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Capricious code enforcement?

September 27, 2013

To the editor: Code enforcement has come and told me to remove my trailer or else. There are all kinds of trailers and commercials vehicles that are parked all over the neighborhood, including RVs....

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Oct-01-13 9:11 AM

As long as this city encourages this kind of behavior it will never grow. No business will move here under these conditions that is why they havn't in the last fourty years and they will not in the future. Cronieism is not a way to run a city, nor is harassment or discrimination. As it happens in Cape coral everyday,

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Sep-28-13 8:49 PM

I would prefer the codes be more lenient especially when it comes to parking any properly licensed and insured vehicle or trailer on your own property. But the situation is that certain things are illegal, I known that, so I don’t put those things on my property. But, on the other side of this argument, if the city can’t afford to enforce an ordinance equally and consistently then they can not afford to have that ordinance. At least that is the way I see it.

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Sep-28-13 4:24 PM

Code enforcement has given me great pause lately. They had a complaint about a room addition built without a permit for 1 1/2 years and did nothing about it. Just set new inspection dates every month, closed the case reopened the case over and again. This involved a former candidate for Mayor.

Now the best part is this house was sold this month at a foreclosure auction. It will be the new owner of this house after they replace the A/C that was removed and moved that will be responsible for double permitting fees, engineering drawings etc. to make this room legal!

Makes you go hmmmm!

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Sep-28-13 2:24 PM

D. Reed, is your trailer in violation of an existing code? You don't get to set your own rules and do what you want. Yes, there are many violators throughout the city but code doesn't have the manpower to drive around looking for violators because they spend their time working complaints. Your neighbors have the right to report people who degrade their properties with with trailers and other non-allowed items. If you can't be a respectable neighbor then you should move to an area that doesn't respect their properties like Cape Coral.

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Sep-27-13 11:45 PM

Landlords need to be providing the city codes to their renters. Require the landlord to buy those that are printed and available at city hall for their tenants. CapeCoral**** will produce city website and a place to report code violations. You may have to send more than one so keep the information asked for until the problem is handled. It worked for me with a personal visit to the code enforcement office.

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Sep-27-13 10:33 PM

No-never, my experience with Code supervisors (including Frank) has been positive. Never once did anyone at Code ask me to snitch on my neighbors. I called about problems with an abandoned property; I did not get upset or ugly; I offered to keep an eye on that property ONLY. I worry about unprotected, filthy, accessible pools. The response I got was professional and helpful; I even got a little more info about the problematic bankruptcy process, and, with a few concerned neighbors working with Code, the problem was resolved by Code. All in the 'tude.

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Sep-27-13 10:22 PM

I have an idea, quit violating the codes and you will not have anything to worry about. Wow that was easy!

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Sep-27-13 9:25 PM

Redundent read the post below the same goes for you

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Sep-27-13 9:23 PM

Only the truth, read the letter to the editor again and repeat reading it until you actually comprehend it!

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Sep-27-13 9:22 PM

JulieS. The only thing I have gotten out of the"higher ups is,-that I should supply them with the addresses of the people that have trailers or other vehicles on their property. That I will not do,- I will not become a city informant on my neighbors just because the city is harassing me. Nonevernon FYI Before anyone get's going they were foolish enough to put it in writing. There is something seriously wrong in a city when they try to set neighbor against neighbor, there are enough of those creeps (not a word I would us If i didn't have to here) living here already.

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Sep-27-13 7:39 PM

1. Are you breaking the City's Ordinance. 2. Was a legitmate complaint lodged against you by a fellow citizen with the City's Code Enforcement Arm? Judging from your letter the answer to both is YES. So, what's your beef?

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Sep-27-13 7:27 PM

Could it be that you actually are in violation? Did you not understand the code restriction when you moved here?

My realtor was very clear when we bought. Perhaps you heard what you wanted to.

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Sep-27-13 5:30 PM

I have actually found the "higher ups" in Code Compliance to be very helpful. Call the Cape Coral Code Compliance Office at 239-574-0613, try to stay calm and see if they can help. We all know about those miserable, pesky neighbors - every neighborhood's got one!

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Sep-27-13 4:44 PM

Are they 'discriminating' against you because of your age? Sex? Race? National origin? Religion? Disability? Unless you are being singled out specifically because you are a member of a protected class, it isn't discrimination.

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