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Thank you

September 13, 2013

To the editor: I would like to thank the voters that supported me in the mayoral primary. I feel very grateful to be able to participate in the local government as an elected official....

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Sep-13-13 10:08 AM

Nearly 65 percent of the voters voted for anyone but SULLIVAN. Rate payers are angry at their doubling of their water bills because SULLIVAN stopped the UEP. Residents who want City water & sewer know that SULLIVAN will try to stop the UEP. Roads in the North will never get paved if SULLIVAN wins the election. SULLIVAN is the Mayor of NO...No UEP, No paved roads, No infrastructure money. JUST SAY NO TO SULLIVAN!

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Sep-13-13 3:35 PM

1sandy go back and crawl under your rock! All you did prior to the Primary was trash Sullivan and who prell tell ends up with the most Votes, yes that is right Sullivan. Slice it or dice it anyway you chose but Sullivan came out on top!

You do not seem to have any self control as your nasties just keep coming.

John Sullivan wrote a letter of Thanks and you pop on here to deliver your never ending line of nasties!

Where was your candidate's Letter of thanks? NO WHERE!

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Sep-13-13 4:51 PM

@LynnRosko: You call it trashing SULLIVAN, well if the facts trash SULLIVAN, then you are getting the message, but point out where the facts are incorrect. Your beloved Mayor continued the practice of not funding infrastructure which now will now cost our tax payers to pay 4 dollars to every 1 dollar they would have spent. That means 5 million dollars in infrastructure costs before, will now cost the taxpayers 20 million. Oh, yes, SULLIVAN is the guy we DON'T want anymore in the Mayor's chair. The truth be told Lynn, if Stewart was CM and anyone else was the Mayor and this infrastructure debacle was revealed, you would had come storming into the Council Chambers asking for resignations, but since you are a lap dog for SULLIVAN, well, it's OK! It is one thing to support a man doing a good job, it is another to support SULLIVAN. Shame on you Lynn, YOU have lost your way, sold out, and now YOUR credibility TRASHED.

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Sep-13-13 5:12 PM

1Sandy when you know the facts of the issue then we can discuss it. You are all over the map about infrastructure and have no clue what you are talking about. Go take a nap!

I have explained it to you in depth and obviously it did not penetrate your pea picking brain!

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Sep-14-13 8:26 AM

I can't support mr Sullivan for a number of reasons including the fact that he broke his promise of not raising taxes to the residents

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Sep-14-13 8:43 AM

Mayor Sullivan I voted for you four years ago and that was one mistake I will never make again. You have done nothing to move this city forward, the only thing you've attempted to move forward with is your own agenda. I've spent the last 4 yrs disgusted with your decisions, behavior, and failure properly represent ALL of your constituents instead of just those who agree with your agenda.

Lynnie dear, climb down from your high horse, Sully got more votes yes, but why don't you tally up the total number of votes that he didn't get and see which number is larger.

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Sep-14-13 9:41 AM

1Sandy thank you for these posts. Many mornings you give me my morning laugh that starts my day. I thoroughly enjoy good comedy and true idiocy produces the best comedy possible. So, keep up the good work and I look forward to your future posts!

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Sep-14-13 10:15 AM

@Haninginthere: Which fact is erroneous? Which statement is untrue? And as one poster stated, "tally up the non-SULLIVAN votes" and then get back to me. 7 more weeks & we will see who has the last laugh dude! VOTE SULLIVAN OUT!

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Sep-14-13 11:41 AM

Hey!! Everyone!!, there will be plenty of opportunites to debate acomplishments, failures and visions during the run up to the General Election. This is simply an incumbent who is thanking those who voted for him, and those and who worked on his campaign. Jeez Louise back off a bit. Whether you agree with, or are against his stances on issues (of which I am one who does not agree), this letter was a class move. So lighten up!!

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Sep-15-13 8:22 AM

1sandy posted "Nearly 65 percent of the voters voted for anyone but SULLIVAN".

1sandy you need to go back to school for math! The correct percentage is 57.753%

Conversely 71.08% of the people that voted did NOT vote for Sawicki!

Now those are the facts 1sandy and not the crappola that you continue to post!

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Sep-15-13 8:50 AM

Put a fork in him! Sully is done!

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Sep-15-13 10:50 AM

1sandy you sure do not likes the true facts put out there that shows you are a liar!

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Sep-15-13 12:09 PM

Lynn, typical Rag spin! And typical Joisey election math.

Based on the Lee County Elections page, there were 7737 total votes for Mayor. Sully got 2852 or 36.86%. Marni got 1727 or 22.32%. Therefore 63.14 voted for anyone but Sully...pretty close to 65%!

Your logic is typically flawed when you point out the percentage (wrong, by the way) who did not vote for Marni. The simple fact of the matter is that the election was about running against the incumbent, Sully. The other 5 candidates (not counting Gordon) were not, for the most part, running against each other.

If you look at the percentage Marni got of the non-incumbent candidates, you will see that she got 35%. I suspect most of the runner up votes will go to Marni, as their primary vote was against Sully.

I for one would have preferred to see the race be Marni and Vince. One reason is I think she would have mopped up the floor with him, but the better reason would be for Sully to sit there as a lame duck for 2 months

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Sep-15-13 2:50 PM

Raydunavent, you sure your name is not tricky Dickie?

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Sep-15-13 3:06 PM

@LynnRosko: I'm always disappointed when a liar's pants don't actually catch fire. Do you really wear flame retardant pants?

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Sep-15-13 5:22 PM

Lynn, that was a typical goofy comment. Do you refute the logic and the numbers?

Try to get in the game without your RAG suit!

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Sep-15-13 5:50 PM

You people keep throwing out numbers. Nobody has a crystal ball that tells why anyone voted for who the voted for. There is also no crystal ball to tell anyone how the election will turn out. I am not a big fan of Sullivan. I am also not a fan of anyone that is in favor of the PST and FAF. The one that is in favor of both is Sawicki. To those that want to vote for her. Hold onto your wallets because she will vote with the slick six and take even the dust that's left in your wallet.

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Sep-15-13 5:58 PM

Grumpy, Did you spend your entire career and retirement planning for the day that a few bucks to restore the needed funds that Sully and the RAGS cut from the capital budget would sink you? I have two words for you...Lehigh acres!

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Sep-15-13 7:39 PM

@grumpy19: Ok, time to go to school. The PST & the FAF have already passed and aren't going anywhere ever. The current Council did the heavy lifting so any "new" Council will just sit down with staff, take a look at the numbers and say, oh yea, there was NO money for infrastructure, equipment & Vehicles. So, even if Sullivan & Leetz get re-elected, nothing changes except the banter, phony outrage and insults, to the residents as they come to the podium, will continue from those two. So, the bottom line is bring in someone with business acumen and a professional demeanor or continue with the same O same O. VOTE SULLIVAN OUT!

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Sep-15-13 7:44 PM

Why did SULLIVAN vote to raise our taxes? Ask him, when you see him. I did and got the 100 yard gun stare. How can we trust SULLIVAN when he said he wouldn't raise our taxes and now he has voted to raise them. How can anyone vote for a LIAR? VOTE SULLIVAN OUT!

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Sep-15-13 7:48 PM


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Sep-15-13 8:32 PM

When the citizens voted out Dilie and Brand, Dilie went out and had a C.C. City Logo shirt made that said, "Mayor Pro Tem Emeritus". When sully follows him to the curb, will he get a shirt that says, "Former Mayor Emeritus"? hmmm now that I think of it: shouldn't Brand have one that says "BABES" on it?

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Sep-16-13 7:53 AM

Raydunavant: I never said the taxes PST and FAF weren't passed. Al I pointed out is that Sawicki is in favor of them, which IMHO means she's in favor of tax and spend. The FAF has not gone into effect yet because the courts haven't approved the method yet. The funds for capital improvements, which I bekieve you are referring to road repairs, was cut by previous councils. That was before Sullivan and the gang. Gas tax is what was dedicated to infrastructure, but was used for the DelPrado extension job. Your answer to someone that wants the pick pocketing to stop is always move to Lehigh if you don't like it.

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Sep-16-13 10:01 AM

Grump, sorry...there is always Golden Gate Estates!

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Sep-16-13 11:42 AM

Raydunavant: You must lead a very sorry life if you want those who oppose new taxes or fees to move somewhere else. For one thing, why are these non ad valorem taxes/fees? I won't benefit from a .25 mil reduction as you more than likely will. I am a disabled Veteran and pay no ad valorem taxes, but do pay non ad valorem taxes. You more than likely don't care about the disabled Veterans and senior citizens that are struggling to survive. Will they have to resort to choosing paying these asinine taxes or eating and getting their meds? Are they all supposed to move somewhere else because you don't care about them? What about the ones that work for a living and need assistance other than what the govt. gives them. They don't count either according to you and they should move too.

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