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Bond validation in the hands of a judge

October 9, 2013

Closing arguments were made Wednesday during the third and final day of a bond validation hearing for the city of Cape Coral to test the legality of its controversial fire service assessment....

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Oct-09-13 5:33 PM

Ah. The document that, as quoted, Mayor Sullivan said he didn't sign and which Leetz said he refused to sign, is validated by the City Clerk. Are we now inferring she didn't validate it. Get the document, it's clear. Match the Mayor's signature in On The Move, same signature. Not telling the truth under oath. Not a good sign, gentlemen.

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Oct-09-13 8:14 PM

So now the slick six, lead by McGrail and Szerlag are suing the property owners and tax payers of Cape Coral. Through lies and half truths they attempt to shove an illegal tax down our throats.

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Oct-09-13 9:23 PM


No, what they did was have Council vote on it and then are seeking to see if the bond is valid. Try to stay with the program.

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Oct-09-13 10:37 PM

Thank you to all the citizens that were willing and able to speak against this fee (new tax) in court for the past three days. Your efforts are truly appreciated. Thank you Mr. Kudla, Mr. Diele, Mr. Morris and others. Also deserving our thanks and our votes are John Sullivan and Chris Leetz. Those gentlemen are truly for the people!

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Oct-10-13 10:30 AM

Yes, it is great that people come forward on any issue. Unfortunately, this was not about whether you for or against the tax, it is whether the methodology being presented is correct Unfortunately, although most from Council appeared, it was unfortunately Leetz decided to attempt to smear other council members at that hearing. The Mayor has definite issues he is facing with his testimony. My choice, new faces, the time is now.

Leon for District 4, Sawicki for Mayor.

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Oct-10-13 1:48 PM

To listen to John Szerlag on the witness stand was a real treat. The only thing he knew was his name address (on taxpayer dollars $500.00 a month stipend) at Tarpon Point. He didn't know anything, didn't remember anything. He did know how to make faces and looking impressed with himself for not knowing anything!

Oh everyone was impressed when he stated he belonged to the ICMA! That is until he admitted under pressure and cross examination that he WAS NOT Certified by the ICMA as a City Manager!

Anyone can join the ICMA, just fill out the application and send them a check and bingo you to can belong too the ICMA (International City Managers Association).

Lenny Nesta testified very reluctantly after being told b the Judge he had no choice but to testify! He couldn't answer anything. He did not even know what the roll back rate was! How lucky we are to have him as a Councilman, NOT! You can thank that Get out the Vote Group for that!

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Oct-10-13 3:10 PM


Now now King didn't even belong to theICMA. Stewart belonged and had credentials and still some didn't like him How about the Mayor stating he never signed something and now there it is with the Clerk's stamp saying he signed it????

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Oct-10-13 4:06 PM

Lolita, Stewart is simply a member, which by the way mans nothing. Stewart is NOT certified by the ICMA!

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Oct-10-13 4:26 PM

But King wasn't even a member. So what's the big deal. The real question, is....Mayor Sullivan and his answer about not signing a document. No comments.

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Oct-10-13 4:47 PM

The signature situation will have to be looked into to ascertain when the signature was placed on the paper and if it is his signature.

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Oct-10-13 5:51 PM

Once again, it becomes necessary to point out inaccurate information. It is NOT true that anyone with a check can become a member of ICMA. FULL membership has six required criteria. However, any Joe Blow with a check can join as an AFFILIATE member which does not provide the same benefits as a full member. As for 'certification', ICMA does not offer a certification program. However, they do have a voluntary 'credentialing' program. Is that what you mean?

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Oct-10-13 6:03 PM

I'm a little concerned that an elected official's signature may have been forged on a document. Seems like that is a bit more important than how people came off on the witness stand. Unless you do that everyday it's not easy to testify, but as I can see, those who know all are perfect and have never stumbled over their words. No matter how the bond validation goes, we still have an issue over who signed that document with the mayors signature?

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Oct-10-13 6:23 PM

The plot thickens over the signature. Sticky wicket to say the least. Another enigma to deal with. Not uncommon for the City of Cape Coral. Check the signature on his article in On the Move.

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Oct-10-13 6:56 PM

Kirsten my information is absolutely correct. I

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Oct-10-13 7:38 PM


Curious wording, "it will have to be looked into as to when the signature was placed on the document and whether it is his signature". Are you saying someone else signed or placed his name???

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