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Vote for candidates who will promote quality of life

August 16, 2013

To the editor: Learning from the past has been the battle cry for the last four years, from the incumbents, Sullivan and Leetz....

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Aug-18-13 4:39 PM

CapeCoralCuestions, if as you state I have a boat load of money, please be so kind as to point me to it. It really would come in handy!

Furthermore, when did I ever say or write about employees and how much and when they should be paid. NEVER you simple minded nitwit!

Come on CapeCoralCuestions or as some have said Charlie, get some gonads and post under your real name.

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Aug-18-13 1:14 PM

CLASS WARFARE!! All the RAG posters have a common theme: blame the 1,200 city workers (not all are IN a union---this is a Right-To-Work State). Are RAGs suggesting that those 1,200 workers should support the 165,000 city? The oath “To Protect and Serve” or term “Public Servant” does NOT mean a lower class or servitude. We no longer have a ‘Servant Class’ in this country, or indentured servants, and Lincoln freed the slaves. Having a boat-load of money does NOT entitle RAGs to threaten, belittle, menace, and condemn their fellow citizens! Now we have people claiming that THEY are the judge of how much and when our employees should be paid! Shame on YOU, RAGs!!! J.Sulivan, C.Leest, B&JDille, P.Brand,S.Crane,T.Elia,L.Rosko,A.Kempe,W.Towler,B.Barnes,W.McManus,S. Lovejoy, J&P.Martin,R.Moody,E.Kuen,J.Rose,M.Stout,Willilams,C.Cambell,J.Cataldi,R.McKiernan, CapeCoral Republican Club, SWCCNA, J.Rupolo (fired from Fox4), CapCapeTaxes!

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Aug-18-13 12:59 PM

Senseless who are you to spew names at people. If all you want to do is rant and rave fine.... Do so. But when folks correctly point out your lack of factual knowledge you don't have cry about it and call people names, think about it... Who really takes that seriously? You have yet to back up one point you have made.

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Aug-18-13 11:29 AM

Senseless and baking lady: Get a life. Throwing names at people, ranting, out of control ranting...really senseless and the cup cakes are burning.

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Aug-17-13 8:34 PM

Well, that seems to be a subject you are well versed in.

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Aug-17-13 9:38 AM

Linda has a good list of people to not vote for. I guess raving atheists have no worry about which candidate tells the truth and who lies. An inanimate object would be better than Burch as a councilman. At least the object can't deceive.

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Aug-17-13 9:33 AM

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Aug-17-13 12:01 AM

@ Lightswitch, No Common Sense and Caddyshack golf dude .. it comes as no surprise with the bashing of the city employees/citizens of the city. It also comes as no surpise that none of you can list not one positive accomplishment by Sullivan or Leetz. Stopping the Growth in our wonderful city was their downfall,which in turn brought us close to financial ruin. However the Council and City manager have made hard decisions and adjustments to correct the problem caused by the Rags. With the help of the Zucker Report,the Cape will move forward. It sure beats NO PLAN at all like the ones that was voted out in 2011 and the two left to go had. Reality is that the Good Ole Boys Social Club has left the Building..Our economy is growing and the supply and demand for homes has changed to where there is not enough homes to meet the demand of the babyboomers. Gotta love it! So keep blowing the Smoke and the rest of us will move on without you.

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Aug-16-13 10:49 PM

17% fire calls and they worry about having time to train new faces? Tells you where your weakness in management was and probably still is.

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Aug-16-13 10:47 PM

Were they given the 5% so they would not seek employment in Miami, Tampa, Naples, Empire, Nv., Providence RI, Anchorage, AK with Browder who is returning to Georgia, Fairfax, Va. with the six firemen who wrote when they got work?

Why is it if things are so bad here very few if any leave the employ of the city? If the ones that do leave they never seem to be able to coax their so called brothers to the green green fields they have discovered!

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Aug-16-13 9:33 PM

City Website, Clerk's Office, Election Information, 2013 Candidate Listing Reports, August 9 MP-1 Reports:

“It’s a Family Affair” Boyd – 7 of 17 contributors are “Boyds”

Poor Ashby took in 0

Carr loaned himself $1000, took $260 from his campaign consultant and made an “in-kind” contribution to himself for $200.

Cummings has raised a total of $40,000 for his mayoral campaign! This guy’s got the PAC thing going for him – SEIU Florida PSU ($500); IU of Painters and Allied Trades Council 78 ($500); Intl Brotherhood Electrical Workers Local 349 ($500); AFSCME ($500) on this report alone.

Sawicki’s largest contribution came from Michigan; she loaned herself $1000 and took another $180 from someone who shares her last name.

Mumbles loaned himself $25,000 out of the total $25,875 he’s raised. Inquiring minds might be interested to know Steve Crane wrote him a $500 check.

This is our choice? God help us.

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Aug-16-13 8:21 PM

Why would the City go bankrupt?

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Aug-16-13 8:21 PM

Terry golf where did you get your info. I just read road reaping iset to go in Oct. did you just blab lies for fun?

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Aug-16-13 3:00 PM


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Aug-16-13 10:17 AM

Linda and FC your words are truth. It is time to move forward and leave yesterday along with the ghost of yesterday where it belongs.

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Aug-16-13 8:08 AM

Ms. Prince: the two incumbents, look backwards, blame others and offer few real solutions. What have these incumbents taught me? It is time to move forward with new candidates who will make the city a better place.

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