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Assessment ruling may take weeks

October 10, 2013

Whether the city of Cape Coral can legally use a controversial new revenue source for bond financing is now in the hands of a judge....

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Oct-10-13 9:36 PM

Well, here we go again with the accusations with no back up provided, someone else did it claims, no back up...When does it all end here in Dodge City. If you don't like something throw rocks at it and see if it sticks. Cries of Sunshine Law violations never proven. Will wonders never cease here.

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Oct-11-13 12:56 AM

I am not opposed to the new fire assessment. I think it is an innovative way to spread cost. I am also not opposed to citizens voicing their opposition. I think it is great the the judge provided for everyone to be heard before making a decision. It's democracy at work. No need to malign anybody.

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Oct-11-13 8:12 AM

Rocco..They are just opinions and observations nothing more.

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Oct-11-13 9:07 AM

The problem with the Fire Assessment it is being implemented by a small group of people to sustain the mismanagement and out of control borrowing that has gone on here for decades.

It is nothing more than a ploy to circumvent the state law on collection of real estate tax which has a 10 point millage cap.

We watched the management of the city overlook the economic meltdown we are still experiencing now for 7 years. That management 7 years ago refused to think they could out live and buy themselves out of a recession which would not last. Bottom line this city has debt service of $33 million dollars and growing. Even though the length of debt has been pushed off in many cases 20 to 30 years. So all this Fire Assessment does is make it possible to continue this folly. You will be seeing the new Utility Tax of electricity increase in dollars due to rising energy costs. You will see your real estate values rise if by nothing else inflation. Thus higher Tax. go to page 2.

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Oct-11-13 9:22 AM

Page 2.

You will see this Fire Assessment rise rise at a minimum rate of 3.75% every year to keep the millage cap under control and under the prying eyes of the state of Florida. No you say! Show me where the City of Cape Coral has not spent contingencies to the penny. Show me where this city ever managed its revenues (TAXES) on the side of cautiousness. Just as a fact check today in the working population it is a holiday. Only 15% of the workforce is on holiday. Your city workers are all being paid if not 100% of their wage while off but double time if they are at work. illegal? Only in NEGLIGENCE of governing and management of resources!

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Oct-11-13 9:28 AM

Again, we are treated to opinions without basis of fact. Opinions to sully the reputations of workers in the City, again, without basis in fact. Everyone had their say at the"bond validation". Ok. Now wait for the decision, not innuendo, not slander of all kinds, etc. Everyone's voice will be heard and then the court will decide.

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Oct-11-13 4:46 PM

Now we wait for the "I didn't sign the document" saga from Sullivan and Leetz. It may very well be investigated. Wait and watch.

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Oct-11-13 6:50 PM

Your concerns are very valid lightswitch. It is a way to circumvent the millage cap and the intent to continue raising the assessment is certainly there. That would be my main concern, and would be my main reason for opposing the assessment. Also concerning is the fairness of basing the assessment on your property's build value. A positive is that the many empty lots will contribute.

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Oct-12-13 9:47 AM

As a disabled Veteran I will now have to pay taxes that I should not have to pay thanks to six corrupt officials. To bad my sacrifice was not enough payment for these tax and spend left wing liberals. My vote will be going to Sullivan and Leetz and so will thousands of other vets be supporting them. They respect our Service, Thank You Mayor and Councilman Leetz.

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Oct-12-13 2:32 PM

To all of our Veterans:

Most of us had members of our families never come back, most of us had members (of warns, confrontations, whatever they choose to call it) left with disabilities of some kind. Some of us were lucky, they came back. I do not believe anyone passes or thinks of supporting an issue and/or law to directly hurt one segment.

Thanks for serving.

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Oct-12-13 2:33 PM

Sorry for the typo.. Should be wars.

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