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Vote Sullivan, Headd in the Primary

September 6, 2013

To the editor: The Primary is upon us. It is imperative that you make every effort to get out and vote in this Primary. Check out all the candidates. Do you own background checks....

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Sep-06-13 7:06 AM

Once a RAG, always a RAG. What is it Lynn, you miss being a Groupie?

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Sep-06-13 9:55 AM

Voters don't need to "GOOGLE" Sullivan to know SULLIVAN is mean spirited, after watching him embarrass & yell at residents when they speak at the podium, that SULLIVAN is too negative, in that SULLIVAN says "no" practically to every vote, and has NO clear vision when residents hear him say over and over, "Now is not the time." When Sullivan is repeatedly asked, "When will it be time?" All we get is the Sullivan blank stare. We have watched this man for 4 years and if it wasn't for the "new" Council, nothing would have been accomplished. From his foolish attempt to support a man in the position of the City Manager who NEVER managed a City to his stoppage of the Utility Expansion Project, shows he has no understanding of how a City should be run. 4 years ago the voters of this City went to the polls to elect a Mayor and leader, instead we got JOHN JOSEPH SULLIVAN. VOTE HIM OUT.

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Sep-06-13 10:45 AM

Sandy1 and Raydunavant are afraid to have the voters inform themselves with outside information.

The are closet elitists of the worse kind.

Thank you for the information Mrs. Rosko. I have made a note and will use the website with the others I already use

Hopefully others will also use the website to inform and ALLOW them to make an informed decision!

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Sep-06-13 12:28 PM

Lynn: If the only thing a candidate can do is cast dispersion on a rival, that candidate is a poor choice. Both the candidates you support have displayed despicable behavior on the dais and need to go.

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Sep-06-13 12:51 PM

Why do we continue to "inform citizens who to vote for" by the amount of"information" you can see on the internet, etc. It's the same old,same old attempt to discredit, at the last minute in the hopes of changing minds. If you are still not informed as to who you want vote for, let me help you. Look at squeaky clean Sullivan's latest diatribe to the voters with a picture of a flaming dinosaur with two citizens hanging from its mouth, depicting this will happen if you don't vote for him. Wow, what an intelligent approach for a person who has sat a Chairman (not), for our City. Really, is this the person we want to keep. Not me.

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Sep-06-13 1:44 PM

Lynn is correct! Google the name of the candidates and read the backgrounds. I do not want a mayor who is easily duped and falls for a possible scam artist. We almost had that fiasco when some council members and the then mayor pushed for the swim center. Those scammers are now in prison. I will support John Sullivan as he is a man of his word and has kept his campaign promises.

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Sep-06-13 2:22 PM

Sullivan has taken the easy road. Always vote no when it comes to money without ever bringing a better and more cost efficient alternative. Really, who makes choices according to what they "findout" on the internet. Poor way to choose.

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Sep-06-13 3:36 PM

Sorry Lynn but a vote for mumbles is a vote against common sense and progress. Sully has shown to be nothing but an old man yelling at clouds! The current city council majority has been doing their best to rectify the god awful mess Sully, Lurch, Diele and their pal, the unqualified former CM, put us into.

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Sep-06-13 4:48 PM

Lynn:I have attended or watched all council meetings for the past 6 years and attended all the forums, listened to answers, spoke with the candidates. Sullivan doesn't understand Roberts' Rules and does not stop council members when they disparage others, especially voters. From the first time I heard Vince Cummings, the only words that have stuck in my mind are disrespectful and obnoxious. I know something else about him but will not disclose. Boyd is too busy talking about the past and Ashby is nice but not there. Carr would be my choice if Marni was not running.If you get past his ship,he is a visionary. Marni succeeded in a business that was anti woman until the last 10 year. She is smart articulate and presents a positive image at a time when ours is poor. She also took the time to meet with many individuals proving she gets the facts and then decides. Maybe it's time we have a woman in that seat.

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Sep-06-13 4:49 PM

Numbutz I guess you did not see last night's meeting. Sullivan voted for an increase in property taxes.

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Sep-06-13 5:28 PM

Dshard, there are many things about Marni that I have not spoken about but are none the less extremely disturbing.

Her comment on her ad in the Breeze today about not being allowed to speak at the Republican Club Debate is as blatant a lie as it gets.

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Sep-06-13 5:37 PM

By Republican Party Law, Marni Sawicki, a Democrat by Party, was definitely not allowed to speak at the Young Republicans Meeting at Dublin Ale. Mr. Carr, a non Republican was also not allowed to speak. Ms. Sawicki was not lying about that. If the Cape Coral Republican Club had held a forum, Ms. Sawicki would definitely not been able to speak their either and neither would Mr. Carr. It is a definite Republican Rule.

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Sep-06-13 5:38 PM

Typo, apologies. Should be there not their.

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Sep-06-13 5:59 PM

Lolita, Marni Sawicki did participate in the Republican Club Debate. I was there and witnessed it myself. She stated in her ad "Marni Sawicki was not allowed to participate in the Republican Debate"! Which is a blatant LIE!

She did not even put the proper disclaimer on her ad!

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Sep-06-13 6:14 PM

Once again........where did all the money go that was spent on the audits and the two "consultants"? Nothing ever came of all that money blown by all the "people" you praise!! Nothing!! I want to know why my tax money was blown in such a way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sep-06-13 6:59 PM

I appreciate the suggestion Lynn, but no thank you. I choose not to believe everything I read on the internet. I also have to disagree they are the best choice. Thank you for the suggestion though....

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Sep-06-13 8:08 PM

Lolita Mayor Sullivan never voted for bio solid equipment to be purchased to the tune of $25 million to be used on a city project NEVER approved.

Which mayor was in office then who voted for that money to be spent on equipment that still is on an empty piece of land rusting.

The equipment could not even be sold for 25 cents on the dollar.

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Sep-06-13 8:19 PM

Mayor John Sullivan held up paying a $50,000 membership that the city had been paying for `0 years until he caught it.

In that 10 years the city paid a half a million dollars for a voting membership no other city in SW Fl. Paid. Not Ft. Myers, not Sanibel, not Ft Myers Beach, not Bonita Springs, not Alva. Only Cape Coral. Sullivan went to the meeting and knew the city was just paying the bill automatically. Now who were the mayors who allowed that 1/2 a million to be wasted Fiecthaler & Burche were there before Sullivan found the money. So now Burche wants to demonstrate his talents? No way!

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Sep-06-13 8:33 PM

Ford or Chevy those audits turned up the heat on city staff that gave way to the city auditors doing the job of finding this city with it $440 million budget had many accounting functions not existing. It helped show the computer department which has been draining this city of millions of dollars a year was still in shambles after the prior administrator did not deliver adequate hardware and software to run the city. It showed that what staff had requested from that IT dept was not fulfilled by the city manager and the finance director that resigned when Sullivan became mayor. They left because they knew they had let the city down as proven by the State's own Auditor General. Nine pages of 22 issues refuted and left unattended. Gary King former City Manager fired for NO Cause discovered this and with the selection of Mrs. Bateman our Finance Director put things right. Our now City manager John Szerlag did not do this. The corrections were taking place before he was ever thought o

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Sep-06-13 9:45 PM

From all the posts here it is obvious to me that Sullivan and crew are very nervous about Marni and Burch going forward after the primary. The letter and posts suggest they will do anything to smear these candidates.

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Sep-06-13 9:46 PM

In the immortal words of Dubya, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice - well, you better not fool me again." Might have been fooled by Rosko and her $10 words ("ineluctable") once, but I won't be fooled again. Thanks for repeating you advice - I won't forget who to vote against.

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Sep-06-13 9:46 PM

We thank our readers who take the time to read, evaluate, and contribute. Violations of The Breeze user agreement that result in continued abuse reports, however, will result in the comments option for problematic threads being turned off.

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Sep-07-13 6:38 AM

To: vaharring. Please do not be duped by the volume of complaints you and your paper receive regarding comments. If they are legitimate then please act, but as a good portion are filed by followers of the group fomerly known as the road ahead and are just incessant whining please act cautiously. This is a campaign tactic implemented to surpress the truth from being told. They were successful in shutting down the forums in a rival news publication, do not let them succeed here. They fear the truth and will stop at nothing to gain an advantage, even trampling the first amendment rights of those who disagree with their philosophy.

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Sep-07-13 8:00 AM

After doing my due diligence I find there are certain candidates that do not deserve your Vote.

In the Mayor's race there is a Candidate that has made extremely poor choices and another that has done things that defy common decency.

Look beyond the rhetoric that is being spewed and do your due diligence to see what some of these candidates have been up to. Then think of how these candidates would handle the job as Mayor of Cape Coral and how their past actions will reflect on Cape Coral.

Cross reference and cross check all the information that is available to you from legal sources. You will then come to the same conclusion that I have.

Vote for Sullivan and Headd in the Primary!

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Sep-07-13 8:20 AM

Ms. Rosko...Which Republican Club debate are you referring to? Ms. Sawicki and Mr. Carr. were most definitely not able to compete at the Young Republican Club Debate at Dublin Ale House. I was there and so were many, many others. Let's keep these issues fair and square. The Republican Party does not, has not, and will never allow anyone other than a Republican to use their microphone. As a Republican, I also know the rules. Lightswitch. Doesn't matter whatever you try to use as ammunition for Sullivan. Sullivan votes no most times. Does not matter what the issue is. We can go back years and years. This Mayor has done nothing to bring this City to the forefront As for the $50,000. So he saved it, but why does it remain in the Council's budget as a line item. It certainly is not used to represent our City by this Mayor. Why hasn't he put it back into the general fund. Why is he keeping it available? Does he even know it is in the budget? As Mayor, he presents the budget.

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