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Sawicki will bring fiscal responsibility

August 16, 2013

To the editor: I want to start out by saying I am a Republican. I am for fiscal responsibility. I have decided to vote for Marni Sawicki....

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Aug-19-13 10:37 PM

CupcakeLady, are you aware that online degree programs are the largest growing trend in higher education? All major universities are offering online options to accommodate working individuals. Many of these universities and colleges are even designing programs and cohorts that can be completed outside of a classroom. Even at our own local Edison State College, Edison Online has the highest enrollment increase while enrollment continues to drop on the campuses. It is the trend of the future. What you need to look at is not how the degree was earned but whether or not the school is accredited.

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Aug-18-13 5:32 PM

By the way, I agree:


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Aug-18-13 5:31 PM

Switch: Now that is a stretch in anybody's world. Were you born here? Most in this State come from someplace else. Many own one, two or several pieces of property here but vote "back home". Anyone notice that Sullivan gave Leetz $500 for his campaign? If you really take into consideration that they "work side by side", doesn't that appear to be "not so good"?? Just friends, just helping each other? Who knows. We can continue to try to sully everybody (pun intended), but it doesn't prove one candidate is better or worse than the other due to where their campaign money comes from. I know, you and others hate if they get monies from unions,etc. Complaints, least these people are running for office.

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Aug-18-13 5:16 PM


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Aug-18-13 4:46 PM

Julie Stevens could it be possible that many of those contributing to Marni's election campaign do not live in Cape Coral but live out of state and do take advantage of the Homestead Exemption on a second home or piece of rental property?

Gosh I hope that is not the case. Maybe that is why Cape Coral has 94,000 registered voters with less than 20% that vote in vote in Cape Coral.

Could be why the city and or the county can not seem to match revenues to expenditures let alone services.

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Aug-18-13 4:41 PM

CapeCoralCuestions, if as you state I have a boat load of money, please be so kind as to point me to it. It really would come in handy!

Furthermore, when did I ever say or write about employees and how much and when they should be paid. NEVER you simple minded nitwit!

Come on CapeCoralCuestions or as some have said Charlie, get some gonads and post under your real name.

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Aug-18-13 4:31 PM

Linda 53, Julie Stevens & Others who may have missed this one... Regarding the Campaign Contributions...Please carefully review the Mayoral Candidates Contributions. It seems that the "Land Broker" running for this office accepted a small noted contribution from a person (if one and the same) in Fort Myers who has or had a legal claim against our City related to a large City land purchase. Although properly listed and documented this should be a concern to many of say the least.

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Aug-18-13 4:20 PM

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Aug-18-13 1:18 PM

I'm voting MARANI because: CLASS WARFARE!! All the RAG posters have a common theme: blame the 1,200 city workers (not all are IN a union---this is a Right-To-Work State). Are RAGs suggesting that those 1,200 workers should support the 165,000 city? The oath “To Protect and Serve” or term “Public Servant” does NOT mean a lower class or servitude. We no longer have a ‘Servant Class’ in this country, or indentured servants, and Lincoln freed the slaves. Having a boat-load of money does NOT entitle RAGs to threaten, belittle, menace, and condemn their fellow citizens! Now we have people claiming that THEY are the judge of how much and when our employees should be paid! Shame on YOU, RAGs!!! J.Sulivan, C.Leest, B&JDille, P.Brand,S.Crane,T.Elia,L.Rosko,A.Kempe,W.Towler,B.Barnes,W.McManus,S. Lovejoy, J&P.Martin,R.Moody,E.Kuen,J.Rose,M.Stout,Willilams,C.Cambell,J.Cataldi,R.McKiernan, CapeCoral Republican Club, SWCCNA, J.Rupolo (fired from Fox4), CapCapeTaxes!

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Aug-17-13 10:10 PM

Actually, Linda, almost 97% of Sullivan's money came from Sullivan. The thing I found interesting about Sawicki was the large amount of out of town donors . . . other Florida cities, Michigan, Ohio. 30%. Why?

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Aug-17-13 8:45 PM

J.S. here is an interesting little fact.....90 % of John Sullivans contributions come from (wait for it) JOHN SULLIVAN. so whats your point? Boyd gets money from Boyds, Cummings gets money from out of towners, as long as it is listed it makes no difference to me.

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Aug-17-13 7:37 PM

Here's an interesting little fact: 30 percent of Marni's contributors do not list Cape Coral addresses.

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Aug-17-13 1:03 PM

If Marni has a lick of common sense that puts her head and shoulders above the "no progress" brothers! She would bring respect back to the dais!

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Aug-17-13 10:22 AM

Senseless....It's a non partisan race. What's wrong with Secretaries? They rule the world. They make the big "guys" look good. Look at Sully and Leetz. If they didn't have the fine staff they have, imagine, we would see the real politicians. Marni, for Mayor sounds just fine with me, and, by the way, for many many others.

Get ready.

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Aug-17-13 9:47 AM

Who wouldn't want someone with an online degree running the city?

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Aug-16-13 10:12 PM

Kristine only you could draw a half backed conclusion like that!

Kristine Adolph Hitler is running for city council don't vote for him!

So you say you would vote if he were running. Absolutely Amazing!

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Aug-16-13 10:09 PM

Marni is for the Fire Assessment as a separate tax like storm water which can not be deducted from your federal income tax.

She is for the 7% utility tax on your electric kilowatts hours.

She is for all the taxes of franchise fees the city already gets your electric bill, and communications from land line and cellphone, cable tv, and internet.

She is the type of politician that never met a tax she did not like.

I have a feeling her expenses are covered handily by someone she relishes to give grief to.

Marni I do not know you from Eve but I do know when a person enters the limelight how they conduct their personal business effects me especially when it is a political arena. Is it your quest to cover these new taxes with a little part time job money?

You are not doing the majority of the homeowners any favor by running for a political office. That you will see at the polls.

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Aug-16-13 8:42 PM

LOL, MrCommonSense telling people not to vote for Marni is like giving the rational voters an endorsement to vote for her.

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