property at the time and was a HEAVY, and early contributor to Sully's first campaign. The two belong together. Sully was bought and paid for. He came CHEAP!

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Oct-12-13 4:52 PM

Elia, are you insane? Leest and Sulli ARE city administration. Many politicians are out for prestige and power and that is exemplified by Deile, Brandt, Sullivan and Leest. (Sulli falls asleep at council and lee county meetings and Leest cannot hold a job! Leest is a lying manipulative sack of ****e who attacks anyone he considers above him.) How many times has he called Ms. Patti “insane” because she objected to his sitting through the Pledge of Allegiance? Your problem, ‘bozo’, is that MOST citizens of the Cape want a beautiful, safe, family-friendly city and you can’t get that without paying the taxes to support it! Folks who moved here to retire (not to be land speculators) know that they are paying less than ¼ to 1/3 of the amount of taxes they did up north. There are less than 200 RAGs and they drag along the foolish and uneducated (like you) to vote with them. (Anyone checked your license with the state?)

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Oct-12-13 3:13 PM

Galt: Really....You condemn an opponent because she has "only lived here 2 years" and that she attended conventions. Really...look at her professional career in business. Has the Mayor been instrumental in "holding the unions in control". What are you talking about. He has not even attended the most important issue meeting in DC right now. The other cities are all represented. After the signature issue which is just popping up, guess we'll see who is truthful or not. Voting is personal at best for everyone.

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Oct-12-13 3:02 PM

Mayor Sullivan has my vote. Not because he can “run” a meeting, speak eloquently, play golf, or because he looks good in Capri pants. He has my vote because he understands the need to control the reckless spending and the constant greed of the unions. Many homeowners and local businesses just now see some light ahead. To fall back into the pathological spending of the boom years is the very last thing a municipality with nearly $1billion dollars of debt should do. His opponent has been here just 2 years and proudly list “attended conventions” on her resume’. Really? We need truthful, sincere, and honest elected officials now more than ever!

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Oct-12-13 2:16 PM


Your choice is a real choice. What's wrong with some who works, no matter what their job.but Richard is in marketing sir.

How many years anyone lives here means nothing.

Marni Sawicki is an accomplished business woman, works in the community, etc.

Sorry, we have two good choices. Are you still convinced you have no choice? Don't believe that for one minute. You have the choice to move forward instead of stuck in the mud.

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Oct-12-13 1:43 PM

"Vote Mumbles, Chuckles & Company?" I say, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." But what's our choice? A two-year resident and a grocery bagger? Really?

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Oct-12-13 1:55 AM

Ahhahahaha. NanaII who would have guessed?

Now tell us the secret about the ridiculous statement Sullivan and Leetz stating they want to take the city into bankruptcy. I bet it is not fact. Now if you stated I wanted that to happen I would applaud your observation from what I have posted many times. The new taxes madame show how a city is neglectful of the majority of its residents. Kev voted the 5% BONUS for the unions, the phoney savings that will never be seen from the pensions over 25 years. With the so called benefits coming at the end of the 25 years! It is like Kev says "TRUST ME". NEVER! The Utility Tax introduced with a single electric bill...rubbish. The Fire Assessment end run on millage rate and open end borrowing with a 3.75% increase every year. More poverty in this city and more chance for ghetto as NewYorker Magazine stated. See a ghetto is a pocket of individuals living at poverty level and below. NO real expendable income. He covered the 1249+ city employ

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Oct-11-13 10:03 PM

Hey! Elia! Got signs?

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Oct-11-13 8:08 PM

Oh this is the guy that through a major hissy fit and charged out the side door like a jack-tard at a public meeting held at the Cape Coral-Lee County public library a few years ago? Right? LOL the one where Deile threatened my husband he was going to sue us...(still waiting)

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Oct-11-13 1:20 PM

Keep in mind, Tony and his ilk throw the mud up against the wall. If one tiny drop holds on they cry and cry. Prove your innuendos Tony or go with Erik down memory lane.

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Oct-11-13 12:01 PM

How DARE you slander and libel these fine people who truly do want what is best for the city of Cape Coral NOT just a few whiners who don't deserve to live in this wonderful city. WE want our infrastructure maintained so we don't become the ghetto that YOU and your ill tempered buddies seem to want to force on all of us. With all the dirty tricks your gang has been playing in this election, I would not be proud to associate with them....placing a bounty on certain candidates signs, moving LEGALLY placed signs in right of way, running over signs, strong arming land owners into allowing their signs to be put up...and the list just goes on and on! Leetz and Sullivan have openly stated that they WANT to take the city into bankruptcy! All those Union members you constantly attack also happen to be TAX PAYING RESIDENTS! After 38 years of marriage, I can assure you that Kevin McGrail has never done anything dirty or dishonest in his entire life!

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Oct-11-13 10:32 AM

Tony has been a senseless supporter of negativity and disgrace. He has interrupted meeting like a child, and shown he too doesn't understand how city budgets work. The unions have taken the biggest hits of any residents in our city, not only losing their homes in this housing bust but taking nearly 20% reductions in their incomes to buck up other homeowners. You need to ask Tony why he tattoos in NFM and not Cape Coral. Is it because he is only concerned with himself, and not his community? Why tony?

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Oct-11-13 10:15 AM

The Klown Kar is officially full!!!!

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Oct-11-13 7:57 AM

Tony is like Eric K...the best course is to do the opposite of what they say.

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