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City Council candidate question of the week. Week 8 - occupancy rates

September 23, 2013

Each week through the general election, The Breeze will ask the candidates for Cape Coral City Council an issue-related question....

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Sep-23-13 11:57 PM

Carefully read each answer and the ones who do not have a clue as to who or with what they will fill the vacancies stand out. Create an instrument, have the city manager wave a magic wand, get together with groups? Which ones? Please some of these answers try one's patience.

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Sep-24-13 11:18 AM

Two incumbents still "don't have a real plan". Nothing new, same old same old "we have to", but no defined plan.

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Sep-24-13 8:59 PM

Richard Leon, you wrote seven sentences. Only two of your sentences have a subject and a verb. It is sad that you graduated from high school and you can't write a sentence correctly. There is very little substance to your comments and your comments are written on a fourth grade writing level. Compare your writing to any of the other candidates. The others appear to have the ability to communicate more clearly. Perhaps you should be using proofreaders and tutors.

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Sep-24-13 9:18 PM

Certainsmile, What Richard wrote is entirely correct. He was stringing phrases together to make a point. In several of these, the subject was implied.

You understood him,didn't you?

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Sep-25-13 5:40 PM

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Sep-25-13 5:42 PM

Richard Leon was clear and concise. Sullivan and Leetz just used the issue to further their cause of "we tried and they never listen". Never, ever have a true answer either one of them and they have had four years to get something"anything" going and have failed.

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Sep-26-13 11:01 AM

Lolita are you NUTS? You state that the incumbents just used the answer to further their cause. They answered their questions honestly and to the point to seek reelection. Just as the other answered the same question to seek ELECTION. Time to wipe the drool off your chin once again!

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Sep-27-13 11:49 AM

Certainsmile: He got your attention didn't he? This is often used as a marketing style to grab attention which it did. I have heard Richard speak and know he is concise and well-spoken. I often cringe in Council meetings as I hear mispronounced words, words used incorrectly and rambling fragments. Or even worse, can't understand what is being said.

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Sep-27-13 11:57 AM

Ms. Sawicki: Glad to see someone who understands the Covey business model. It has been used quite effectively in larger companies and public service areas.

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Sep-28-13 12:23 PM

Oh Bulb...Always such a kind person. You never change. Leetz has done nothing in four years and Sullivan is still on the train,but it hasn't left the station, yet Oh, but Leetz does raise animals.

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Sep-28-13 11:52 PM

Lolita you were chanting the same old song before the primary election. Are you looking for kindness? This is not the place. I think you you get what you give, Because you are not so kind yourself. Seems like you can give it as opposed to take it.

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