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City Council candidate question of the week. Week 9 - Citizen Engagement

September 27, 2013

Each week through the general election, The Breeze will ask the candidates for Cape Coral City Council an issue-related question....

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Oct-14-13 5:44 AM

Listen to 92.5 Fox News and Daybreak with Drew Steele on Wednesday, October 23rd for a mayoral debate between Mayor John Sullivan and candiate for Mayor Marni Sawicki

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Oct-14-13 5:42 AM

Listen to 92.5 Fox News and Daybreak with Drew Steele on Wednesday, October 23rd for mayoral debate between Mayor John Sullivan and candidate for Mayor Marni Sawicki

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Oct-05-13 11:08 AM

Go to one long meeting and listen to all of the same from each citizen, some shouting, some abusive, some very lucid. Then wait for some of the dialogue. Same as with every council and council member, some agree, some are very long winded with their speeches, and, then again, a tug of war occurs. Doesn't matter if you get 3 minutes or an hour, such as the sign ordinance just got, same results.

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Oct-04-13 8:12 PM

McGrail commented the residents have sufficient opportunity to communicate with the council at citizen's input. That's not communication! It's an opportunity for the resident to make a presentation which seldom receives a response. Communication usually involves 2 or more people discussing something.

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Oct-04-13 1:43 PM

Lightswitch: Although I have the greatest respect for our city employees, I am not nor have I ever been a city employee, married to one or lived with one. Just wanted to set the record straight. To me your "switch" is always in the "off" position.

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Oct-04-13 6:24 AM

Ligthswitch, the city employees are confused because you say they got a 3% raise but they haven't seen it, so what are you talking about?

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Sep-30-13 9:43 AM

Seriously...does anyone believe the answers given by the Incumbents. Sullivan with we need to change (fill in the blanks), Leetz will reach out to the citizens (fill in blanks). talks about round tables (already done), etc. etc. Four years and nothing new, election time and the incumbents are full of old ideas. It's all rhetoric on their part. Wantto change the resolution rules, change it, don't just talk about it. Yada yada yada.

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Sep-28-13 2:40 PM

Sullivan, Leetz, Headd and Williams gave the most intelligent and well thought out answers.

McGrail needs to go . Leon must of had a script writer write his answer as he can't put a sentence together without saying DAH! Sawicki just spins the words but then changes her mind the next day.

Burch is a tax and spend liberal, proven by his last short lived stint on Council, just like McGrail, Leon and Sawicki.

VOTE for Sullivan, Leetz, Headd and Williams!

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Sep-28-13 12:55 PM


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Sep-28-13 12:50 PM

Lolita get out on the street talk to the voters who do not attend the meetings. They will show that they are not happy with the Slick 6 council.

Talk to the young and old a like who are renting and know what is going on now and in their immediate future.

They will be out to vote. Interesting sidebar is those in district 6 who do need roads will be out in force to change the representation in that district.

The 5% BONUS could have gone to road repair in district 6.

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Sep-28-13 12:44 PM

In essence the SLICK SIX on council want the residents out of the way while they railroad any issue they choose.

That is why we have 3 new taxes. 1. Utility Tax 7%. $125 2. Fire Assessment $190 3. Increased real ?

Now add in a 3% staff raise. Add in a 5% BONUS on top of that. Those will make a budget increase now won't they.

McGrail also spoke about a wash? Not with a 1/4 of a point millage decrease and a 7.13% valuation increase.

This city will be flush with CASH and will SPEND every penny!!!!

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Sep-28-13 12:29 PM

Citizens have in most cases the weekly ability to give in put and speak their cases with the city. IN MOST CASES.

I site 3 instances of of not allowing the citizens to engage the local city government.

First time was when city manager Gary King was fired for NO CAUSE. In put was BLOCKED by the leader of this Councilman Kevin McGrail. Along with his (sidekick) McClain, Donnell, and then newbies Carioscia, Erbrick, and Nestor. The chambers were packed that evening and well documented by the media. The money they spent for a search returned a replacement with many of the same findings. Here is now city manager's practically first finding after interviewing staff. News-Press: City manager finds fire and police weak in SCHEDULING AND PLANNING.

The second pushed by Erbrick was the change in workshops and voting not giving the public time to digest and speak to issues at the council meetings. (In other words done deals).

The third was the TY budget meeting in a separate room

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Sep-27-13 8:44 PM

Mr. Mayor: Just a reminder that the 3 minute rule came into play to prevent diarrhea of the mouth. On a number of occasions, you and Council Members allowed presenters to continue beyond the 3 minutes. Perhaps the dis-interest is a problem because all meetings take place during the normal work day when many of the citizens are at work. We are no longer a retirement community only. We need to change the times when we have hot topics like environment, sign ordinances, etc. We need to start acting like we are no longer the "bedroom" community but a vibrant growing city that is much more than that.

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Sep-27-13 5:29 PM

After attending many meetings and noting only 4 to 9 people each time, I would opine that the problem is not that the public has been shut down, the public is not interested in what is going on. Leetz is the one of the main reasons no one comes. It is a circus and Sullivan cannot control it

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