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Wake Up Cape Coral voters/taxpayers

August 30, 2013

To the editor: Cape Coral doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem....

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Aug-30-13 12:22 AM

Peter, please name 1 piece of legislation you created during your tenure that helped the citizens of the city. Can't think of any, huh? You spent 4 years on council and outside of the spreader you have nothing to show for it except abuse of the city issued cell phone. Go away Pete and enjoy your last few years.

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Aug-30-13 4:59 AM

Pete if you weren't so busy trying to chase the ghosts of yesterday you might have actually accomplished something. Instead we were tormented with your arrogance and awful speaking skills. Go back to sleep Pete it is almost over.

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Aug-30-13 8:09 AM

Pete, who helped you write this? Surely you didn't do it in the dim lighting at Babe's or Lookers did you?

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Aug-30-13 10:22 AM

This from a loser who thought nobody would remember that HE & DEILE voted to raise the millage rate 63 percent. No Peter, we are not the numbskulls YOU are. 4 years ago we went to the polls to elect a Mayor and leader, we got John Joseph Sullivan instead. VOTE SULLIVAN OUT!

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Aug-30-13 11:26 AM

Pete, "Somebody ought to look into that!"

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Aug-30-13 11:40 AM

Why do some always deem it proper to comment on the writer instead of the content of the letter? Some of what he says is true. We have a spending problem now. I can't seem to recall when a spending item has come up that the slick six have ever voted against it. They have now voted 6 to 2 for sticking us with more taxes, disguised as a fee. The city manager that was hired came in and his solutions are take more money out of the pockets of the residents. All residents need to wakeup and talk about the issues facing us with over spending and over taxation. Stop looking back like OBama has done for more than 5 years.

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Aug-30-13 1:59 PM

@grumpy19: Uh, we comment on these authors because it goes to credibility & hypocrisy. A question to you, is spending ever valid? If it is and there is no money, is raising a tax ever valid? I for one am willing to pay 20 dollars a month back to the city, after getting a hundred dollars a month cut in my ad valorem taxes. What say you?

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Aug-30-13 3:10 PM

Grump sometimes I agree with you and sometimes not. The case of this writer is not to be over looked. One must always consider the source when receiving information. Peter has no credibility for good reason. The problems they left us to deal with are expensive. Now he is trying to blame working people for everything.

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Aug-30-13 4:05 PM

1sandy: I can understand commenting due to his credibility. Some of what he did say is true. Content of the letter has to count for something sometimes. Here is a problem with the Fire Service Assessment. Where is that money supposed to go. Is it to go into the general revenue fund to be used as council deems fit to spend it on? I have watched the development of this fee and the figures seem to keep changing. Why is council trying to borrow money against the service fee? The service fee hasn't even gone through the court and they are already counting the money from it. Why borrow and pay interest on the money? Wait until this service fee is approved by the courts. Why has it been said that the service fee is going to go to road paving? Is not the PST for that? I am one of those who is not getting any ad valorem taxes, as I am a 100% disabled Veteran. I will however, have to pay out for the fire service assessment. I, and many others here on the Cape are on limited incomes.

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Aug-30-13 4:08 PM

Many don't have large pensions, and their SS is not that much either. There are others that are holding onto what they have by the skin of their teeth. Many of those depend on the generosity of food banks and such to provide basics to live on.

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Aug-30-13 4:36 PM

Thank you Pete. Now we all know who not to vote for!!!

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Aug-30-13 4:44 PM

@grumpy19: I have emailed the Council several times myself trying to get specific answers, none were forth coming. I wonder if the changes to the Assessment seem to show a lack of continuity because it has been done in the open, including the evolving of the process with changes, instead of all going into the smoke filled back room and then coming out with a finished product. I would suggest going to a Council meeting and asking during citizens input. When I come back in October I may go, if my questions have not been answered by then.

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Aug-30-13 5:18 PM

1sandy: I too have emailed Council. Most of Council seems to ignore emails when they contain questions that require an answer. I will say this. The way the vote goes with this council, as with previous council, one has to wonder what kind of agreement was made with 6 of them 95 with previous council). As for my going to council. That all depends on my mental attitude that day. PTSD ***** for those of us that have to deal with it.

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Aug-30-13 5:19 PM

oops, I meant (5 on previous council)

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Aug-31-13 7:29 AM

Thank you Mr. Brandt. Great letter!

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Aug-31-13 12:36 PM

Something, just seems strange that Pete is telling us to Wake up !!!!

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Aug-31-13 1:10 PM

Does anyone believe that Peter wrote this LTE? No one I spoke to does.

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Aug-31-13 6:25 PM

Mr common sense... I suspect this will be an extremely rare moment.. Perhaps a one time only. But... I agree whole heartily with your comments.

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Aug-31-13 6:25 PM

That is the roaming freebie part.

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Aug-31-13 9:18 PM

Brandt went to the meetings for the north spreader system. He was successful in having the scientific data gathered and stuffed in the face of Lee County so the threat of a law suite disappeared.

The county put up $1.5 of which Cape taxpayers put up 25% or more of that tax money.

Unlike so many others in the city staff who either did not or did not know how to keep records or collect data.

Brandt fulfilled his obligation on that task.

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Sep-01-13 2:40 PM

Well, it's certainly nice to see that Mr brandt hasn't changed his viewpoint of the citizenry here in our beloved Cape Coral. Much like when he occupied a seat on the dais, he is condesending, arrogant, and in dire need to be seen as the smartest person in the room. Just because the electorate did not vote in your favor, or come out to vote for you Mr Brandt does not mean they are numbskulls. It simply means you gave them no reason to back you the second time around. In other words, you failed them miserably. Keep up the good work though, letters such as this serve to remaind all of us who voted against you that we made the right decision to toss you out.

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Sep-01-13 8:31 PM

Pete, Since you have all the answers, why don't you run for Council??? Oh, yeah, you did that, and got thrown out on your ear! Please go back to California, so you can have your RV in your driveway!

BTW, did the hostess at Babes help you write this?

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Sep-02-13 4:30 PM

@MrCommonSense: real scumbag you are. If you know that much, then you know she had nothing to do with being involved with the scam. She was as much a victim as those who were complaing about her ex-husband. You gotta be a scumbag RAG!

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Sep-02-13 5:30 PM

Thanks for the insight senseless!!! Now I am convinced Marni is my candidate. Anyone that can bounce back from struggle and adversity such as that deserves my vote. Not to mention she is not part of or tied to an organization that would stoop so low as photographing small children without parental consent to make a political point. Marni gets my vote!!!!

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Sep-07-13 8:13 PM

I'm sure that everyone who participated in the Spreader issue is thrilled to hear and read that Pete Brandt did it all. He did nothing on Council but fumble the ball constantly and stand behind Deile waiting for his orders. Hey Pete, you calling the rest in this City numbskulls??? Really....this from the "president" of the rag numbskulls. Vote for Marni and Burch.

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