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Re: Robert E. Lee

August 23, 2013

To the editor: In response to Mary McLaughlin’s Aug. 16 letter to the editor titled “Robert E....

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Aug-23-13 10:49 AM

The vast majority of the southern economy in the first half of the 18th century was in agriculture (tobacco, cotton, rice) and the major reason for the success of that economy was because of slave labor. If the barons of the south had to pay wages to the field workers they would have gone broke. The abolitionist movement being driven by the free states in the north was a problem for the slave economy. Through the 1840's and 1850's the southern politicians in Washington push federal legislation to force the northern states to capture and return the runaway slaves under penalty of law. These political divisions in Washington fed the "states rights" issues, born mainly from the south's attempts to protect their agricultural economy. When people try and defend the Confederate movement with the "states rights" argument they fail to complete the main reason why this is true. And the reason was to protect the states rights to continue slavery. This isn't my opinion but a

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Aug-23-13 10:59 AM

---knowledge gained from extensive reading throughout my life. Our own public library has many books on the subject if one cares enough to learn. True it is that states rights was a fighting cause, and most soldiers who fought in the war didn't even own a slave but they were duped into the miss characterized "states rights" outcry. Shameful as it is to admit the fact is that every Confederate from General Lee to a lowly camp cook were traitors to the U. S. of America, and no amount of rhyme or belief can alter that fact. There is nothing wrong in celebrating the lives of the tens and tens of thousands of Americans who lost their lives to protect the interests of an immoral economy built upon the enslavement of humans. My opinion is the portrait of General Lee belongs in the historical society and not where it sits now. Nobody should erase history for any reason, but neither should we celebrate the cause and affect of our nation's lowest point.

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Aug-24-13 12:01 PM

Net this is not your opinion, but knowledge gained from reading, your thoughts (opinion) formed after all that reading and laid out for all us backwoods confederate traitor racists? Oh, I see. I can tell you are a true fountain of knowledge and the fact you've read extensively throughout your whole life is also very very impressive (?) and heck, who could even attempt to argue with someone of your intellectual stature? We never had much chance to read like u cause we only had one candle the whole time we was agrowin up here in the South. Doesn't seem like anyone is celebrating anything due to a picture, quite silly at best. Unfortunately, its just part of the racist attack on White Culture that's promoted starting at the top with race hustlers like Obama and VP Sharpton. Not a word from Obama about the White runner and 89 year old White vet murdered by Black trash. Obama's silence speaks volumes.

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Aug-24-13 11:45 PM

Janet99, I am sorry for your failure to understand my response to the letter. I don't quite understand your defensive posturing or your political rants against the President. I was speaking about the grave misunderstanding of what the reasons for the civil war was about and you attack the sitting President. You have other issues beyond my opinion or facts of my piece. Good luck with those!

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Aug-25-13 8:59 AM

Mr. Net, mental giant that has done a lot of reading his whole life (?)I fully understand the causes of the civil war as my relatives fought lived and died in it. Not by reading about it, extensively. Your underlying point and final summation is that the portrait of an American historical figure hanging on the wall is a celebration of White domination over Blacks. No? YES. Stop tap dancing. I like most readers get it, and most seem to think that's B/S. (which of course it is) The pic has been there 80 years (?) and only an "issue" now with the local naacp because there is an ongoing nationwide growing climate of White hate starting and constantly stirred at the top by the race hustler "Travon Could Have Been Me" Obama. Would you have Lee removed from all history books in Lee county? Nationwide? What nonsense. Where does it stop? I have a full understanding and there is no posturing. As hard as this is for u, I like most simply don't agree with you.

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Aug-25-13 7:47 PM

It is amazing how this issue brings out all the bigots and racists. What they are saying is that the Civil War is not over. If they were in Germany they would have supported Adolph Hitler and the Nazis!

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Aug-25-13 9:23 PM

I get it janet99, you are a confederate sympathizer and are a descendant of confederate soldiers. Your so called knowledge having come from family stories instead of a formal education is nothing to be bragging about. Yes, I support the moving of the portrait from it's current position because General Lee is a major symbol of a culture that only existed because of slavery. The moral vacuum of the slave owners can never be condoned, and until this is recognized then a racist overtone will exist with every breathe taken in those chambers. If my relatives were traitors and racists I wouldn't be proud, I'd be ashamed. Unless you are a racist?

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Aug-25-13 10:50 PM

Poor Janet, she's a Confederate, uneducated, and probably STILL a slave owner!! All her folks are racists and traitors. Wow That's a heavy burden there Mr Net. Even Avatard chimes in with a bigot racist Nazi condemnation! Then net's gem: "A racist overtone will exist with every breath taken in those chambers!" Wow! The drama!! The silliness !! Janet's spot on comments are soo far above the heads of these two clowns its hilarious. This net fellow really is silly pompous isn't he? 98% of the violent crime in America is Black on Black/minority. Millions enslaved on the Democrat welfare slave farm, no fathers, no jobs, a bi-racial muslim white hater in the White House promoting hate and division and these clowns are upset over a picture. Grow up time guys, I think the Blacks have more pressing issues. Get a grip. (but it is funny Net, keep it coming!)

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Aug-26-13 12:15 PM

"The moral vacuum (?) of the slave owner can never be condoned and until this is recognized" What ?? Not recognized? Nutty Net are you out traveling in ur time machine again? Batteries die and stuck in the 1800's? OMG You really are a delusional wacko aren't you? Yes Mr. Net, all us Southerners are all racists, all traitors to the core. There IS a White racist hiding out behind every tree in Cape Coral and Ft Myers. Just the mere fact that a person is White means they are racist. Unborn Whites are already future racists! Again I can see it was fruitless arguing with such a well educated mental giant. I've been shamed as a racist traitor so I will take my slaves and PhD back to my secret Confederate KKK plantation slave headquarters deep in the Everglades. Avatard, Nutty Net, and the local naacp president. Wow what a trio standing strong against racism. Simply overwhelming mind power.

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Aug-26-13 3:06 PM

Janet99,you call the kids who allegedly killed the elderly war vet and the jogger "Black trash". What do you call Whites, Latinos and Asians who commit these same crimes? Or are they not deserving of name-calling? NoBama, get off of your high horse and get a life! Nearly all of the crimes committed are crimes committed by criminals on people of their own race, i.e. black on black, white on white, etc. People rarely leave their comfort zone to commit crimes. And since you are quoting crime statistics, here are some you'd probably like to keep under wraps. 2011 FBI Hate Crimes report: 3645 victims of racially motivated hate crime, 71.9 % black, 16.3% white. Races of the known hate crime offenders, 59% white, 20.9% black. I suspect the Obama blamer in you will accuse the President of skewing the data in the FBI's report.

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Aug-26-13 5:00 PM

Dear DooDoo-I call any scum that would shoot a man in the back for fun or beat to death an 89 year old US Vet be they White Black Yellow - Trash. Clear half wit? Notice how Doo is only concerned about a possible racial motive to my thoughts rather than any thoughts about these two race murders, by in these two cases, criminal Black murdering trash. Doo is the racist Obama clone at it's finest. DoubleDoo LTE writers were talking about bigger problems for Blacks, like the fact that most violent GUN crime in the USA (high 90%)is Black on Black. Ur "stats" statement is pointless and childish. (Sorry NoBama, I cant resist squashing bugs) Doo, after finding out your God has broken EVERY camp. promise - is using the IRS against the citizens of the USA - has monitored EVERY text email cell tweet and this newspaper - has promoted race hatred at every turn in the TM case yet is silent on these Black race murders? Oh yes I trust Obama. Next half-wit please!

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Aug-26-13 6:21 PM

Let's get something straight Janet. My God is in Heaven! I worship no man on this earth. You call my stats "childish". What do you call your name-calling? "Adultish"? Put on your big girl panties and act like an adult! I'm only pointing out the obvious racist undertones in your comments. If there is no racism on your part, so be it. But if the white sheet fits, wear it. Oh and by the way, the alleged killers of the jogger are black, white and bi-racial, respectively.

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Aug-27-13 8:14 AM

Dear Doo. From both of your posts we see one thing. You are mired in racism. I fully explained that ANY person ANY color that would cold blood murder an innocent person is trash. Not clear enough, Doo? Y-E-T on ur second post Here we go again with the race card. White sheets? Childish? Just stupid? Pathetic? You pick it Doo. You own it. Your stats are stupid childish and pointless, nothing changed. And PROVE WHAT? nothing. So Blacks don't kill and murder out of their "comfort zone" ??? And as u say, by the way, the jogger was murdered by a black youth that told the police "They were bored" Not "alleged" as u say. The Black murderer posted his White hate daily on Facebook. Sorry Doo-WRONG again. White boy drove the car. The Blacks that murdered the White vet? No excuse from Doo for their stepping outside their "comfort zone"?? I think u need to shed your BLACK RACIST SHEET and quit offering excuses for Black murderers. Ill shop for panties when u

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Aug-27-13 8:30 AM

stop by Walmart for a brain and some dye for your racist sheet you wear daily. Can u imagine the race hustler Obama if the Vet had been Black? or the jogger Black murdered by Whites? Your disgusting racist double standards are typical Doo, and not helping Blacks or the country. Grow up You've been duped Doo by the biggest race hustler of them all, your God Obama.

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Aug-27-13 11:26 AM

Janet, not one thing in any of my posts suggests i'm a racist and yet you label me a racist. The original LTE posting had nothing to do with racism, yet people like you have to turn it into a race issue with something totally irrelevant to the original posting, I.e. black crime. If you're racist, fine, deal with it! I don't condone discrimination of any form, against any person. Goodbye and God bless!

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Aug-27-13 12:06 PM

Doo, I afraid you've been double dipped in it. With your post defending Black murdering lowlifes with "alleged" and silly "stats" Your statements say it all. You are as transparent as the thin Black sheet you wear. NEVER do u say anything negative about these animals. Never do u say its wrong. Till the very end when you've been exposed for your double standard racism and your final statement that I'm a racist- once again. U just can't help yourself can u Doo? Doo, if you're a racist hiding behind God which u obviously are, then deal with it and embrace your ignorance, your racist criminal president, and who u really are - a racist. Embrace it! Its You. Blacks could murder 500 Whites today and u would have "stats" and "comfort zone" and "alleged" excuses. Double Standard, Double Dipped, See Thru Doo. Next.

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Aug-27-13 12:33 PM

Doo this whole article was about racism and my feelings about the murders. U reading something else?Every post you defended the murders by not saying they were wrong but offering excuses. Every post you suggested racism on my part. You don't like it thrown back at you even though in your case its true. Look in the mirror carefully before u you label anyone racist. NO one likes it. You sure don't but you sure can dish it out Doo.

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