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Council at impasse over fire assessment options

August 20, 2013

Cape Coral City Council has one week to decide what direction it wants to go regarding a proposed fire service assessment....

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Aug-20-13 11:34 AM

Councilman McGrail made the comment that there are three cities in Florida that are using this method of Fire Assessment in their mix of taxes.

Who are those cities? He also expressed this is an "experiment". Nice to know we are a TEST.

Now where is this newspaper in asking these type of questions of individuals who could be directing us down the wrong path?

Come on Breeze start asking questions or has the city given you an ultimatum which has been done in the past by a councilman from the 1990's. Who went down in defeat by residents who had enough enough of his antics and his charging the city for his dump truck services as well.

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Aug-20-13 12:14 PM

Springfield, Brookfield, and Haines.

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Aug-20-13 12:24 PM

In less than 10 minutes here are the 3 cities that put the fire assessment Tax in.

Springfield, Fl population 9,048. A 2 tier system. Sound familiar.

Lauderlakes, Fl in Broward County. Population 160,306. Headline there is TAXPAYERS FACE A 41% INCREASE IN FIRE ASSESSMENT TAX. Who think this is why our city council opted for a separate TAX which is not deductible from your Fed Income Tax. THE DOOR WILL BE WIDE OPEN FOR INCREASES NOW AND IN THE FUTURE. NOT ON JUST EQUIPMENT BUT ON WAGES AND BENIFITS (PENSION)!! See the next city on the next post.

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Aug-20-13 12:44 PM

The next is Pembroke Pine in Broward County, Fl. It should be mentioned the former Cape Coral city manager Terry Stewart was here directing operations from 2003 through Nov 2010. Interesting to note Pembroke Pines population held steady and actually grew during the meltdown. I know Pembroke Pines it is not Cape Coral and never will be. Why even McGrail stated last night it is the biggest "Bedroom Community in the area.

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Aug-20-13 12:46 PM

So why is the Slick Six council "experimenting" with the lives of most of the 157,000 residents? How cavalier of them!

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Aug-20-13 2:21 PM

Haines City population 20,000 no hiccup there during the economic melt down

There is no Brookfield, Fl 1Sandy. There is a section of Clearwater, fl

Do you mean Brooksville, fl with a population of 7,735 people.

Sandy you are as dumb as this city manager and the six morons on this city council.

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Aug-20-13 2:31 PM

LauderLakes, Fl, headline taxpayers face 41% INCREASE in Fire Assessment Tax.

Oh Yeah this is going to work just fine to be able to reach SUSTAINABILITY.

Face it Sustainability is out the window and so are the outlandish wages and pensions.

How stupid are those that see Murphy is carving out protection for his little empire but wants to keep sucking on the same straw.

He needs to get what he can and remain to try to keep all the balls in the air for the department until he has to really call it to a close!

I do not fault him for that, it is just it can't be because the resources are GONE GONE GONE! This may be a good thing in the long run for the residents.

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Aug-20-13 9:49 PM

Sullivan cracks me up. Good job not giving in to those idiots!

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Aug-20-13 11:29 PM

What cracks me up is going to the former CRA Directors Linkidin website and looking at his background a supervisor at Grainger Industrial Products a Sears Store with a catalogue and now website. Gets hired as CRA Directors had a business on the side which seems to be marketing for some of the Cape large businesses. I guess we did not have 100% of his attention aa a director even Mon. through Fri. He mentions his claim to fame working in the Cape was putting the electric cables underground. Interesting to see Fine Mark Bank in his marketing endeavors. I wonder if they gave the city come of those fine interest only loans Stewart okayed? Speaking of Stewart his picture is on the website as is Heather Mazurkiewicz. TALK ABOUT BIRDS OF A FEATHER. When this city goes down it will be for Racketeering. The insolvency will only be a sideline!

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Aug-21-13 9:42 PM

People THE REASON THEY COME UP WITH THE ASSESSMENTS is THAT HEY CAN BYPASS THE HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION SO BASICALLY THEY ARE NULLIFYING THE HOMEOWNERS EXEMPTION> THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL YOUR MONEY. We have a right to the homeowners exemption if we live here but assessments are not covered by the homeowners exemption, this is simply a way to usurp the law and reach in to the pockets of the home owners. We must take the power to******away from the city council or we will be screwed every time they want to waste more money.

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Aug-21-13 9:47 PM

AEHM why did ASSESS get deleted from my post

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Aug-22-13 6:44 AM

As usual the board bullies DEMAND members take a stand to screw the tax payer and Sullivan stands on the side of the people and says I choose option E no tax!!! The narrow minds of the slime six to want to tax more to spend more.

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Aug-22-13 6:48 AM

DO these towns take their fire trucks to lunch? Bad management of the fire dept and excess spending are the real problems. Not need for new money.

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